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Old Man Gloom

4/21/2022 Old Man Gloom announce Europe/UK tour dates
4/16/2020 Old Man Gloom cancel West Coast tour
3/23/2020 Old Man Gloom surprise fans with second new album
3/19/2020 Old Man Gloom premiere first single from new album
3/4/2020 Old Man Gloom to release new album in May
6/24/2019 Old Man Gloom set to record new album
3/16/2019 Psycho Las Vegas 2019 lineup finalized
12/14/2018 Old Man Gloom working on new album
6/12/2018 Isis to reunite for Caleb Scofield benefit
4/27/2018 Cave In, Converge, more announce Caleb Scofield benefit show
4/9/2018 Old Man Gloom to carry on after death of Caleb Scofield
3/30/2018 Fellow musicians mourn passing of Caleb Scofield
3/29/2018 Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield dies
6/28/2016 Sound On Sound Fest 2016 lineup announced
5/19/2015 Eyehategod, Godflesh, more set for Hopscotch 2015
5/14/2015 Old Man Gloom, Mare tour dates
1/16/2015 Old Man Gloom, Coliseum tour dates
12/16/2014 Old Man Gloom announces West Coast tour
12/15/2014 Psycho California lineup announced
12/26/2013 Old Man Gloom prepares new album
12/9/2013 Old Man Gloom in the studio recording
11/6/2012 Converge, Old Man Gloom tour (Australia, Japan)
7/9/2012 Old Man Gloom mini-tour
5/1/2012 Old Man Gloom set to release new album
3/19/2012 Old Man Gloom shows announced
10/26/2011 Old Man Gloom LP announced
1/29/2008 Old Man Gloom cancels tour
1/4/2008 Old Man Gloom announces shows
11/21/2003 Old Man Gloom finishing up new release
7/10/2003 Hydra Head "Champions of Sound" tour
2/16/2001 Info on Old Man Gloom releases
12/3/2000 ISIS & Old Man Gloom side-project

News Tidbits
5/21/2020 Old Man Gloom stream new album 'Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning'
2/24/2015 Old Man Gloom's new video for "The Lash" is available online.
12/2/2014 In a new op-ed, Old Man Gloom's drummer explains how to make money touring.
11/10/2014 Both of the new Old Man Gloom albums can now be streamed in full.
10/9/2014 Old Man Gloom's new documentary can be viewed online.
10/8/2014 A second track from Old Man Gloom's forthcoming album is available online.
9/11/2014 Old Man Gloom has debuted the first new song from their forthcoming album.
9/9/2014 Here's the cover of the new Old Man Gloom album.
8/8/2014 A trailer for Old Man Gloom's forthcoming feature/movie is available online.
6/25/2012 Stream the new Old Man Gloom album.
6/21/2012 Another new Old Man Gloom song has made its online debut.
5/29/2012 Old Man Gloom has premiered a song from their new album.
5/10/2011 Either Kurt Ballou is joking, or there's new Old Man Gloom on the way.
4/26/2005 Old Man Gloom do not expect to play any shows until 2006.

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