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Neurot Recordings

9/19/2023 False Fed (Discharge, Ministry, Soulfly) announce debut album on Neurot Recordings
2/17/2022 Amenra, Cave In, Marissa Nadler to appear on 'Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III'
2/26/2021 Steve Von Till (Neurosis) announces new ambient album
3/22/2018 Dark Buddha Rising set to release new EP
2/12/2018 CHRCH to release new album in April
12/5/2017 Neurot Recordings to release new CHRCH album
6/22/2016 Neurosis to release new album in September
3/10/2016 Neurot Recordings to release new Alaric album
1/7/2016 Full Of Hell, The Body collaborate on new LP
8/29/2015 Corrections House announces new album
7/27/2015 Kowloon Walled City album set for release
4/21/2015 Neurot Recordings signs Kowloon Walled City
2/12/2015 Neurosis' Steve Von Till to release solo LP in May
9/23/2014 Neurot Recordings sign Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth
2/13/2014 YOB signs with Neurot Recordings
12/7/2013 Stoneburner signs with Neurot Recordings
7/11/2013 Neurot Recs signs Corrections House (Eyehategod)
4/4/2013 Neurot Recs to reissue Steve Von Till solo debut
3/27/2013 Neurot Recordings signs Iron Tongue
8/21/2012 Amenra completes new album
8/13/2012 Neurosis to release new album in October
4/13/2012 Scott Kelly, etc. confirm Townes Van Zandt tribute
12/10/2011 Ufomammut completes new album
10/6/2011 Neurot Recordings signs Ides of Gemini
7/12/2011 Neurot Recordings signs Amenra
2/18/2011 Neurot Recordings signs Across Tundras
1/11/2011 Neurosis set to reissue 'Souls At Zero'
5/26/2010 Neurosis to reissue 1993 'classic'
5/28/2008 Storm Of Light (Neurosis) set to release debut
3/6/2008 Akimbo joins Neurot Recordings roster
9/13/2005 Neurot Recordings, Robotic Empire CMJ showcase

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