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My Ticket Home

2/1/2017 Spinefarm Records signs My Ticket Home
3/4/2016 Beartooth, Stray From The Path, My Ticket Home tour
3/18/2015 Evergreen Terrace, My Ticket Home tour cancelled
2/12/2015 Evergreen Terrace, My Ticket Home, Cane Hill tour
1/22/2015 My Ticket Home, Shai Hulud mini-tour
7/31/2014 Stray From The Path, Counterparts, Expire tour?
6/25/2014 Architects, Stray From The Path, etc tour (Canada)
4/30/2014 In Dying Arms, My Ticket Home, Reformers tour
3/6/2014 I The Breather, Affiance, My Ticket Home tour
12/20/2013 Abandon All Ships, Browning, My Ticket Home tour
11/23/2013 Our Last Night, A Loss For Words tour dates
7/18/2013 Capture The Crown, Secrets, Ice Nine Kills tour
5/6/2013 My Ticket Home, For All I Am, Sylar tour
1/18/2013 Rise Records Tour 2013 announced
10/10/2012 For All Those Sleeping, Close To Home tour dates
7/27/2012 Six Flags FestEVIL takes shape
6/28/2012 My Ticket Home, Palisades tour dates
5/18/2012 I Set My Friends On Fire, The Color Morale tour
3/31/2012 All Stars Tour 2012 launches poll for opening band
3/18/2012 The Air I Breathe, My Ticket Home, Palisades tour
11/14/2011 My Ticket Home, Casino Madrid tour
11/10/2011 We Are Defiance, My Ticket Home tour
8/31/2011 Fit For A King, My Ticket Home, From Atlantis tour
9/24/2010 Rise Records signs My Ticket Home

News Tidbits
10/1/2014 My Ticket Home has unveiled their new video for "Spit Not Chewed."
8/1/2014 Stray From The Path's fall tour with Counterparts and Expire has been confirmed.
1/2/2014 My Ticket Home's new music video for "Hot Soap" has made its online debut.

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