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5/8/2024 Melvins team with Supreme for collaboration clothing dropping tomorrow, May 9th
3/20/2024 Melvins release, "Allergic To Food," off upcoming album 'Tarantula Heart'
2/6/2024 The Melvins will release 'Tarantula Heart' this coming April, share music video for first single
8/23/2023 Melvins drummer Dale Crover to undergo spinal surgery, will miss upcoming tour
6/22/2023 Melvins and Void Manes pay tribute to Throbbing Gristle with new LP
6/5/2023 The Melvins and Boris announce co-headlining tour for later this year
1/23/2023 Mr. Bungle & Melvins announce resurrected Geek Show tour
11/7/2022 Turnstile to join System Of A Down, Deftones, and Korn for Sick New World on full line up
5/31/2022 Melvins announce extensive U.S. tour
4/12/2022 Melvins announce headlining summer tour
9/30/2021 Ministry, Melvins, Corrosion Of Conformity tour announced
12/19/2020 Melvins announce New Year's Eve livestream event
11/19/2019 Melvins announce 'Intensities In Ten Cities' tour
9/25/2019 Mr. Bungle tap Cattle Decap, Melvins, more for reunion shows
6/6/2019 Melvins cancel tour due to Dale Crover injury
5/15/2019 Melvins announce US tour with Redd Kross, ShitKid
4/8/2019 Louder Than Life 2019 announced
11/14/2018 Melvins announce West Coast tour
2/12/2018 Melvins announce new album, North American tour
7/27/2017 Season Of Mist signs Mark Deutrom (ex-Melvins)
4/26/2017 The Melvins announce North American tour
4/11/2017 Tool announces show with Primus, Melvins
4/6/2017 The Melvins announce double album, short film
3/25/2017 Pink Floyd 'The Wall' metal tribute details revealed
12/19/2016 Psycho Las Vegas 2017 adds 36 bands
5/10/2016 Melvins announce U.S. tour
3/7/2016 Melvins announce 'Basses Loaded', debut new song
12/1/2015 Napalm Death, Melvins, Melt Banana tour
9/16/2015 Melvins to release live DVD
3/10/2015 Melvins announce North American tour
3/10/2015 Melvins: Kickstarter launched for documentary
12/18/2014 Indigo Music Fest lineup (Converge, Deafheaven)
7/30/2014 Melvins announce new album, Hold It In
7/29/2014 Melvins announce U.S. tour
3/18/2014 Buzz Osborne (Melvins) solo debut due out in June
2/4/2014 Melvins' Buzz Osborne announces acoustic shows
9/27/2013 Melvins, Helmet announce split 7"
8/5/2013 Melvins announce new album with original drummer
5/13/2013 FYF Fest 2013 lineup announced
4/23/2013 Melvins announce 30th Anniversary tour
3/19/2013 Scion Rock Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
2/8/2013 Melvins set to release covers album
10/9/2012 Maryland Deathfest 2013 lineup finalized
6/5/2012 Melvins to tour 50 states in 51 days
4/23/2012 Melvins Lite tour dates
2/24/2012 Melvins set to release free EP
1/16/2012 Melvins, Unsane tour dates
1/14/2012 Melvins, Unsane to team up for split 7", tour
3/22/2011 Melvins to take residency on the road
2/22/2011 Melvins live album set for release
12/14/2010 Melvins announce January "residency" at Spaceland
7/15/2010 Melvins announce west coast tour
5/26/2010 Isis, Melvins split set for release
10/8/2009 Early Graves set to record new album
8/7/2009 Ancestors complete new album
7/8/2009 Melvins remix CD set for release
7/1/2009 Down, Melvins tour dates
2/6/2009 Isis album details revealed
1/9/2009 Shrinebuilder (Neurosis) recording debut album
12/22/2008 Zoroaster completes new album
10/31/2008 Cattle Decapitation completes new album
6/18/2008 Cattle Decapitation prepares new album
6/6/2008 Red Sparowes records new EP
6/4/2008 Melvins, Big Business tour
4/17/2008 Big Business news and notes
3/27/2008 Melvins set to release new album
2/8/2008 Century Media signs Venemous Concept
10/5/2007 Saviours set to release EP
8/24/2007 Melvins, Big Business tour
8/8/2007 Saviours signs w/ Kemado Records
3/26/2007 Melvins and Big Business tour (Europe)
8/1/2006 Melvins and Big Business tour
7/14/2006 Lustmord joins Hydra Head roster
6/1/2005 Melvins tribute details
2/27/2005 Equal Vision signs The Fall Of Troy
2/1/2005 Kylesa finish new record
1/21/2005 Blessing The Hogs news and notes
11/22/2004 The Dream Is Dead set recording dates
9/28/2004 Prosthetic Records reportedly signs Kylesa
7/30/2004 High On Fire lineup, new album update
7/9/2004 Isis finishes recording new album
6/23/2004 Bloodsimple (ex-VOD) signs w/ Bullygoat Records
1/18/2002 Escape Artist Records adds Lickgoldensky to roster

News Tidbits
5/5/2022 Melvins released this album 25 years ago today
4/21/2021 almighty Buzz Osborne of the Melvins was our recent guest on the podcast
2/12/2021 Melvins issue new song '1 F**k You'
1/23/2021 Melvins unveil new track
1/3/2021 Melvins share new track
12/11/2020 Melvins share new song
12/1/2020 Boris and Merzbow share Melvins cover
4/20/2018 A new Melvins video has made its online debut.
3/28/2018 Melvins have unveiled a new song and video.
2/19/2018 The Melvins have premiered the first new song from their forthcoming album.
6/23/2017 A new Melvins track is now available for streaming.
5/11/2017 Melvins have premiered the first new song from their forthcoming album.
2/17/2017 Crystal Fairy (Melvins, At The Drive-In) is streaming their debut album.
1/23/2017 Crystal Fairy (Melvins, At The Drive-In) is streaming a new song.
6/27/2016 Melvins' new video for "Hideous Woman" has made its online debut.
5/31/2016 The new Melvins record Basses Loaded can be streamed in full.
4/4/2016 Melvins are now streaming their cover of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."
2/26/2016 Another new Melvins song is now online.
2/15/2016 Melvins are streaming a new song titled "The Decay of Lying."
12/9/2015 Full of Hell's cover of Melvins track "Oven" is now online.
11/10/2015 Buzz Osborne (Melvins), Adam Jones (Tool), and Mike Patton on a log flume.
7/9/2015 Here's some new earnings and attendance for Warped Tour, Atreyu, In Flames, Defeater, and many others.
3/4/2015 Here's video of Melvins performing on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' this week.
10/7/2014 A full album stream of the new Melvins LP is available online.
9/24/2014 Melvins have premiered a new song titled "Sesame Street Meat."
3/21/2014 Check out a song from all-drums project Hew Time (Melvins, Big Business, more).
1/7/2014 Isis, Metallica, and Black Flag are among the bands that Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne thinks "blew it."
10/4/2013 The Melvins are streaming a track from their forthcoming Tres Cabrones release.
3/21/2013 Melvins' cover of the Queen song "You're My Best Friend" is now online.
9/23/2012 Melvins' Buzz Osbourne thinks Rob Zombie is an asshole.
3/13/2012 Melvins' music video for the song "The War on Wisdom" has made its online debut.
3/7/2012 Anybody want to buy Melvins 'Melvan,' their old tour van, which features artwork by Kurt Cobain?
6/11/2010 Melvins' new release, "The Bride Screamed Murder," has debuted at #200 (just made it!) on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 2,800 copies. This is the first time the group has cracked t
6/27/2008 Melvins have debuted a song from their next album.
8/12/2005 The Isis and Agoraphobic Nosebleed collaboration for a cover of Melvins' "Boris" has been posted online.
10/4/2004 Due to an illness within the band, the Melvins have cancelled all of their scheduled dates for the rest of this year.
7/3/2004 Melvins will be touring North America in September with Pigs Of The Roman Empire.

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