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Mark Lewis

5/31/2022 Krisiun announce new album 'Mortem Solis', debut lead single
4/8/2022 Entheos finish recording new album
9/27/2021 Fallujah recording new album
2/12/2020 Havok announce new album
11/8/2019 Century Media Records signs Art Of Shock
8/30/2019 Rings Of Saturn detail new album, debut first single
6/27/2019 Nile complete new album
1/25/2019 Fallujah announce new album, premiere lead single
9/4/2018 Whitechapel records new album
10/31/2017 Arsis recording new album, tease new music
9/14/2017 Threat Signal premieres first new song in six years
8/25/2017 Nuclear Blast Entertainment signs Arrival Of Autumn
6/15/2017 Shattered Sun announce new album, premiere song
11/27/2016 Aversions Crown announce new album, premiere song
2/16/2016 Carnifex set to record new album
1/13/2016 Lifeforce Records signs Weaksaw
10/28/2015 Fallujah recording new album
10/2/2015 Devildriver recording new album
5/27/2015 Battlecross announce new album, premiere song
5/19/2015 The Black Dahlia Murder complete new album
4/6/2015 Battlecross announces new drummer
2/12/2015 Coal Chamber announce new album, Rivals
11/6/2014 Kataklysm prepare to record new album
8/26/2014 Unearth announces new album, tour dates
8/13/2014 Nuclear Blast Entertainment signs Aversions Crown
12/5/2013 Cannibal Corpse to enter studio in February
8/26/2013 Whitechapel set to record new album
7/9/2013 Carnifex signs with Nuclear Blast Records
5/28/2013 Devildriver to release new album in August
4/23/2013 Unearth begins work on new album
2/26/2013 Whitechapel set to re-issue debut album
1/29/2013 Battlecross set to record new album
6/13/2012 Arsis begins recording new album
5/1/2012 Whitechapel album release date set, song debuted
4/6/2012 Arsis announces new drummer
2/13/2012 God Forbid announces new album
1/25/2012 Whitechapel prepares new album
3/16/2011 Unearth records new album
1/19/2011 Scale The Summit album set for release
10/26/2010 Devildriver album set for release
10/4/2010 Scale The Summit recording new album
8/11/2010 Daath album set for release
5/27/2010 Daath to begin recording new album
12/15/2009 Order Of Ennead completes new album
1/29/2009 Century Media to release new Daath album
1/6/2009 Deicide signs with Century Media Records
6/11/2008 Earache Records signs Order of Ennead
2/28/2008 Daath announces new singer
9/2/2007 The Knife Trade recording new album
2/13/2007 Hell Within completes new album

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