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10/3/2023 Madball announce European tour with Scowl, Sunami, The Chisel, and Mindwar
9/8/2023 Madball share UK tour dates for November, re-issue 1992 EP on Triple B Records
8/16/2023 Pain Of Truth drop new single featuring Freddy Cricien of Madball
8/8/2023 Madball bassist Jorge "Hoya" Guerra will step away from the band after European tours
7/14/2023 Madball, Jesus Piece, Creeping Death, and more announced for Furnace Fest pre-shows
6/27/2023 Hatebreed and Integrity to headline Born Dead Fest on Labor Day weekend
6/22/2023 Madball and Terror to headline Triple B x DAZE x Streets Of Hate Brooklyn Showcase
12/8/2022 Madball announce The Return of Rebellion European Tour with H20, Drain, & more
11/17/2022 Madball will tour select US dates in December with The World
9/27/2022 When We Were Hungry Festival canceled
6/2/2022 Kentucky Irate Fest 2022 lineup takes shape
4/22/2022 This Is Hardcore 2022 lineup takes shape
8/4/2021 Madball drop off Texas tour dates
6/16/2021 Gwar to headline tour with Napalm Death, Eyehategod
6/11/2021 Madball tour dates
4/26/2021 NYC hardcore concert being investigated by park officials
4/25/2021 Madball headline large concert in New York City park
8/10/2020 Madball, Knocked Loose, Harms Way tour dates (Europe)
2/8/2020 Black N' Blue Bowl 2020 announced
1/27/2020 Madball, Death Before Dishonor tour dates
11/23/2019 Madball, Harms Way tour dates (Europe)
9/11/2019 Madball announce UK tour dates
9/7/2019 FYA 7 lineup announced
2/19/2019 The Bash Music & Craft Beer Festival 2019 announced
2/12/2019 Hatebreed announce second leg of 25th anniversary tour
12/6/2018 Madball, Death Before Dishonor mini-tour
5/1/2018 Madball premieres first single from new album
4/11/2018 Madball to release new album in June
4/6/2018 Black N' Blue Bowl 2018 lineup announced
3/18/2018 Madball, Cruel Hand mini-tour
2/25/2018 Madball finishes recording new album
2/6/2018 Madball begins recording new album
1/26/2018 United Blood Fest 2018 lineup announced
1/17/2018 Madball set to record new album
1/16/2018 Madball tour dates
10/18/2017 Madball and guitarist 'Mitts' part ways
8/25/2017 Madball, Wisdom In Chains to release split EP
8/17/2017 The Eulogy (ex-Madball, Throwdown) set to release new EP
7/30/2017 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
6/23/2017 Hatebreed, Madball, Terror, Power Trip tour dates (Europe)
3/27/2017 This Is Hardcore 2017 announced
3/27/2017 Madball reschedules South American tour
3/17/2017 Madball postpones tour of South America
10/26/2016 Madball announce Florida mini-tour
10/25/2016 Madball cancels tour dates
8/31/2016 Madball, Power Trip, Countime tour dates
6/29/2016 Madball, Homewrecker, Coldside tour dates
3/17/2016 Black N' Blue Bowl 2016 lineup takes shape
3/7/2016 Madball, Die Young mini-tour
12/9/2015 Florida Metal Fest 2016 lineup announced
10/27/2015 Madball, Strife tour dates
10/23/2015 Madball, Strife to tour the West Coast
7/29/2015 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2015 lineup revealed
7/25/2015 Texas Revolution Fest 2015 lineup announced
1/21/2015 Agnostic Front detail new album
1/7/2015 Candiria to play Black N' Blue Bowl 2015
12/17/2014 Madball, Strife, Backtrack tour dates (Europe)
9/29/2014 Madball, Turnstile, Take Offense, etc. tour dates
7/21/2014 Madball tour (UK)
6/24/2014 Madball album release date pushed back
6/12/2014 Municipal Waste, Madball to co-headline shows
6/10/2014 Madball invites fans to video shoot
4/11/2014 Madball announces new album 'Hardcore Lives'
3/7/2014 Ink N Iron Festival lineup announced
3/5/2014 Madball begins recording new album
2/19/2014 Madball, Biohazard, Wisdom In Chains tour (Europe)
1/19/2014 Madball, Twitching Tongues, Born Low mini-tour
10/3/2013 Amityville Metal & Hardcore Festival info
7/31/2013 Madball, Terror tour (South America)
6/17/2013 Madball tour (Europe)
6/4/2013 Madball, Expire, Code Orange Kids mini-tour
1/28/2013 Madball seeks return of stolen guitars, etc.
10/11/2012 Madball, Expire, Figure Four mini-tour (Canada)
10/3/2012 Madball, Terror, Comeback Kid tour (Europe)
8/7/2012 Soundwave Festival 2013 (Australia) lineup
7/30/2012 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 lineup
3/26/2012 Madball set to record new EP
12/19/2011 H20, Madball, Deez Nuts tour dates (Europe)
12/1/2011 Biohazard, Madball tour dates
6/23/2011 Madball tour dates
2/16/2011 Madball tour dates (Europe)
11/23/2010 Madball seeks fans for video shoot
11/21/2010 Madball, Comeback Kid tour dates
10/18/2010 Ex-Madball drummer Weinberg: "Fired? I quit!"
9/21/2010 Madball fires drummer Jay Weinberg
7/31/2010 Sick Of It All, Madball tour (Europe)
7/23/2010 Madball issues studio update
7/6/2010 Comeback Kid, Madball tour (Canada)
6/25/2010 Max Weinberg's son joins Madball
6/22/2010 Madball to release new album this fall
2/25/2010 Madball signs European deal with Nuclear Blast
2/18/2010 Ferret owners exit label, form Good Fight
8/29/2009 Madball tour (UK)
5/18/2009 10 for $10 hardcore summer tour
5/1/2009 Madball tour dates (Japan)
4/18/2009 Madball tour dates (Europe)
3/21/2009 Madball, Wisdom In Chains tour dates
3/10/2009 Madball recruits ex-Throwdown drummer
2/8/2009 Madball, Reign Supreme tour dates
12/22/2008 Madball tour dates
12/17/2008 Madball mini-tour (Florida)
9/17/2008 Madball, Suicidal Tendencies tour
4/12/2008 Madball tour schedule (Europe)
4/7/2008 Madball replaces drummer
1/4/2008 Madball, Death Before Dishonor tour (Australia)
1/3/2008 N.Y.H.C. documentary set for re-release
12/20/2007 Superbowl of Hardcore 2008 announced
11/15/2007 Sick Of It All, Madball, DBD, etc. tour
9/11/2007 Madball set to shoot new video
8/29/2007 Sick Of It All, Madball tour
6/5/2007 Madball records new album
5/10/2007 Madball, Terror, 100 Demons tour
4/28/2007 Madball, Death Before Dishonor tour (Canada)
4/17/2007 Madball signs European deal w/ I Scream Records
3/6/2007 Madball to record new album this spring
1/22/2007 Madball tour dates
12/26/2006 Madball prepares new album
12/18/2006 Agnostic Front and Madball mini-tour
8/28/2006 Sick Of It All, Madball, Terror tour (Europe)
6/8/2006 Madball tour dates (Europe)
5/25/2006 Madball and Dropkick Murphys mini-tour
3/8/2006 Sounds Of The Underground coming to Europe
1/31/2006 Ferret "Under The Gun" (Zao, etc.) tour dates
1/28/2006 Madball, Zao, Scarlet, etc. tour
9/29/2005 AILD, Norma Jean, Madball, ALOL tour
9/12/2005 Madball, Sworn Enemy, etc. tour (Europe)
8/2/2005 Madball, WOJ, Misery Signals, etc. tour
5/31/2005 Madball set to shoot video, extras wanted
4/28/2005 Madball signs w/ Ferret Music
1/7/2005 Madball working on new album
12/19/2004 Madball dates (including Japanese tour)
10/26/2004 Madball tour dates (Europe)
10/24/2003 Rag Men signs w/ Eulogy Recordings
9/2/2003 Madball signs with Thorp Records
8/5/2003 Rise Of Brutality tour taking shape
7/17/2003 Madball and Death Threat dates
3/5/2003 Most Precious Blood, Sworn Enemy dates
2/6/2003 Madball west coast mini-tour dates
11/18/2002 Madball reunion shows schedule
10/8/2002 Madball playing shows in December
10/7/2002 S.A.S. to enter studio in late-Spring
3/2/2001 Madball comments on breakup
2/3/2001 Madball officially cancels tour

News Tidbits
9/17/2018 Madball premieres new music video
6/15/2018 Madball has issued a new video featuring Tim Armstrong of Rancid.
6/8/2018 Madball has premiered a new track.
4/23/2018 Madball has issued a trailer for their upcoming album.
3/7/2018 Ice-T will appear on the new Madball record.
9/24/2014 Madball's new video for "Doc Marten Stomp" has made its online debut.
6/20/2014 Madball has premiered their music video for "Born Strong," featuring Candace from Walls of Jericho.
5/30/2014 Another new track from Madball's upcoming album can be streamed online.
4/25/2014 Madball has premiered the first new song from their forthcoming album.
2/8/2013 This weekend's Eat Your Heart Out Fest in NY has been cancelled due to the impending snowstorm.
6/4/2012 Madball has debuted a track from their forthcoming EP.
10/6/2010 Two more songs from the new Madball full-length are now online.
8/26/2010 Madball has posted a track from their upcoming full-length.
1/10/2008 Madball's video for "Infiltrate The System" is now online.
7/11/2007 Madball has posted another track from their upcoming album.
6/25/2007 Madball has posted a track from their upcoming album.
5/15/2007 Madball has titled their next album "Infiltrate The System." The effort will hit stores this fall.
2/7/2007 Madball's video for "100%" is now online.
7/15/2005 The new Madball video for the song "Heaven-Hell" has been posted online.
6/10/2005 A Madball track (re-recorded for their upcoming album) has been posted online.

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