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6/7/2023 Filth Is Eternal sign to MNRK Heavy, announce new album
6/20/2022 Invictus (Kataklysm, Ex Deo) to release debut album in September
6/10/2022 Rhythm Of Fear sign with MNRK Heavy for new album
6/3/2022 I AM announce new album 'Eternal Steel', debut lead single
6/2/2022 The Callous Daoboys to release new album 'Celebrity Therapist' in September
5/4/2022 Noctem sign with MNRK Heavy, prepare new album
3/29/2022 The Callous Daoboys sign with MNRK Heavy, premiere new video
2/17/2022 Bodysnatcher announce new album, debut song and video
1/11/2022 Misfire premiere first single from debut album 'Sympathy For The Ignorant'
12/15/2021 High On Fire frontman Matt Pike to release debut solo album in February
12/9/2021 Crowbar announce new album 'Zero and Below', debut first single and video
12/4/2021 Great American Ghost to release new EP in January, first single online
9/27/2021 eOne Music becomes MNRK Music Group
9/10/2021 Enterprise Earth announce new album, premiere first single
8/23/2021 Black Label Society announce new album, premiere first single
8/18/2021 Rolo Tomassi debut new song, sign with eOne
8/16/2021 Creeping Death premiere video, to release new EP in October
8/10/2021 Misfire sign with Entertainment One
7/4/2021 Invictus (Kataklysm, Ex Deo) sign with Entertainment One
3/14/2021 The Contortionist, Within The Ruins, more to livestream concert
12/11/2020 Bodysnatcher sign with eOne, premiere new single
9/27/2020 Yashira announce new album, premiere first single
9/24/2020 Within The Ruins to release new album in November
6/19/2020 Enterprise Earth surprise release new EP
1/23/2020 I AM sign with Entertainment One, to release new album
11/29/2019 Great American Ghost sign with eOne, drop new track
11/9/2019 Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein to release debut solo LP
8/13/2019 Toxic Holocaust announce new album, premiere song
7/22/2019 Creeping Death announce new album, premiere video
6/25/2019 The Contortionist debut new video, to release new EP
4/24/2019 Auras announce new album, premiere song
4/24/2019 Toxic Holocaust sign with Entertainment One
4/7/2019 Entertainment One signs Plague Years
3/1/2019 Lord Dying announce new album, premiere song
12/13/2018 Creeping Death signs with Entertainment One
12/13/2018 Enterprise Earth announce new album, premiere video
8/22/2018 Entertainment One signs Lord Dying
8/6/2018 High On Fire announce new album, premiere song
6/13/2018 Enterprise Earth signs with eOne / Good Fight Music
1/16/2018 Skyharbor signs with eOne/Good Fight Music
10/23/2017 Earth Caller sign with Entertainment One, premiere song
9/22/2017 Winds Of Plague announce new album, premiere song
8/26/2017 MyChildren MyBride detail new album, premiere song
8/18/2017 Through The Eyes Of The Dead announce first album in 7 years
6/5/2017 The Contortionist announce new album, premiere song
5/19/2017 eOne Music signs Soul Remnants
4/21/2017 Rex Brown (Pantera) details new LP, premieres song
4/2/2017 Entertainment One Music signs Gloom
2/28/2017 Pantera bassist Rex Brown signs with eOne
2/21/2017 Through The Eyes Of The Dead sign with eOne Music
1/19/2017 Fit For An Autopsy announces new album
11/21/2016 Within The Ruins announce new album, premiere song
8/29/2016 Crowbar announce new album, preview song
7/26/2016 eOne Music signs Unwill
4/21/2016 Winds of Plague return with new label, tour dates
4/20/2016 Black Crown Initiate announces new album
2/22/2016 eOne forms imprint with Lifeblood, Inc.
2/10/2016 Label founded by Megadeth bassist signs deal with eOne
9/28/2015 eOne Music signs Whores
7/10/2015 TesseracT announce new album, preview new song
7/9/2015 Fit For An Autopsy detail new album, unveil teaser
6/24/2015 TesseracT signs deal with eOne Music
5/28/2015 Dark Sermon announces new album
5/26/2015 Black Fast album set for release
4/15/2015 High On Fire announces new album
4/13/2015 Auras sign with eOne Music, announce new EP
3/4/2015 eOne Music signs Burn Halo (ex-Eighteen Visions)
1/13/2015 Prong set to release covers album
11/18/2014 Lamb Of God writing new album
11/3/2014 eOne Music signs Black Fast
9/2/2014 Mychildren Mybride signs with eOne/Good Fight
8/26/2014 Unearth announces new album, tour dates
7/29/2014 Black Crown Initiate announces debut album
6/26/2014 The Contortionist announces new album
6/19/2014 eOne Music signs Black Crown Initiate
5/31/2014 Within The Ruins to release new album in July
5/28/2014 '68 to release debut album in July
5/15/2014 '68 (The Chariot) signs with eOne Music/Good Fight
3/4/2014 Good Fight/eOne Music signs Like Monroe
2/27/2014 Crowbar announces new album 'Symmetry In Black'
1/27/2014 eOne Music signs Assassins
1/17/2014 eOne Music signs More Than A Thousand
12/5/2013 Throwdown announces new album
9/26/2013 Impending Doom album set for release
8/23/2013 Reflections album set for release
7/25/2013 Fit For An Autopsy signs with eOne Music
6/17/2013 Unearth signs with eOne Music
6/13/2013 Legion announces new album
5/29/2013 High On Fire to release two live albums
5/28/2013 Dagoba signs licensing deal with eOne Music
5/1/2013 eOne Music/Good Fight signs Reflections
4/19/2013 Chimaira to release new album in July
2/11/2013 Dark Sermon to release debut album in March
1/15/2013 Within The Ruins announces new album
12/7/2012 Legion signs with eOne/Good Fight
11/12/2012 eOne/Good Fight Music announces two new signings
8/22/2012 No Bragging Rights to release new album in October
8/6/2012 This Or The Apocalypse album set for release
8/3/2012 Kittie set to release 'best of' compilation
7/23/2012 No Bragging Rights sign with eOne/Good Fight
6/25/2012 This Or The Apocalypse signs with eOne Music
6/21/2012 The Chariot to release new album in August
5/30/2012 The Contortionist to release new album in July
5/6/2012 Good Fight Music signs label deal with eOne Music
2/23/2012 High On Fire to release new album in April
1/5/2012 eOne Music signs Avatar
12/21/2011 High On Fire recording new album
4/15/2011 Jamey Jasta solo album due out this summer
3/16/2011 Impending Doom signs with eOne Music
1/24/2011 Chimaira signs with eOne Music
1/10/2011 The Human Abstract signs with eOne Music
8/5/2010 Crowbar to re-release three albums
6/14/2010 Crowbar signs with E1 Music
4/12/2010 Darkest Hour signs with E1 Music
1/26/2010 E1 announces deal with SPV
11/3/2009 E1 Music signs Overkill
10/2/2009 Zoroaster signs with E1 Music
2/10/2009 Hatebreed set to release covers album
1/14/2009 Koch Recs signs Burning Human (Shadows Fall)
12/12/2008 Throwdown signs with KOCH Records
11/17/2008 Satyricon signs with Koch Records
9/15/2008 KOCH Records signs Arkaea
9/10/2008 Vision Of Disorder DVD set for release
6/24/2008 Horse The Band splits with Koch Records
4/9/2008 Hatebreed signs deal w/ KOCH Records
1/17/2008 In Flames signs w/ Koch Records
10/18/2007 KOCH Records signs Dirtfedd
8/29/2007 KOCH Recs to re-release God Forbid albums
6/17/2007 KOCH Records signs Within Chaos

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