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8/28/2014 Liferuiner set to record new album
1/28/2014 Norma Jean, Liferuiner, Night Verses tour (Europe)
5/5/2013 Liferuiner tour (Canada)
4/8/2013 Liferuiner signs with InVogue Records, debuts song
7/3/2012 Dead & Divine, Mychildren Mybride, Liferuiner tour
6/29/2012 Dead & Divine farewell tour w/ Mychildren Mybride
9/6/2011 Liferuiner debuts new song, video
8/18/2011 Blind Witness, Stray From The Path, Vanna dates
8/10/2011 Blind Witness, Stray From The Path, Vanna tour
7/29/2010 Liferuiner tour dates (Canada)
4/27/2010 Liferuiner (Canada) records new material
2/8/2010 Liferuiner tour dates
1/1/2010 Liferuiner vs. Liferuiner
12/9/2009 Liferuiner tour dates
9/4/2009 Liferuiner attacked in Ohio
7/30/2009 Liferuiner "back in action"
7/5/2009 Liferuiner, Years Spent Cold tour dates
5/18/2009 Liferuiner, This Or The Apocalypse dates
5/6/2009 Liferuiner loses two members
2/15/2009 Liferuiner, The World We Knew tour
1/3/2009 Liferuiner, Suffokate, etc. tour
12/13/2008 Ligeia, Liferuiner tour (Europe)
12/1/2008 Liferuiner back together
10/13/2008 Liferuiner calls it quits
8/27/2008 Liferuiner, A Well Thought Tragedy tour
8/21/2008 Liferuiner prepares new album
8/7/2008 Liferuiner, Recon, To Kill tour (Europe)
7/27/2008 Liferuiner, WDHR, etc. tour cancelled
7/26/2008 For Today, Liferuiner tour dates
6/10/2008 Liferuiner, Graves Of Valor, WDHR tour
5/5/2008 Liferuiner members arrested for graffiti
4/15/2008 Liferuiner, Dr. Acula tour
2/26/2008 Liferuiner, A Well Thought Tragedy tour
1/23/2008 Liferuiner, Ambush! tour dates
1/17/2008 Uprising Records signs Liferuiner
10/17/2007 Ligeia, Liferuiner tour dates
8/26/2007 Liferuiner to enter studio in November
7/18/2007 Liferuiner dropped by Rise Records
5/30/2007 Liferuiner signs w/ Rise Records
1/19/2007 Liferuiner signs w/ Tribunal Records

News Tidbits
1/22/2016 A full stream of the new Liferuiner EP is now online.
12/4/2015 Liferuiner has debuted a new song.
3/3/2015 A new Liferuiner song and video is now online.
6/3/2013 Liferuiner's new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
10/20/2012 Liferuiner has unveiled a Poison The Well cover.
12/15/2011 Liferuiner has premiered a new video and uploaded their new EP for free download.
6/18/2010 Does this mean that Liferuiner (US) has broken up?
5/3/2010 Canada's Liferuiner has unveiled a new track.
4/29/2010 Liferuiner's former manager explains why two versions of the group exist.
11/4/2008 The Point Beach Club House in Milford, CT is closing down, and it's apparently Liferuiner's fault.
6/24/2008 And who is the real Liferuiner?
4/21/2008 Liferuiner has debuted a song from their Uprising Records debut.
10/25/2007 Liferuiner has posted a new demo track.

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