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3/18/2020 Oathbreaker announce 'Ease Me' Release
3/16/2016 Jesu announces U.S. tour dates
12/3/2014 Pelican announce new EP, debut track with vocals
5/23/2013 Justin Broadrick (Godflesh) remixes Cult of Luna
10/12/2010 Jesu release due out next month
7/1/2009 Greymachine (Jesu, Isis) album set for release
11/16/2007 The End Records signs J2 (Jesu, Jarboe)
10/17/2007 Jesu, Zombi dates (Japan)
9/25/2007 Jesu tour schedule
9/18/2007 Jesu tour dates (Europe)
8/22/2007 Jesu, Torche tour dates
3/8/2007 Jesu cleared to enter U.S. for tour
2/19/2007 Jesu tour delayed
1/25/2007 Hydra Head Records SXSW showcase
12/7/2006 Isis and Jesu tour
10/8/2006 Isis and Jesu mapping out tour
9/3/2006 Jesu finishing up new album
2/23/2006 Jesu prepare to release new EP
7/14/2004 Jesu completes debut EP
4/26/2004 Jesu (ex-Godflesh) joins Hydra Head roster

News Tidbits
6/23/2020 Jesu (Godflesh) premiere new track
6/25/2009 Hydra Head has posted streams for both the new Envy/Jesu split and the new Bergraven <a href="http://www.tillmakabertvasen.com/"
1/18/2008 Footage from Jesu's show at Amoeba Records several months ago can be seen here.
10/5/2007 Jesu will perform a free show at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles today at 6pm PST.
9/24/2007 A video for Jesu's "Dead Eyes" has been independently put together by director Michael Cimpher.
9/7/2007 Jesu has posted a track from their forthcoming "Pale Sketches" release.
3/9/2006 Jesu have posted several audio clips from their upcoming EP.
11/12/2004 Jesu (featuring JK Broadrick of Godflesh) have posted a track from their upcoming Hydra Head Records album here.

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