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Jeff Hanneman

12/1/2015 Broken Hope writing new album using Jeff Hanneman's guitars
4/7/2015 Jeff Hanneman does NOT play on new Slayer record
3/28/2015 Slayer's new LP to include song with Jeff Hanneman
1/31/2014 Slayer honors 50th birthday of Jeff Hanneman
1/27/2014 Slayer's Jeff Hanneman snubbed by Grammy Awards
10/7/2013 Slayer may use Jeff Hanneman songs on new album
5/15/2013 Jeff Hanneman Memorial Celebration announced
5/9/2013 Slayer: Jeff died from alcohol related cirrhosis
5/9/2013 Doctor: spider bite didn't cause Hanneman's death
5/2/2013 Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies
7/6/2012 Slayer begins recording new album
5/1/2012 Slayer guitarist's spider bite recovery continues
3/30/2011 Slayer taps Cannibal Corpse guitarist for shows
2/16/2011 Slayer recruits Exodus guitarist for tour
2/13/2011 Slayer guitarist sidelined with infection

News Tidbits
5/2/2019 Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died six years ago today. Jam out to the only Slayer album on which Hanneman wrote or co-wrote every (original) song.
12/16/2015 Video tour of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's guitar collection.
6/15/2015 Slayer guitarist Kerry King says that Jeff Hanneman is "worm food."
5/2/2014 I don't listen to Slayer now. But when I was young I did. They were a big part of my music world, and most of the...
2/7/2014 A traffic circle in Poland has been named after late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.
5/16/2013 The Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to protest The Jeff Hanneman Memorial Celebration.
5/3/2013 Westboro Baptist Church: God killed Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

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