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Jamie King

12/8/2023 Through The Eyes of the Dead reissue early releases as 'The Scars of Annihilation'
8/21/2022 Inhale Existence give a taste of their debut album with 'Facade Breaker' and more
5/25/2022 Between The Buried And Me announce 'The Great Misdirect' live album
10/26/2021 Krosis sign with Seek & Strike, premiere new single
3/6/2021 Canvas Solaris announce new album
11/16/2020 Between The Buried And Me recording new album
6/23/2020 Between The Buried And Me to reissue The Silent Circus
6/25/2019 The Contortionist debut new video, to release new EP
7/31/2017 Between The Buried And Me recording new album
6/5/2017 The Contortionist announce new album, premiere song
2/1/2017 Nova Collective (BTBAM, Cynic) announce debut, premiere song
1/9/2017 The Contortionist recording new album
9/16/2016 BTBAM frontman signs deal with Sumerian, debuts song
4/1/2016 Greaver announce debut album, premiere new single
12/1/2015 The Contortionist rework four songs, premiere video
6/29/2015 Scale The Summit announce new album, preview song
2/17/2015 Native Construct announce debut LP; premiere song
2/17/2015 Blood & Ink Records signs Dwell
12/25/2014 Between The Buried And Me set to record new album
11/19/2014 Century Media signs new Karyn Crisis band
9/17/2014 Abiotic recording new album
4/22/2014 Enfold Darkness set to record new album
3/20/2014 The Contortionist begins recording new album
3/11/2014 BTBAM frontman prepares new solo album
2/14/2014 Between The Buried And Me to release new DVD
11/11/2013 Killwhitneydead completes new album; due in 2014
10/19/2012 Indianola Records signs Apparitions
5/23/2012 A Hero A Fake announces new album
3/12/2012 Metal Blade to release Trioscapes (BTBAM) album
2/21/2012 Deception Of A Ghost set to record new album
2/3/2012 Between The Buried And Me to enter studio in May
2/1/2012 Wretched announces new album
11/5/2011 Hotfoot Records signs Johnny Booth
8/18/2011 Strike First/Facedown signs Nothing Til Blood
6/27/2011 Prosthetic Records signs White Arms Of Athena
2/7/2011 Last Chance To Reason album set for release
11/29/2010 BTBAM frontman set to release solo album
10/18/2010 Prosthetic Recs signs Last Chance To Reason
8/9/2010 Tribunal Records signs Vanisher
6/16/2010 Cro-Mags "Alpha Omega" reissue announced
6/14/2010 Equal Vision signs ORBS (BTBAM, etc.)
5/7/2010 In the Midst of Lions recording new album
4/27/2010 Wretched recording new album
3/2/2010 Trustkill signs Deception Of A Ghost
1/11/2010 Woe Of Tyrants completes new album
12/11/2009 Swift anniversary show, new song announced
11/3/2009 Tribunal Records to release Uncle Slam debut
10/6/2009 Facedown Records signs Onward To Olympas
8/31/2009 A Different Breed Of Killer prepares album
3/14/2009 Between The Buried And Me set to record
11/30/2008 Bloodjinn set to record new album
11/19/2008 Wretched prepares Victory Records debut
9/14/2008 Graves of Valor prepares new album
9/9/2008 Forsaken Recordings signs Deception Of A Ghost
8/20/2008 Year Of The Sun Recs signs Glasgow Grin
4/21/2008 Tribunal Records signs Hereafter An Odyssey
4/11/2008 Uprising Records signs Dr. Acula
1/12/2008 Anything On Fire (Glass Casket) releases split CD
1/10/2008 For Today signs w/ Facedown Records
11/24/2007 Red I Flight enters studio
10/5/2007 Solid State Records signs Once Nothing
9/18/2007 Rise Recs signs A Different Breed Of Killer
9/2/2007 The Knife Trade recording new album
6/13/2007 Between The Buried And Me records new album
5/12/2007 Tragic Hero Records signs Yosemite Mudflap
3/10/2007 Forsaken Recordings signs Eldora
3/4/2007 The Fire The Flood enters the studio
3/2/2007 Killwhitneydead finalizing new releases
2/28/2007 Between The Buried And Me update
1/18/2007 Deathblow set to release new album
12/10/2006 Tribunal Records signs Woe Of Tyrants
12/6/2006 No Sleep Records signs The Fire The Flood
9/11/2006 Killwhitneydead set to enter studio
7/7/2006 Year Of Desolation set to enter studio
5/15/2006 My Bitter End set to record new album
5/10/2006 Candlelight Records signs Dead Man In Reno
3/17/2006 Red Orchestra Radio signs w/ Feeling Faint Prod.
12/31/2005 My Bitter End sign w/ Uprising Records
12/11/2005 Called To Arms prepare new album
8/28/2005 The Hottness sign w/ DanceFace Records
7/5/2005 Killwhitneydead working on new album
6/16/2005 Between The Buried And Me record new album
6/1/2005 Tribunal Records signs three bands
3/30/2005 Between The Buried And Me prepare new album
3/16/2005 Bloodjinn recording new demo
3/13/2005 The Classic Struggle set to record debut
2/9/2005 Between The Buried And Me side project
2/7/2005 Tribunal Recs signs Slowmotion Apocalypse
12/14/2004 Tribunal Records signs The Cardinal Effect
9/4/2004 Tribunal Records signs The Chase Theory
7/7/2004 Called To Arms recording new material
3/10/2004 Tribunal Records to release He Is Legend EP
1/24/2004 Killwhitneydead to record new full-length
1/24/2004 Canvas Solaris completes new album
10/7/2003 Through The Eyes... signs w/ Lovelost
10/1/2003 Quell preparing to enter studio
8/25/2003 One Six Conspiracy signs with Tribunal Records
7/3/2003 Glass Casket signs w/ Abacus Recordings
5/28/2003 Self Portrait records new CDep
5/14/2003 Prayer For Cleansing re-release
3/12/2003 Brand New Disaster finishes new album
2/12/2003 Brand New Disaster set to record full-length
1/14/2003 Self Portrait signs with Tribunal Records
12/31/2002 Rifles At Recess finds new drummer
10/16/2002 Tribunal Records signs two bands
6/2/2002 Tribunal Records inks Everafter

News Tidbits
5/13/2020 Circle of Guilt (Bloodjinn) share new demo track
4/5/2019 For the latest episode of our podcast, we spent some time with producer extraordinaire Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, etc.). Check it out.
6/6/2012 Deception of a Ghost has posted some footage of the recording process for their upcoming release.

4/4/2019 Jaime King

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