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Jacob Bannon

4/30/2024 Umbra Vitae share second single "Velvet Black" from upcoming album 'Light Of Death'
4/2/2024 Umbra Vitae premiere new song "Belief is Obsolete" from upcoming album 'Light Of Death'
10/24/2023 Converge's Jacob Bannon to have art displayed at DEAD|SPACE art show in St. Petersburg, FL
7/7/2022 End and Cult Leader premiere songs from new split EP
3/8/2022 Come To Grief announce debut album, drop new single feat. Jacob Bannon of Converge
10/6/2021 Woman pictured on Converge 'Jane Doe' album cover reveals herself (updated)
10/13/2020 Blood From The Soul (Napalm Death, Converge) return with new LP
6/8/2020 Converge, Napalm Death, Megadeth members record album
3/31/2020 Converge, Red Chord, ex-Job For A Cowboy members launch band
1/31/2019 Wear Your Wounds finish recording new album
6/8/2018 Modern Life Is War debuts first new song in 5 years
6/12/2017 Jacob Bannon gallery show announced
5/9/2017 Jacob Bannon to release new art book, companion album
11/15/2016 Wear Your Wounds (Converge) announce debut album
4/29/2016 Converge to release 'You Fail Me: Redux'
1/21/2014 Wear Your Wounds (Converge) recording new music
7/31/2013 Doomriders new album Grand Blood set for release
7/23/2013 Converge issues "Summer 2013 Update"
1/17/2013 Jacob Bannon mini-documentary premiering next week
4/19/2012 Wear Your Wounds (Converge), Revelator split EP
10/26/2007 Jacob Bannon set to record solo material

News Tidbits
4/4/2017 A full stream of the new Wear Your Wounds is now online.
3/8/2017 An unreleased Wear Your Wounds (Converge) track can now be heard online.
2/7/2017 Wear Your Wounds (Converge) have debuted a new song and music video.
1/12/2017 Jacob Bannon (Converge) and Wear Your Wounds have premiered a new song.
7/22/2016 A new MSTRKRFT track featuring guest vocals from Jacob Bannon of Converge has made its online debut.
6/30/2016 Nomad Stones, featuring two members of Cave In, have debuted a new song.
5/23/2013 Converge has released their "Pound For Pound: The Wolverine Blues Sessions" EP.
1/22/2013 The new Jacob Bannon documentary "Rungs In A Ladder" has made its online debut.
1/15/2013 Wear Your Wounds, featuring Jacob Bannon, has posted an unreleased song.
5/7/2012 Check out a mixed media preview of Jacob Bannon's (Converge) "The Jane Project."

3/8/2017 Wear Your Wounds 'Arthritic Heart' song premiere
6/12/2012 Jacob Bannon (Converge): Six Songs To Die With

7/1/2008 Converge interview
1/21/2002 Converge interview

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