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9/5/2023 Isis and Ipecac Records to release 'Mosquito Control' and 'The Red Sea' re-issue
6/12/2018 Isis to reunite for Caleb Scofield benefit
2/16/2017 Isis set to release 'Live VII'
5/28/2015 Sumac (ex-Isis) announce North American tour dates
12/4/2014 Sumac (Isis, Baptists, Botch) announce debut album
12/3/2014 Pelican announce new EP, debut track with vocals
10/16/2014 Isis set to reissue Oceanic album
8/22/2014 ISIS the band mistaken for the terrorist group
6/25/2014 Palms (Deftones, Isis) tour dates
2/20/2014 Isis set to reissue 'Panopticon'
12/9/2013 Old Man Gloom in the studio recording
4/30/2013 Palms (Deftones, Isis) mini-tour; debut new song
4/2/2013 Palms (Deftones, Isis) complete debut album
2/11/2013 Palms (Deftones, Isis) set street date, debut song
8/29/2012 Isis reveals Temporal cover art, track listing
8/14/2012 Jodis (Isis, Khanate) album set for release
8/3/2012 Isis announces retrospective collection, Temporal
5/1/2012 Old Man Gloom set to release new album
4/25/2012 Isis, Deftones members form new band, Palms
3/19/2012 Old Man Gloom shows announced
5/9/2011 Isis to release five live albums
5/26/2010 Isis, Melvins split set for release
5/19/2010 Isis calls it quits
5/17/2010 Isis, Tombs tour dates
1/13/2010 Isis, Baroness tour dates (Japan)
10/14/2009 Isis, Keelhaul tour dates (Europe)
8/16/2009 Jodis (Isis, Khanate) debut set for release
3/30/2009 Isis tour announced
2/6/2009 Isis album details revealed
1/22/2009 Isis album set for May release
10/19/2008 Isis set to enter studio
7/23/2008 Isis working on new album
1/27/2008 Isis tour dates (Europe)
9/21/2007 Isis 10th Anniversary shows
2/21/2007 Intronaut gets stint on Isis tour
12/7/2006 Isis and Jesu tour
10/8/2006 Isis and Jesu mapping out tour
7/18/2006 Isis set to release DVD
7/10/2006 Isis completes new album
7/9/2006 Tool and Isis tour
3/31/2006 Isis to enter studio in June
2/22/2006 Isis and Zombi tour
1/23/2006 Isis tour schedule
10/12/2004 Isis and These Arms Are Snakes dates
9/20/2004 Isis and These Arms Are Snakes dates
7/9/2004 Isis finishes recording new album
6/17/2004 Isis set to enter studio
3/7/2004 Red Sparowes (Isis, etc. project) update
2/11/2004 Isis news and notes
12/17/2003 Isis to release live CDs
12/11/2003 Isis and Agoraphobic Nosebleed split update
10/13/2003 ISIS news and notes
8/28/2002 ISIS to tour extensively this Fall
2/21/2002 ISIS signs with Ipecac Recordings
10/24/2001 ISIS currently writing new material
7/6/2001 Knut and ISIS to tour US in August
4/11/2001 Soilent Green and Isis to tour in June
12/3/2000 ISIS & Old Man Gloom side-project
12/1/2000 ISIS working on new material

News Tidbits
10/14/2018 Video: Isis performs reunion set at Caleb Scofield tribute show
1/7/2014 Isis, Metallica, and Black Flag are among the bands that Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne thinks "blew it."
9/26/2013 Palms' (Deftones, Isis) new video for "Future Warrior" has made its online debut.
6/18/2013 The new Palms (Deftones, Isis) album can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/16/2013 If you haven't heard the new Palms (Deftones, Isis) song yet, you can.
10/30/2012 A demo version of the Isis song "Ghost Key" is currently streaming.
5/29/2012 Old Man Gloom has premiered a song from their new album.
11/10/2009 Isis has posted their official video for "20 Minutes/40 Years."
4/28/2009 The new Isis album, "Wavering Radiant," can now be streamed online.
3/23/2009 Isis has debuted a track from their new album, "Wavering Radiant."
7/17/2008 Robotic Empire has uploaded a track from Isis' new "Live IV" 2xLP.
11/6/2006 A video of Isis rehearsing recently has made its way online.
8/20/2006 Ipecac has posted a new Isis song. The track will appear on the band's upcoming album, "The Absence Of Truth."
8/2/2006 Isis' forthcoming album has been titled "In The Absence Of Truth."
8/12/2005 The Isis and Agoraphobic Nosebleed collaboration for a cover of Melvins' "Boris" has been posted online.
4/4/2005 A track ("The Beginning And The End" - Venetian Snares) from Isis' upcoming Oceanic remixes 2xCD release is available here.
11/28/2004 The video for Isis' "In Fiction" has been posted here.
11/2/2004 Converge and Isis will be touring Japan together in February 2005. Dates will be announced shortly.
9/26/2004 Check out another new Isis track (from their upcoming album) here.
9/16/2004 Download tracks from the new Isis and Red Sparowes albums here.
7/13/2004 The new Isis album will apparently be titled "Panopticon" and will hit stores on October 19th.
3/25/2004 Matt Bayles will be producing the next Isis record this summer.

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