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Into Eternity

8/2/2021 Stu Block (ex-Iced Earth) rejoins Into Eternity
9/22/2019 Into Eternity set to record new album
8/1/2018 Into Eternity signs with M-Theory Audio
7/3/2018 Into Eternity announce new album, premiere song
4/16/2018 Loud As Hell 2018 lineup announced
12/6/2016 ex-Into Eternity drummer Adam Sagan dies
6/15/2015 Into Eternity announce first new album in 7 years
7/9/2012 Into Eternity tour dates (Canada)
5/5/2012 ex-Into Eternity guitarist passes away
3/9/2012 Into Eternity, Single Bullet Theory tour dates
11/9/2011 Into Eternity seeks tour singer
7/27/2011 Into Eternity recording new songs
3/16/2011 Iced Earth recruits Into Eternity singer
9/29/2010 Infernaeon recruits Into Eternity drummer
8/23/2009 Into Eternity vocalist looking for work
2/13/2009 Cephalic Carnage, Into Eternity tour (Japan)
10/27/2008 Tim Roth set to rejoin Into Eternity
9/18/2008 Into Eternity leader to miss upcoming tour
7/17/2008 Into Eternity set to release new album
6/12/2008 Iced Earth, Into Eternity, Saviours tour
1/18/2008 Into Eternity prepares new album
11/6/2007 Into Eternity to tour with Symphony X and Epica
11/2/2007 Into Eternity begins work on concept album
6/11/2007 Into Eternity, Edguy, Light This City tour
4/17/2007 Into Eternity to tour with Dream Theater
2/28/2007 Into Eternity shoots new video
12/7/2006 Into Eternity announces new members
9/6/2006 Into Eternity prepares to film video
8/19/2006 Into Eternity album details
3/10/2006 Into Eternity tap former drummer for album
2/25/2006 Into Eternity preparing new album
10/13/2005 Into Eternity update
5/19/2005 Into Eternity and Stratovarius dates
5/17/2005 Hate Eternal, Into Eternity, etc. tour
3/12/2005 All Shall Perish, Into Eternity, etc. tour
3/9/2005 Into Eternity and Stratovarius tour
1/9/2005 Into Eternity get new singer
11/6/2004 Beyond The Embrace, Into Eternity, etc. tour
9/9/2004 Kataklysm, Into Eternity, etc. tour (Europe)
7/28/2004 Into Eternity gets drumming help
6/29/2004 Into Eternity line up tour, seek drummer
12/17/2002 Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, etc. to tour

News Tidbits
12/8/2020 Into Eternity share new demo track
10/19/2018 Into Eternity debuts new track
1/2/2013 Shadow Society, featuring members of Deicide and Into Eternity, have issued their first single.
12/11/2008 Into Eternity's new video for "Time Immemorial" can be seen online here.
8/21/2008 Another new Into Eternity song is now online.
7/1/2008 Into Eternity has debuted a track from their upcoming full-length.
4/2/2008 Into Eternity has posted an unmastered, rough mix of a new track.
12/1/2006 Into Eternity's new video for "Severe Emotional Distress" is now online.
8/1/2006 A track ("Severe Emotional Distress") from Into Eternity's forthcoming album is now online.
3/28/2005 Into Eternity have dropped off their current tour with Amorphis due to illness.

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