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Inhale Exhale

6/4/2013 Inhale Exhale breaking up
7/16/2012 Inhale Exhale, Righteous Vendetta, Phinehas
4/1/2012 Inhale Exhale signs with Red Cord Records
1/22/2012 Inhale Exhale recording new album
10/9/2011 The World We Knew, Inhale Exhale, Browning tour
5/10/2011 Becoming The Archetype, Inhale Exhale tour
2/25/2011 Inhale Exhale, Solid State Records part ways
6/2/2010 Demon Hunter, Sleeping Giant, etc. tour
4/23/2010 Gwen Stacy, Inhale Exhale tour dates
12/21/2009 The Chariot, Inhale Exhale, etc. tour
10/19/2009 Iwrestledabearonce, Inhale Exhale, etc. dates
9/28/2009 Inhale Exhale shoots new video
8/25/2009 Inhale Exhale set to release new album
5/12/2009 Inhale Exhale prepares new album
1/23/2009 War Of Ages, Destroy The Runner tour
10/14/2008 Haste The Day, Sky Eats Airplane, etc. tour
9/23/2008 Inhale Exhale drops off tour
8/12/2008 Inhale Exhale, Oceana, Dead And Divine tour
7/1/2008 Burden of A Day, Inhale Exhale tour dates
5/15/2008 Inhale Exhale set to shoot new video
3/28/2008 He Is Legend, Inhale Exhale tour, etc.
3/3/2008 A Girl A Gun A Ghost drops off tour
2/1/2008 Gwen Stacy, Inhale Exhale, etc. tour
12/31/2007 Inhale Exhale completes new album
12/21/2007 Across Five Aprils, Inhale Exhale, etc. tour
10/23/2007 Inhale Exhale prepares new album
8/21/2007 Inhale Exhale drops off tour
7/13/2007 Inhale Exhale, Nodes Of Ranvier tour
1/5/2007 Inhale Exhale, Life In Your Way, etc. tour
11/29/2006 Maylene And The Sons..., Inhale Exhale, etc. tour
8/5/2006 Inhale Exhale announces new singer
6/26/2006 Haste The Day, August Burns Red, etc. tour
4/7/2006 Inhale Exhale ink deal with Solid State
11/22/2005 Narcissus guitarist forms Inhale Exhale

News Tidbits
10/2/2012 A new Inhale Exhale song is available online.
8/5/2012 A preview of Inhale Exhale's new album is available online.
9/15/2009 Inhale Exhale has made a song from their forthcoming release available here.
2/27/2008 Inhale Exhale has posted a song from their new album.
3/7/2007 Inhale Exhale's video for "Redemption" has been posted.
11/16/2006 An ecard for Inhale Exhale's new Solid State release has been posted.
8/27/2006 Inhale Exhale has posted a demo track with their new singer.
5/2/2006 Inhale Exhale have posted two songs from their upcoming Solid State release.

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