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I Declare War

10/24/2023 Members of I Declare War and Bystander share cover of Suicide Silence
3/25/2023 I Declare War plan short Pacific Northwest tour in May
7/9/2020 Crafting The Conspiracy complete new album, premiere song
7/23/2019 I Declare War premiere opening track of new EP
7/17/2019 I Declare War announce new EP
6/8/2019 I Declare War finish recording new EP
6/4/2019 Despised Icon, Kublai Khan, Ingested tour dates
2/27/2019 I Declare War recording new EP
12/26/2018 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life premiere new song
8/16/2018 Ingested, Enterprise Earth, Bodysnatcher tour
9/24/2016 I Declare War set to release new album
8/12/2016 So What?! Music Fest announces more bands
4/15/2016 I Declare War, Aenimus tour dates
7/23/2015 Metal community reacts to passing of Justin Lowe
2/4/2015 Sworn In, The Plot In You, I Declare War tour
1/22/2015 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2015 adds bands
11/19/2014 I Declare War mini-tour
10/17/2014 Within The Ruins, I Declare War tour (Europe)
8/23/2014 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life drop off tour
8/22/2014 Oceano drops off tour
7/26/2014 After The Burial, I Declare War, Reflections tour
6/3/2014 I Declare War, Oceano, TLTSOL, Barrier tour
2/26/2014 I Declare War, Martyr Defiled tour (Europe)
2/24/2014 I Declare War LP set for release; new song online
2/12/2014 Betraying The Martyrs cancel U.S. tour
1/15/2014 Carnifex, Betraying The Martyrs, etc. tour dates
1/10/2014 NEMHF 2014 adds Acacia Strain, Carnifex, more
1/9/2014 Eat Your Heart Out Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
1/1/2014 I Declare War finishing up new album
12/20/2013 Carnifex to tour US w/ Betraying The Martyrs, more
9/4/2013 Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy tour
6/21/2013 The Plot In You, I Declare War tour (Europe)
6/3/2013 Wreckfest 2013 lineup takes shape
2/21/2013 Contortionist, Within The Ruins, etc. tour dates
12/19/2012 Chelsea Grin, I Declare War tour dates
10/17/2012 Job For A Cowboy, I Declare War tour
9/9/2012 I Declare War kicks out guitarist
9/7/2012 The Acacia Strain, Cruel Hand, etc. tour dates
3/12/2012 Summer Slaughter 2012 announces possible openers
10/11/2011 Mychildren Mybride, Within The Ruins, etc. tour
6/1/2011 Lionheart, I Declare War, Molotov Solution tour
12/7/2010 Whitechapel, Acacia Strain, Veil Of Maya tour
11/15/2010 I Declare War announces new singer
8/15/2010 Whitechapel, Impending Doom, Oceano tour
7/19/2010 I Declare War singer leaves band
6/3/2010 For The Fallen Dreams, Legend tour dates
5/5/2010 Molotov Solution, Dr. Acula, I Declare War tour
3/16/2010 I Declare War signs with Artery/Razor & Tie
8/19/2009 The World We Knew, I Declare War tour dates

News Tidbits
11/10/2018 I Declare War unveils metalcore cover of Stone Temple Pilots
10/19/2017 Is I Declare War funny or mean? You decide.
5/15/2017 I Declare War has issued a new video.
4/19/2017 I Declare War has premiered a new video.
10/31/2016 Sacrificer (I Declare War, ex-American Me) has uploaded a cover of the Slipknot song "(sic)."
10/14/2016 A new I Declare War track is available online.
8/15/2016 I Declare War has debuted the first new song from their forthcoming album.
9/10/2014 I Declare War has unveiled their new music video for "Blurred Vision."
7/16/2014 I Declare War strikes out with new Chris Farley overdose t-shirt.
3/18/2014 I Declare War has unveiled another track from their forthcoming album.
5/12/2010 Another new I Declare War song is online.
4/9/2010 I Declare War has posted a track from their Artery Recordings debut.

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