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6/16/2018 Hundredth releases EP reimagining of 'Rare' LP
8/23/2017 Hundredth to headline fall U.S. tour
6/27/2017 Hundredth, Being As An Ocean tour bus goes up in flames
4/26/2017 Hundredth announce new album, premiere song
3/22/2017 Warped Tour 2017 lineup announced
3/12/2017 Hundredth finishes recording new album
12/22/2016 Hundredth, Silent Planet to tour Europe
9/20/2016 Hundredth, Deadships mini-tour
9/8/2016 Hundredth rejoined by founding guitarist, release two songs
6/6/2016 The Amity Affliction, Being As An Ocean, Hundredth
5/9/2016 Rock Allegiance 2016 lineup announced
3/31/2016 Hundredth begins work on new album
12/1/2015 So What?! Music Festival 2016 adds new bands
8/21/2015 Senses Fail, Silverstein to co-headline U.S. tour
2/3/2015 Hundredth finishes recording new album
1/19/2015 Cancer Bats, Hundredth, Oathbreaker tour (Europe)
12/30/2014 Hundredth begins recording new album
12/16/2014 Enter Shikari, Stray From The Path announce tour
12/10/2014 Warped Tour 2015 announces six more bands
12/1/2014 South By So What?! 2015 adds 26 more bands
10/14/2014 Hundredth signs with Hopeless Records
9/9/2014 Every Time I Die, Ghost Inside, Architects tour
9/6/2014 Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside, Hundredth tour
5/1/2014 Hundredth, Counterparts, Handguns, BAAO tour dates
4/28/2014 Hundredth, Being As An Ocean, Counterparts tour
4/2/2014 Hundredth tour (Europe)
2/3/2014 Hundredth EP set for release; new song online
1/10/2014 Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Hundredth tour dates
1/3/2014 Hundredth, Counterparts, Rescuer tour dates
12/18/2013 Today's Mixtape Festival 2014 lineup announced
11/29/2013 Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Hundredth, Expire tour
10/31/2013 Being As An Ocean, Hundredth, etc. tour (Europe)
10/19/2013 Hundredth tour dates (Australia, Japan, etc.)
6/25/2013 Hundredth recording new EP
5/16/2013 Stick To Your Guns to headline Canadian tour
5/14/2013 Never Say Die! Tour 2013 (UK) announced
5/10/2013 Hundredth, Counterparts, Being As An Ocean tour
5/3/2013 Alliance Festival 2013 lineup announced
4/30/2013 Intensity Music Festival 2013 lineup
4/9/2013 Sound and Fury Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
4/4/2013 For The Fallen Dreams, Hundredth, Sworn In tour
1/21/2013 Stick To Your Guns, First Blood tour (Europe)
12/4/2012 Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, Vanna tour
11/29/2012 Stick To Your Guns, First Blood tour dates (UK)
11/29/2012 Hundredth set to record double EP
8/24/2012 For Today, Impending Doom, Texas In July tour
7/10/2012 Defeater, Hundredth, Silver Snakes tour dates
6/20/2012 Bringin It Back For The Kids Fest 2 initial lineup
5/25/2012 Chad Gilbert can't sing for Shai Hulud in June
5/18/2012 Scream The Prayer 2012 second leg tour dates
4/26/2012 Scream The Prayer 2012 lineup
4/24/2012 Hundredth tour dates
3/31/2012 All Stars Tour 2012 launches poll for opening band
2/2/2012 Texas In July, Like Moths To Flames, etc. tour
1/23/2012 Counterparts, Your Demise, Hundredth tour (Canada)
11/7/2011 Vanna, Hundredth, The Greenery tour (Europe)
10/19/2011 Casey Jones, Death Before Dishonor, Hundredth tour
9/19/2011 Trapped Under Ice, Hundredth, Betrayal tour
7/30/2011 Trapped Under Ice, Hundredth, Betrayal, etc. tour
5/28/2011 Bury Your Dead, Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour
3/25/2011 Hundredth, Venia, Counterparts tour dates
3/6/2011 Raised Fist, Confession, Hundredth tour (Europe)
12/2/2010 Scarlett O'Hara, Hundredth, etc. tour
11/12/2010 Death Before Dishonor, Casey Jones dates
10/4/2010 Shai Hulud, Lionheart, Hundredth tour (Canada)
8/17/2010 The Ghost Inside, First Blood, Deez Nuts tour
3/10/2010 The World We Knew, Hundredth, Continuance tour
12/9/2009 American Me, Endwell, Deez Nuts tour
12/2/2009 Hundredth, Betrayal tour dates
10/13/2009 A Plea For Purging, Venia, Hundredth tour
5/25/2009 Hundreth seeks new guitar player
2/19/2009 Mediaskare Records signs Hundredth

News Tidbits
5/6/2020 Hundredth issue Radiohead cover
9/26/2019 Hundredth release new song
8/21/2019 Hundredth drop new single
6/29/2019 Hundredth premiere new track
2/14/2018 Hundredth frontman Chadwick Johnson is streaming a new song from his Pure Violet project.
11/29/2017 Hundredth has unveiled two b-side tracks from their latest album.
10/12/2017 Hundredth has released a new music video.
6/16/2017 A full stream of the new Hundredth record is now online.
5/31/2017 Another new Hundredth song is available online.
5/19/2017 A new Hundredth song titled "Suffer" is available online.
5/14/2017 Hundredth has unveiled a new song.
9/28/2015 Hundredth's new video for "Break Free" is available online.
6/11/2015 The upcoming Hundredth record can now be streamed in its entirety.
5/28/2015 A new Hundredth song is available online.
4/21/2015 Hundredth has released a music video for "Unravel," a track from their forthcoming album.
3/25/2015 Hundredth has posted a brief preview of music from their forthcoming album.
10/2/2014 New earnings and attendance data for shows featuring A Day To Remember, The All Stars Tour, Wovenwar, and many more.
3/28/2014 Hundredth has premiered their new music video for "Shelter."
3/12/2013 Hundredth has uploaded a new song.
1/24/2013 Hundredth has debuted a new track via lyric video.
11/12/2011 Mediaskare has uploaded a video of Hundredth performing a song from their latest album.
8/27/2011 Hundredth has posted another new song.
7/23/2011 Hundredth has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
3/23/2010 Hundredth has posted a third song from their new release.
3/21/2010 Hundredth's new video for "Desolate" can be seen here.
12/28/2009 Another song from Hundredth's forthcoming album is online.
9/9/2009 Hundredth has debuted a song from their forthcoming Mediaskare Records debut.

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