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3/26/2011 Creator-Destructor signs Enabler (ex-Dead To Fall)
6/28/2009 Harlots announces final shows
1/26/2009 Harlots on indefinite hiatus
6/26/2008 Harlots prepares new album
3/11/2008 Harlots news and notes
2/1/2008 Harlots, The Crinn tour dates
11/12/2007 Destroyer Destroyer, Harlots booking tour
11/6/2007 As Eden Burns, Harlots, The Destro tour
9/30/2007 Harlots, Light Pupil Dilate tour dates
6/15/2007 Veil Of Maya, Carnivale, etc. booking tour
6/14/2007 Lifeforce Records signs Harlots
5/29/2007 Paria, Harlots, With Dead Hands Rising tour
4/30/2007 Harlots parts ways with record label
1/28/2007 Harlots to record new album in March
12/10/2006 Harlots and The Concubine tour
10/25/2006 Lye By Mistake singer filling in for Harlots
10/14/2006 Harlots announce 7" release
8/25/2006 Harlots and Veil Of Maya tour
8/18/2006 Harlots and Lye By Mistake booking tour
7/14/2006 Harlots show schedule
4/18/2006 Harlots sign with Corrosive Recordings
2/25/2006 Harlots tour schedule
12/26/2005 Harlots tour schedule
11/30/2005 Harlots and Iscariot dates
10/26/2005 Harlots update
7/25/2005 Harlots seek two members
6/13/2005 Harlots and Amora Savant tour schedule
4/2/2005 Lovelost Records signs Harlots
3/29/2005 Today Is The Day get new drummer
2/2/2005 Harlots finishing up new album
12/28/2004 Harlots finish recording new album
9/19/2004 Harlots recording, booking tour
7/19/2004 Harlots booking brief tour
6/27/2004 Harlots mini-tour
2/6/2004 Harlots to release new album this summer
10/1/2003 Harlots (ex-Eyes Upon Separation) recording CDep

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