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8/13/2023 H2O drops from Tells Bells Fest due to sickness, Stick To Your Guns plays full H2O cover set
12/8/2022 Madball announce The Return of Rebellion European Tour with H20, Drain, & more
4/19/2022 Four Chord Music Festival 2022 announced
2/21/2021 H2O announce 'Live At Toby's House' performance
6/7/2019 H2O, Comeback Kid tour dates
4/17/2019 H2O, Battery, Sharp Shock to tour Europe
2/19/2019 The Bash Music & Craft Beer Festival 2019 announced
8/2/2018 Comeback Kid, H2O, The Eulogy mini-tour
7/30/2017 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
2/10/2017 Dave Franklin (Vision) tribute show announced
9/22/2016 H2O announces 20th anniversary shows for debut LP
12/20/2015 Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival lineups announced
11/10/2015 H2O guitarist Todd Morse quits band
9/10/2015 Ignite, Terror, H2O, Iron Reagan tour (Europe)
8/28/2015 H2O, Angel Du$t tour dates
8/6/2015 H2O announce new album, premiere song
4/29/2015 H2O, Cruel Hand announce tour dates
4/8/2015 Warped Tour 2015 adds eight more bands
2/11/2015 Breast Fest 2015 lineup takes shape
1/21/2015 Agnostic Front detail new album
12/15/2014 Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape
11/13/2014 Stick To Your Guns detail new album, Disobedient
3/2/2014 2014 Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival lineup
2/18/2014 Musink Fest to include Gorilla Biscuits, Judge
8/14/2013 New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, H2O tour
5/3/2013 This Is Hardcore Fest reveals more bands, schedule
12/20/2012 Terror, H2O, Backtrack, Code Orange Kids tour
10/9/2012 Bridge Nine Records to reissue H2O 'classic'
8/21/2012 Within These Walls 2012 lineup takes shape
7/30/2012 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 lineup
7/23/2012 Bridge Nine announces Scion Label Showcase
5/31/2012 Agnostic Front, H2O tour (South America)
4/5/2012 Sound and Fury Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
2/13/2012 Bad Brains announce East Coast shows w/ GZA, H2O
12/19/2011 H20, Madball, Deez Nuts tour dates (Europe)

News Tidbits
2/14/2022 H2O vocalist Toby Morse gets recognized by anesthesiologist right before colonoscopy
6/25/2021 this hardcore punk debut was released 25 years ago today
4/5/2021 Mastodon, Faith No More, etc. members cover Public Enemy
2/15/2016 H2O's new video for "True Romance" is now online.
10/6/2015 The new H2O album can now be streamed in its entirety.
8/30/2015 H2O has debuted the title track of their new LP.
7/9/2015 Here's some new earnings and attendance for Warped Tour, Atreyu, In Flames, Defeater, and many others.
1/21/2015 A new Stick To Your Guns song featuring Toby Morse (of H2O) can be heard online.

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