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Gorilla Biscuits

4/17/2024 Gorilla Biscuits to return to Pittsburgh for the first time since 1989
4/13/2024 Gorilla Biscuits announce South American mini-tour
7/22/2023 Gorilla Biscuits and H2O LA show featured guests Travis Barker and Shapel Lacey
5/15/2023 Gorilla Biscuits head out West this Summer
11/25/2022 Gorilla Biscuits, The Callous Daoboys, and 2 others announced to play Furnace Fest 2023
4/28/2021 2021 Punk Rock Bowling fest lineup announced
2/8/2020 Black N' Blue Bowl 2020 announced
10/24/2019 Keystone Jam III lineup announced
5/9/2019 This Is Hardcore 2019 lineup announced
2/2/2019 Gorilla Biscuits guitarist Alex Brown dies
1/9/2019 Gorilla Biscuits, Judge to play 2019 Not So Fun Wknd
3/31/2017 Black N' Blue Bowl 2017 lineup announced
2/22/2017 Rev Fest 2017 lineup announced
3/28/2016 This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
3/22/2016 Wrecking Ball 2016 lineup to include Quicksand, Thursday
12/16/2015 Hardcore supergroup (Terror, Judge, etc.) debut new song
10/12/2015 Gorilla Biscuits, Modern Life Is War, Touche Amore tour (Europe)
5/20/2014 Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 lineup announced
2/18/2014 Musink Fest to include Gorilla Biscuits, Judge
11/18/2012 REV 25 Chicago featuring Gorilla Biscuits, Shelter
2/7/2012 Revelation Records announces 25th anniversary show
4/27/2007 Gorilla Biscuits delays European tour
5/23/2006 Gorilla Biscuits and Comeback Kid tour

News Tidbits
4/2/2018 The season premiere of metal-themed late night talk show 'Two Minutes To Late Night' is now online.
5/3/2017 Check out the first episode of the 'Start Today' podcast, particularly if you're a Gorilla Biscuits fan.
8/9/2016 So, yeah, this Gorilla Biscuits thing.
2/2/2016 Hardcore collective World Be Free (Terror, Gorilla Biscuits, Strife, etc.) has launched a full stream of their debut album.

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