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12/12/2013 Deathwish Inc. signs Cult Leader (ex-Gaza)
3/15/2013 Gaza calls it quits
1/16/2013 Gaza frontman denies rape allegation
9/27/2012 Gaza, Code Orange Kids, Full of Hell tour
7/21/2012 Gaza CD release date pushed back
7/13/2012 Gaza, Eagle Twin tour dates
6/8/2012 Power of the Riff Festival 2012 announced
5/17/2012 Gaza album set for July release
4/17/2012 Black Cobra, Gaza tour dates
3/5/2012 Corrosion Of Conformity, Torche, Black Cobra tour
10/14/2011 Gaza set to record new album
12/19/2009 Cattle Decapitation, Gaza tour dates
5/8/2009 Gaza scraps May tour
8/14/2008 Gaza prepares new album
11/11/2007 Gaza drops off tour
5/23/2007 Ed Gein, Genghis Tron, Gaza tour
5/9/2007 Gaza, The Handshake Murders tour
4/23/2007 The_Network, Gaza mini-tour
3/29/2007 Gaza tour schedule
3/9/2007 Gaza, Apiary booking spring tour
2/13/2007 Gaza tour schedule
1/4/2007 Gaza and Robinson booking tour
10/13/2006 Gaza, The Network, Thumbscrew tour dates
9/8/2006 Gaza, The Network, Thumbscrew tour
8/2/2006 Gaza completes new album
6/7/2006 Black Market Activities signs Gaza

News Tidbits
1/18/2013 We're not sure how you reach a "resolution" relative to a rape accusation, but so be it.
7/29/2012 Be a good sport and go pre-order the forthcoming Gaza release. Like now.
10/22/2009 Another new Gaza song is available online.
10/2/2009 Gaza has unveiled a track from their upcoming release.
10/8/2008 Gaza will enter the studio on October 14th to begin recording a new album.
2/17/2008 Gaza has written roughly half of their next album.
9/23/2006 Gaza has posted another song from their upcoming album.
8/24/2006 Gaza has posted a track from their upcoming Black Market Activities release.

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