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First Blood

5/30/2022 Nasty, First Blood, Paleface announce European tour
6/6/2019 First Blood tour dates (Europe)
6/13/2018 Lionheart, First Blood, Left Behind tour dates
4/24/2018 Walls Of Jericho, First Blood tour dates
3/14/2018 Montebello Rockfest 2018 lineup announced
6/30/2017 First Blood cancels tour following injury
5/13/2017 First Blood tour dates
1/6/2017 First Blood announce new album, premiere song
11/14/2016 Comeback Kid, Deez Nuts, First Blood tour (Europe)
7/6/2016 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2016 announced
1/21/2013 Stick To Your Guns, First Blood tour (Europe)
11/29/2012 Stick To Your Guns, First Blood tour dates (UK)
5/31/2012 Agnostic Front, H2O tour (South America)
3/20/2012 First Blood, Naysayer, Born From Pain tour
2/15/2012 Sleeping Giant, First Blood, ITMOL, Betrayal tour
9/7/2011 Throwdown, Carnifex, First Blood, Suffokate tour
4/29/2011 First Blood tour (Europe)
1/24/2011 Bullet Tooth to release Orphan Killer soundtrack
11/9/2010 Terror, First Blood, Lionheart tour (Europe)
10/12/2010 Stick To Your Guns, First Blood dates (AUS)
10/5/2010 First Blood album set for Nov. 9th release
9/17/2010 First Blood set to release new album
8/17/2010 The Ghost Inside, First Blood, Deez Nuts tour
4/2/2010 First Blood postpones Central America shows
3/18/2010 Earth Crisis, First Blood, Thick As Blood dates
3/10/2010 Earth Crisis tour takes shape
2/22/2008 Animosity, First Blood, etc. tour
1/20/2008 First Blood recording new album
8/19/2007 Full Blown Chaos, First Blood, etc. tour (Europe)
4/25/2007 The Warriors, First Blood, Too Pure To Die tour
3/16/2007 Born From Pain singer leaves band
12/19/2006 Bloodlined Calligraphy, etc. tour (Europe)
12/15/2006 First Blood, Dead Hearts, DB4D, etc. tour
8/9/2006 Hatebreed, Napalm Death, Exodus, etc. dates
7/31/2006 Hatebreed, Napalm Death, BDM, etc. tour
7/5/2006 Hatebreed announces headline tour
6/21/2006 Agnostic Front and First Blood tour (Europe)
2/18/2006 Sick Of It All, First Blood, SAS dates
1/28/2006 First Blood seeking drummer, guitarist
1/23/2006 Comeback Kid, Ignite, First Blood, etc. tour
1/12/2006 Trustkill Records signs First Blood
9/19/2004 First Blood update
7/8/2004 First Blood set to record for split
1/6/2004 First Blood and Blacklisted split
2/25/2003 First Blood joins Takeover Records roster
2/25/2003 Terror and Rich Thurston part ways

News Tidbits
6/13/2017 A new First Blood video is now online.
2/1/2017 First Blood is streaming their new album 'Rules'.
1/20/2017 First Blood is streaming a new song titled "These Are The Rules."
12/25/2012 Those Who Fear have uploaded a lyric video for a song from their upcoming Facedown Records release.
1/13/2010 First Blood has finally posted a track (unmastered) from their next album.
3/22/2006 A track from First Blood's upcoming Trustkill debut is now online.
11/14/2004 You can finally check out a new First Blood MP3 here. The song will appear on their upcoming split with Blacklisted.
9/23/2004 The Blacklisted and First Blood split 7" will finally be out this winter.

2/1/2017 First Blood 'Rules' album stream

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