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3/17/2015 The Devil Wears Prada return to Rise Records
5/21/2012 The Devil Wears Prada details new live CD/DVD
11/11/2011 Misery Signals to record new album in early-2012
10/5/2009 I Am Abomination signs with Ferret Music
4/29/2009 Ferret Music to release Ice Nine Kills album
4/8/2009 Ferret Music signs Revolution Mother
3/16/2009 Ligeia seeks new record label
2/20/2009 Heavy Heavy Low Low and Ferret part ways
8/25/2008 Ferret Music signs Hellmouth
8/7/2008 Ferret Music signs Underneath The Gun
7/13/2008 Every Time I Die searching for new label
7/7/2008 Ferret Music signs Johnny Truant
6/30/2008 Channel Zero Entertainment formed
6/20/2008 Ferret Music signs The Devil Wears Prada
4/4/2008 Ferret Music signs Knights Of The Abyss
2/15/2008 Ferret Music signs The Hottness
12/12/2007 Ferret Music signs Lower Definition
11/16/2007 Ferret Music signs Eternal Lord
10/29/2007 Ferret Music signs Gwen Stacy
9/11/2007 Ferret Music and Siege Of Amida announce deal
8/24/2007 Ferret/New Weathermen signs Foxy Shazam
7/24/2007 Ferret Music signs Elysia
7/9/2007 Ferret Music signs 36 Crazyfists
6/26/2007 Ferret to release Bless The Fall album overseas
6/8/2007 Full Blown Chaos signs w/ Ferret Music
12/16/2006 See You Next Tuesday update
11/16/2006 Poison The Well signs w/ Ferret Music
10/5/2006 Ferret Music signs Chimaira
9/7/2006 See You Next Tuesday signs w/ Ferret Music
8/8/2006 ILG acquires stake in Ferret Music
6/20/2006 Ferret confirms new imprint, signing
6/19/2006 Heavyheavylowlow signs w/ Ferret imprint
4/4/2006 Ferret signs Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
11/15/2005 Ferret Music prepares to release DVD
10/12/2005 In Flames sign w/ Ferret Music
9/26/2005 xBishopx sign w/ Ferret Music
7/28/2005 Ferret Music signs Ligeia
6/2/2005 Dead Hearts sign w/ Ferret Music
4/28/2005 Madball signs w/ Ferret Music
2/4/2005 Ferret Music signs LoveHateHero
1/8/2005 Ferret to re-issue From Autumn To Ashes debut
10/5/2004 A Life Once Lost signs w/ Ferret Music
8/5/2004 The Banner signs w/ Ferret Music
3/15/2004 Ferret Music signs The Break
2/29/2004 Suicide Note set plans to record new album
2/25/2004 Ferret Music Tour takes shape
12/21/2003 Twelve Tribes changes name, signs w/ Ferret
12/21/2003 Roadrunner Records and Ferret Music licensing deal
10/27/2003 Zao joins Ferret roster
10/2/2003 Misery Signals signs w/ Ferret
9/6/2003 Funeral For A Friend joins Ferret roster
5/21/2003 The Bronx signs with Ferret Music
1/17/2003 Scarlet officially signs with Ferret
9/27/2002 Ferret officially signs A Static Lullaby
1/31/2002 Ferret Music inks Ontario's Boys Night Out
10/29/2001 Ferret Music signs Suicide Note
1/16/2001 From Autumn To Ashes officially signs w/ Ferret
1/14/2001 From Autumn To Ashes signs with Ferret

6/3/2007 Carl Severson interview

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