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Entombed A.D.

3/8/2021 Entombed and Entombed AD vocalist LG Petrov dies
8/9/2020 Entombed vocalist LG Petrov diagnosed with cancer
2/27/2020 Amorphis, Entombed AD, Nervosa tour
5/14/2019 Entombed AD to release new album in August
9/10/2018 Vader, Entombed AD to tour Europe, UK
5/28/2018 Dimmu Borgir announces new bassist
4/16/2018 Entombed A.D. recording new album
10/25/2016 Entombed AD, Full Of Hell, Turbid North tour
8/12/2016 Voivod to release split with Entombed A.D.
11/20/2015 Entombed A.D. announces new album 'Dead Dawn'
7/1/2015 Behemoth, Entombed AD, Abbath tour dates (Europe)
7/1/2015 Century Media Records signs Firespawn (Entombed)
6/13/2015 Deicide blasts Metal Alliance Tour organizers
6/10/2015 Metal Alliance Tour succumbs to financial issues
6/7/2015 Entombed AD kicked off Metal Alliance Tour
2/18/2015 Metal Alliance Tour 2015 lineup announced
7/3/2014 Entombed A.D., Grave announce European tour
5/14/2014 Entombed A.D. announces new album
1/21/2014 Entombed splits into two separate bands

News Tidbits
9/2/2018 Entombed A.D. has released a new single.
10/25/2016 A new video for the Entombed A.D. track "Dead Dawn" has been released.
2/18/2016 Entombed A.D. has released a music video for their song "The Winner Has Lost."
1/15/2016 The first new song from Entomed A.D.'s forthcoming album is available online.
8/6/2014 Entombed A.D. has unveiled their new video for "Pandemic Rage."
7/14/2014 Another new Entombed A.D. song is available online.

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