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3/16/2022 Wormrot announce new album 'Hiss', premiere first single
3/9/2022 Nu-Core quintet Tallah announce sophomore album, premiere new song and video
8/15/2021 Terrorizer sign with Earache Records, prepare new album
9/24/2020 The Browning slam Earache Records over unpaid royalties
1/20/2018 Green Druid to release new album in March
9/11/2017 Nachtmystium signs with Prophecy Productions
6/7/2017 Nachtmystium to release new album in September
6/25/2016 Decapitated suing Earache Records
6/6/2016 Wakrat (RATM) signs with Earache Records
2/13/2016 Vektor to release new album in May
8/26/2015 Decapitated vs. Earache Records
1/12/2015 Oceano to release new LP in March; new song online
3/28/2014 Earache Records sues Century Media
12/12/2013 Ol Drake (ex-Evile) signs with Earache Records
10/9/2013 White Wizzard and Earache Records part ways
2/25/2013 Cauldron announces U.S. release date for new album
1/29/2013 Century Media, Earache sign U.S. licensing deal
12/20/2012 Scion A/V announces Earache Records label showcase
7/17/2012 Earache Records acquires Heavy Artillery Records
1/24/2012 Woods of Ypres album set for release
12/17/2010 Earache Records signs Cerebral Bore
10/19/2010 Earache Records signs Woods of Ypres
10/8/2010 Earache Records signs The Browning
10/5/2010 Earache Records signs Diamond Plate
9/29/2010 Earache Records signs Hour Of 13
8/13/2010 Earache Records signs Savage Messiah
5/9/2010 Godflesh's 'Streetcleaner' set for reissue
2/25/2010 Earache Records signs Wormrot
1/11/2010 Cult Of Luna albums slated for vinyl release
12/17/2009 Earache signs Annihilator to European deal
11/24/2009 At The Gates to release 3-DVD set
9/28/2009 Earache to reissue Annotations Of An Autopsy debut
8/7/2009 Earache Records signs And Hell Followed With
6/4/2009 Ephel Duath and Earache Records part ways
5/18/2009 Your Demise signs with Earache Records
12/10/2008 Earache Recs to release Insect Warfare album
11/12/2008 Earache Recs announces Worldwide Metal box set
10/10/2008 Earache Records signs Cauldron
7/25/2008 Earache Records signs The Boy Will Drown
7/4/2008 Earache Records signs Oceano
6/18/2008 Earache Recs signs Ignominious Incarceration
6/11/2008 Earache Records signs Order of Ennead
9/7/2007 Earache Records signs Bonded By Blood
5/23/2007 Bring Me The Horizon debut set for US release
3/6/2007 Earache Records signs Short Sharp Shock
2/15/2007 Earache signs distribution deal with Caroline
10/19/2006 With Passion album details
10/18/2006 Earache Records signs Evile
5/9/2005 Earache Records signs Urkraft
12/15/2004 Beecher signs w/ Earache Records
12/1/2004 Earache Records and Callisto sign deal
11/2/2004 With Passion sign w/ Earache Records
10/25/2004 Earache Records and Codebreaker Records deal
9/11/2004 Elitist/Earache Records signs Biomechanical
8/19/2004 Earache Records confirms Morbid Angel departure
8/2/2004 Earache Records signs Mistress
5/15/2004 Earache Records signs Municipal Waste
11/6/2002 Earache Records inks Deicide
9/30/2002 Cult Of Luna new album update
7/10/2002 Cult Of Luna signs with Earache Records

4/30/2013 Oceano interview and performance video from Scion A/V label showcase

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