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Die Young

7/21/2020 Earth Crisis, Undying, Magnitude members launch new band
4/28/2018 Radiation Fest 2018 announced
1/2/2018 Die Young set to release new EP
12/18/2017 The Rumble 2018 announced
12/14/2017 SECT, Die Young mini-tour
9/13/2016 Fallcore 2016 lineup announced
3/13/2016 Die Young begins recording new album
3/7/2016 Madball, Die Young mini-tour
2/16/2016 Die Young signs with Good Fight Music
12/30/2013 Modern Life Is War, Die Young mini-tour
9/26/2013 Die Young (TX) reforms; set to enter studio
6/24/2009 Die Young announces final shows
9/2/2008 Die Young tour schedule (US, Europe)
6/27/2008 Die Young arrested in Canada
4/23/2008 Die Young (TX) tour schedule
2/18/2008 Die Young (TX) set to record new EP, tour
11/3/2007 Die Young (TX) tour schedule
9/9/2007 Die Young tour schedule
5/11/2007 Die Young (TX) tour schedule
4/2/2007 Die Young (TX) and Ruiner tour
2/27/2007 TDB Records to release Die Young (TX) vinyl
1/15/2007 Die Young (TX) tour schedule
12/5/2006 Die Young (TX) and Invade split
10/23/2006 Die Young (TX) tour dates, album info
7/28/2006 Die Young (TX) sign w/ Eulogy Recordings
6/29/2006 Die Young (TX) cancels portion of tour
6/22/2006 Die Young (TX) tour schedule
2/7/2006 Die Young (TX) tour schedule
12/18/2005 Die Young tour dates
8/25/2005 Die Young tour schedule
5/22/2005 Die Young and On Our Own tour
3/26/2005 Die Young and Invictus Maneo tour
1/29/2005 Die Young mapping out tour

News Tidbits
8/12/2019 Die Young premiere new song
1/17/2018 Die Young has premiered a song from their new EP.
11/4/2016 Die Young has released a new music video.
8/23/2016 Die Young has launched a full stream of their new album.
8/17/2016 Another new Die Young track is now online.
8/4/2016 Die Young is streaming a new song.
6/8/2015 Die Young's new video for "Return To The Earth" is available online.
1/5/2014 Die Young has posted some studio footage which includes clips from their forthcoming EP.
12/8/2013 Die Young (TX) has premiered a track from their forthcoming EP.

8/3/2016 Die Young 'Mortal/Eternal' song premiere
6/4/2015 Die Young "Return To The Earth" video premiere

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