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5/21/2024 Umbra Vitae debut third single "Anti-Spirit Machine" from upcoming album 'Light Of Death'
4/30/2024 Umbra Vitae share second single "Velvet Black" from upcoming album 'Light Of Death'
4/23/2024 The Hope Conspiracy release fourth single "The West Is Dead" along with official music video
4/2/2024 Umbra Vitae premiere new song "Belief is Obsolete" from upcoming album 'Light Of Death'
3/26/2024 The Hope Conspiracy drop new single "Those Who Gave Us Yesterday" from upcoming album
3/5/2024 Gouge Away release fourth single "Spaced Out" from upcoming LP
7/7/2022 End and Cult Leader premiere songs from new split EP
11/16/2021 The Hope Conspiracy to release deluxe version of milestone album, stream bonus track
9/28/2021 Converge announce new collaborative album 'Bloodmoon: 1', debut new song
5/6/2021 Bossk to release new album 'Migration' in June
10/13/2020 Blood From The Soul (Napalm Death, Converge) return with new LP
3/31/2020 Converge, Red Chord, ex-Job For A Cowboy members launch band
3/18/2020 Oathbreaker announce 'Ease Me' Release
3/11/2020 Blacklisted re-release two early tracks via new EP
10/10/2019 The Red Chord guitarist launches new record label
9/26/2019 Deathwish Inc. to release new Greet Death album
9/18/2019 Frail Body sign with Deathwish Inc., announce new album
9/4/2019 Process Black (ex-Deadguy, Himsa, Lumbar) announce debut EP
7/1/2019 Hesitation Wounds to release new album in August
5/7/2019 Wear Your Wounds announce new album, premiere video
4/4/2019 HarborLights sign with Deathwish Inc.
10/4/2018 Slipknot, Hatebreed, Fall Out Boy members donate to Harms Way
9/14/2018 Modern Life Is War release two songs, debut new video
9/5/2018 Cult Leader announce new album, premiere song
8/23/2018 Super Unison debut new song, announce new album
6/8/2018 Modern Life Is War debuts first new song in 5 years
5/31/2018 Thou announce new records, premiere new songs
5/16/2018 Birds In Row announce new album, premiere song
5/6/2018 Secret Cutter to release new album in July
3/14/2018 Deathwish Inc. signs Gouge Away
7/25/2017 Converge announce new EP, premiere two songs
6/29/2017 Burn to release new album in September, teaser online
11/15/2016 Wear Your Wounds (Converge) announce debut album
8/25/2016 Planes Mistaken For Stars announce new album 'Prey'
8/21/2016 Super Unison announce new album, premiere song
6/28/2016 Earth Crisis, Cursed, Fall Out Boy members launch new band
5/6/2016 Frameworks announce new album, premiere song
4/28/2016 Deathwish Inc. signs Super Unison
3/15/2016 Deathwish Inc partners with ADA
2/21/2016 Deathwish signs Frameworks
12/15/2015 Deathwish Inc. to release Death Index debut
9/19/2015 Birds In Row announce new album, premiere song
8/24/2015 Converge to release new DVD in November
8/16/2015 White Jazz, Lies announce split EP
8/8/2015 Cult Leader to release new LP, tour North America
7/20/2015 Loma Prieta announces new album
5/4/2015 Self Defense Family announce new LP; debut video
4/24/2015 Deathwish to reissue Planes Mistaken For Stars LP
3/19/2015 Bitter End announce new album, premiere song
3/16/2015 Cold Cave announces 'Full Cold Moon' LP release
3/6/2015 Cult Leader announces new EP
3/6/2015 F*cked Up to release new EP through Deathwish Inc.
2/24/2015 Coliseum announce new album, tour; premiere song
1/15/2015 Self Defense Family announces new EPs, tour dates
12/22/2014 Harm's Way announces new album
12/2/2014 Blacklisted announces new album
11/10/2014 Burning Love to release new EP with Deathwish
10/23/2014 Deafheaven to release new album in 2015
8/14/2014 Touche Amore announce Live On BBC Radio One Vol 2
6/5/2014 Code Orange Kids shorten name, announce new album
5/19/2014 Cold World announces new album
5/13/2014 Deathwish Fest: new venue, new bands announced
5/12/2014 Deathwish Inc. signs Coliseum
4/7/2014 Deathwish Fest 2014 announced
3/17/2014 YAITW album set for release
2/13/2014 Blacklisted to release new album this year
12/12/2013 Deathwish Inc. signs Cult Leader (ex-Gaza)
12/5/2013 Converge to release 'Live at the BBC' EP
12/2/2013 Melotov Recs and Deathwish ink distribution deal
11/20/2013 Deathwish Inc. to release new Wovenhand album
10/22/2013 Deathwish Inc. signs Death of Lovers
8/26/2013 Deathwish Inc. signs Bossk
7/31/2013 Doomriders new album Grand Blood set for release
7/23/2013 Converge issues "Summer 2013 Update"
7/15/2013 Modern Life Is War album set for release
6/27/2013 Touche Amore album set for release
6/5/2013 Oathbreaker to release new album in August
5/22/2013 Deathwish to release Harm Wülf (Blacklisted) debut
5/3/2013 Deathwish Inc. signs YAITW (Young And In The Way)
4/3/2013 Deafheaven album set for release
4/1/2013 Modern Life Is War reforms, set to record album
3/14/2013 Harm's Way signs with Deathwish Inc.
3/13/2013 Loma Prieta, Raein to release split EP
2/18/2013 Hesitation Wounds (Touche Amore, etc.) announce EP
2/6/2013 Deathwish Inc. to release new AC4 (Refused) album
1/29/2013 Cold Cave (Wes Eisold) EP out soon via Deathwish
12/5/2012 Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth split 7"
9/25/2012 Code Orange Kids debut album set for release
5/31/2012 Touche Amore announces 'Live on BBC Radio' EP
5/25/2012 Deathwish Inc. announces Whips/Chains EP
4/30/2012 Converge, Napalm Death announce split EP
3/19/2012 (End of a Year) Self Defense Family EP announced
2/2/2012 Touche Amore singer launches label w/ Deathwish
1/26/2012 Deathwish Inc. signs Code Orange Kids
1/4/2012 Birds In Row recording Deathwish debut
11/17/2011 Deathwish Inc. signs Birds In Row
10/13/2011 Deathwish Inc. signs Loma Prieta
7/18/2011 Deathwish Inc. to release Living Eyes EP
7/5/2011 Deathwish Inc. adds Punch to roster
3/25/2011 Deathwish Inc. signs Oathbreaker
12/16/2010 Deathwish Inc. signs Deafheaven
11/19/2010 Deathwish Inc. signs Touche Amore
8/28/2009 Deathwish Inc. signs Starkweather
7/17/2009 Deathwish Inc. signs Acid Tiger
3/6/2009 Deathwish Inc. unveils free sampler
1/31/2009 Coliseum announces EP, tour dates
9/10/2008 Deathwish Inc. signs Lewd Acts
8/12/2008 Deathwish Inc. signs New Lows
8/6/2008 Deathwish Inc. signs Rot In Hell
6/25/2008 Carpathian joins the Deathwish Inc. roster
5/9/2008 End Of A Year records joins Deathwish roster
3/19/2008 Deathwish Inc. signs Narrows
2/28/2008 The Carrier joins Deathwish Inc. roster
2/21/2008 Deathwish Japan launched
2/12/2008 Deathwish acquires Perfect Victim Recs catalog
1/25/2008 Converge 'Jane Doe' 2xLP announced
1/1/2008 Deathwish to release Ressurection discography
8/10/2007 Deathwish merges with Malfuntion Recs
5/4/2007 The Great Deceiver joins Deathwish Inc. roster
4/15/2007 Deathwish Inc. signs Pulling Teeth
4/13/2007 Trap Them signs w/ Deathwish Inc.
1/11/2007 Deathwish Inc. signs 108
12/5/2006 Deathwish Inc. signs Cold World
7/24/2006 Deathwish Inc. moves to RED
5/29/2006 Shipwreck signs with Deathwish Inc.
5/8/2006 Modern Life Is War to re-issue debut
4/20/2006 Deathwish Inc. adds two bands to line-up
3/7/2006 Deathwish Inc. to release This Is Hell vinyl
2/11/2006 The Hope Conspiracy sign w/ Deathwish Inc.
12/9/2005 Rise And Fall join Deathwish roster
1/30/2005 Blacklisted join Deathwish Inc. roster
12/15/2004 Doomriders (Converge, etc.) join Deathwish lineup
12/9/2004 Modern Life Is War signs w/ Deathwish
12/3/2004 Killing The Dream join Deathwish roster
11/14/2004 So Be It join the Deathwish Inc. roster
9/23/2004 Draw Blood signs w/ Deathwish Inc.
9/1/2004 Switchblade to release new EP
7/15/2004 Deathwish Inc. signs Razor Crusade
6/11/2004 Deathwish Inc. adds Nine to roster
2/25/2004 The Power & The Glory update
2/24/2004 Switchblade signs with Deathwish/Icarus
1/6/2004 First Blood and Blacklisted split
9/26/2003 100 Demons joins Deathwish Inc. roster
6/16/2003 Integrity joins the Deathwish roster
6/2/2003 Dead City hooks up with Deathwish Inc.
4/25/2003 Cast Aside joins Deathwish Inc. roster
4/21/2003 The Scheme signs with Deathwish Inc.
12/11/2002 Breather Resist joins Deathwish Inc. roster
11/5/2002 Embrace Today signs with Deathwish Inc.
7/28/2002 Deathwish Inc. announces new projects
7/15/2002 What Feeds The Fire joins Deathwish roster
6/16/2002 Drowningman to release EP on Deathwish
5/18/2002 Deathwish to release revamped Ringworm LP
2/20/2002 Deathwish Inc. signs Horrow Show
1/29/2002 Deathwish signs There Were Wires
11/12/2001 Knives Out joins Deathwish roster
11/4/2001 A Life Once Lost signs w/ Deathwish
9/6/2001 Ink Cartridge Funeral joins Deathwish

News Tidbits
9/20/2013 Album review: Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting
9/5/2013 REVIEW: All Pigs Must Die - 'Nothing Violates This Nature'
3/9/2013 Deathwish Inc. has released a free Spring 2013 digital sampler featuring 26 songs.
5/31/2012 Deathwish Inc. has issued a free Summer 2012 digital sampler featuring Narrows, Victims, and Rise and Fall, among many others.
4/25/2012 A trailer for the upcoming Give Up The Ghost (American Nightmare) reunion documentary is now online.
12/20/2011 A song from Narrows' upcoming album is now online.
8/17/2011 Deathwish Inc. has announced their next three releases.
4/12/2010 Deathwish Inc. has teamed up with Six Feet Records to issue a free digital sampler featuring 36 tracks.
9/4/2006 An audio player featuring new Deathwish Inc. releases from Shipwreck, Life Long Tragedy, and Final Fight is now online.

7/1/2008 Converge interview

1/28/2020 Lowell & Nick of Frail Body

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