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Dean Baltulonis

3/22/2018 Slapshot announces new album
5/30/2017 Backtrack recording new album
4/19/2016 So Hideous to release orchestral version of latest album
3/29/2016 Cruel Hand recording new album
9/29/2014 Relapse Records signs Publicist UK
5/15/2014 Sheer Terror announce first new album in 18 years
4/16/2014 Bridge Nine Records signs Rude Awakening
2/25/2014 Prosthetic Records signs So Hideous
1/6/2012 Prosthetic Records signs Primitive Weapons
4/13/2010 Miles Away recording new album
3/17/2009 Skarhead signs with I Scream Records
1/18/2009 Most Precious Blood wrapping up new album
9/11/2008 Most Precious Blood issues album update
4/21/2008 Most Precious Blood recording new album
8/2/2007 Inhuman prepares to release new album
6/27/2006 Righteous Jams signs w/ Abacus Recordings
4/30/2006 Verse complete new album
2/22/2006 Nerve Gas Tragedy prepare to record album
12/19/2005 This Is Hell sign w/ Trustkill Records
10/24/2005 Sick Of It All signs w/ Abacus Recs
10/19/2005 Think I Care set to record album
4/19/2005 Most Precious Blood prepares new album
9/23/2004 Abacus Recordings signs The Goodwill
11/18/2003 On Our Own to record Stab & Kill debut in March
4/21/2003 The Control set to record new album
3/25/2003 Impact changes band name
1/5/2003 Kid Gorgeous records new full-length
11/13/2002 Untold Truth finishes recording new CD
9/2/2002 No Warning tour and new album update
8/19/2002 The Promise completes new album
5/14/2002 The Hope Conspiracy news and notes
4/15/2002 The Promise signs w/ Indecision Records
2/26/2002 The Hope Conspiracy news and notes

News Tidbits
5/23/2019 Cruel Hand issue their first new song in three years
5/19/2012 Fires & Floods (Most Precious Blood, ex-Shai Hulud) have debuted a track from their upcoming album.

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