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6/13/2024 Cryptopsy sign to Season Of Mist
5/2/2024 The Black Dahlia Murder and Terrorizer to headline Germany's Dortmund Deathfest
3/18/2024 Cryptopsy schedule headlining 'As Summer Burns 2024' off dates
3/2/2024 Atræ Bilis announce new album 'Aumicide' and release first single "Salted in Stygia"
1/18/2024 Martin Lacroix (ex-Cryptopsy vocalist) has passed away
9/8/2023 Cryptopsy celebrate album release, share lyric video for "Godless Deceiver"
8/4/2023 Cryptopsy release second single, share music video for "Flayed The Swine"
7/17/2023 Cryptopsy announce "Carnival Of Death Tour" ft Abysmal Dawn, Hate, and more
7/7/2023 Cryptopsy share details on new album, unleash new single
5/8/2023 Cryptopsy to release first new album in over a decade, sign with Nuclear Blast Records
2/23/2023 Cryptopsy, Gorguts and more added to Maryland Deathfest 2023
10/21/2019 Cryptopsy, Origin tour of Latin America canceled
2/27/2019 Cryptopsy, Ingested, more to tour Europe
1/21/2019 Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted tour dates announced
12/17/2018 Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted to tour North America
10/18/2018 VLTIMAS (Cryptopsy, ex-Morbid Angel) completes debut album
9/3/2018 Cryptopsy announces new EP
8/23/2018 Cattle Decapitation announces new members
5/14/2018 Cryptopsy recording new EP
9/9/2017 Belphegor, Cryptopsy, Hate to tour North America
2/10/2017 Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil tour dates
1/24/2017 Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil tour
3/30/2016 Death metal 'supergroup' Conflux launched, preview online
12/8/2015 Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Cryptopsy tour
5/8/2015 Cryptopsy crowdfunding new EP
3/9/2015 Cryptopsy, Disgorge, Erimha, Soreption tour
8/18/2014 Cryptopsy, Jungle Rot, Disgorge tour (Europe)
7/18/2014 Suffocation, Cryptopsy tour (Latin America)
11/18/2013 Cryptopsy mini-tour (Canada)
2/5/2013 Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation tour (Europe)
9/4/2012 Cryptopsy album set for release
7/12/2012 Season of Mist signs Rage Nucleaire
6/8/2012 Cryptopsy details forthcoming album
12/9/2011 Cryptopsy bassist quits band
5/25/2011 Cryptopsy news and notes
10/9/2009 Despised Icon, Acacia Strain mini-tour (Canada)
6/3/2009 Cryptopsy, Rose Funeral tour dates
8/5/2008 Cryptopsy, Beneath The Massacre tour (Europe)
7/9/2008 Cryptopsy, Origin tour (Canada)
5/8/2008 Cryptopsy shoots new video
2/20/2008 Cryptopsy drummer breaks kneecap
12/10/2007 Cryptopsy set to record new album
8/28/2006 Aborted drop off current Scandinavian tour
2/14/2006 Cryptopsy tour dates (Australia)
9/12/2005 Century Media CMJ showcase
8/29/2005 Suffocation, Despised Icon, Cryptopsy tour
7/11/2005 Cryptopsy complete new album
5/28/2005 Cryptopsy recording new album
5/18/2005 Suffocation, Cryptopsy, etc. tour
2/1/2005 Cryptopsy guitarist quits band
12/9/2004 Cattle Decapitation and Cryptopsy tour
10/17/2004 Cryptopsy mapping out tour
1/18/2003 Cryptopsy to release two albums this year
9/17/2002 Cryptopsy preps live album
1/8/2002 Dimmu Borgir and Cryptopsy tour schedule
12/23/2001 Dimmu Borgir and Cryptopsy to tour North America
6/22/2001 Cryptopsy vocalist steps down
3/13/2001 Candiria/Cryptopsy to tour Canada

News Tidbits
8/31/2021 Cryptopsy released this album 20 years ago today
10/25/2018 the new Cryptopsy EP can now be streamed in its entirety
10/11/2018 Cryptopsy unveils new track
9/7/2018 Cryptopsy has unveiled a track from their new EP.
10/28/2015 Cryptopsy is now streaming their new EP.
10/20/2015 Cryptopsy has debuted a new song.
9/26/2015 Cryptopsy has premiered a new song and music video.
5/23/2015 Cryptopsy has uploaded a preview of their forthcoming EP.
4/8/2013 Cryptopsy has released a lyric video for "The Golden Square Mile."
11/12/2012 Cryptopsy has unveiled a previously unreleased song.
10/28/2012 Cryptopsy has uploaded a teaser video for their upcoming "best of" release.
10/23/2012 Another new Rage Nucleaire (ex-Cryptopsy) song is available online.
8/16/2012 Cryptopsy has unveiled two tracks from their forthcoming album.
7/13/2012 An audio preview of the forthcoming Cryptopsy album is now online.
3/18/2008 Cryptopsy has posted a track from their upcoming album.
11/22/2005 Flo Mounier's (Cryptopsy) Extreme Metal Drumming 101 DVD is now available. Get info here.
9/9/2005 A track from Cryptopsy's upcoming album (out in October) is now online.
2/24/2005 A pre-production track from Cryptopsy's upcoming album has been posted here.

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