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2/23/2024 Converge announce Southeast Asia Tour 2024
1/8/2024 Watch pro-shot footage of Converge's full set from Outbreak Fest 2023
1/6/2024 Ben Koller flying to Boston to write new Converge songs, asks fans for input
12/22/2023 Converge announce Latin America dates for Spring 2024
10/24/2023 Converge's Jacob Bannon to have art displayed at DEAD|SPACE art show in St. Petersburg, FL
9/19/2023 Converge, Trivium, Knocked Loose, and more join fight w/ LeVar Burton against banned books
9/14/2023 Converge add Cult Leader & King Yosef to tour as Elizabeth Color Wheel bows out
7/12/2023 Converge line up short West Coast tour w/ Deaf Club, Elizabeth Colour Wheel, and Entry
6/27/2023 Converge release deluxe version of 'The Dusk In Us'
6/13/2023 Converge and Cave In added to New England Botch shows
5/20/2023 Converge share UK/European tour dates
3/9/2023 Converge writing next album?
3/8/2023 Converge share May dates with Brutus and Frail Body
4/20/2022 Converge and In Flames added to Meshuggah fall tour
3/11/2022 Converge announce Bloodmoon Europe, UK headline shows
2/1/2022 Converge announce 'Bloodmoon' shows
1/7/2022 Converge, Full Of Hell, Uniform, Thou tour dates
12/21/2021 Meshuggah reschedule U.S. tour, Converge drop off bill
11/18/2021 Oblivion Access 2022 lineup to include Carcass, Converge, Youth Of Today, Cave In
11/3/2021 Converge premiere new single 'Coil'
10/6/2021 Woman pictured on Converge 'Jane Doe' album cover reveals herself (updated)
9/28/2021 Converge announce new collaborative album 'Bloodmoon: 1', debut new song
6/29/2021 Meshuggah, Converge, Torche tour
5/25/2021 Deadguy to reunite at Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2021
12/11/2020 Converge debut new song for 'Cyberpunk 2077' video game
10/13/2020 Blood From The Soul (Napalm Death, Converge) return with new LP
6/8/2020 Converge, Napalm Death, Megadeth members record album
5/12/2020 Metal & Beer Fest rescheduled for 2021
3/31/2020 Converge, Red Chord, ex-Job For A Cowboy members launch band
3/19/2020 Converge release 30-minute experimental track
3/12/2020 Greg Puciato album features Poison The Well drummer
1/2/2020 United Blood Fest 2020 lineup takes shape
1/1/2020 Converge, Norma Jean, more added to Furnace Fest 2020
12/8/2019 Converge expected to release new album in 2020
11/21/2019 Austin Terror Fest rebrands for 2020, announces lineup
10/15/2019 Metal & Beer Fest 2020 lineup takes shape
8/22/2019 Bane, Darkest Hour, Battery members launch new band Be Well
3/18/2019 Ben Koller (Converge, Mutoid Man) cleared to play drums again
3/4/2019 Converge, Terror, Sect tour dates (Europe, UK)
12/19/2018 Converge drummer Ben Koller breaks elbow
9/25/2018 Neurosis, Converge to tour Japan
8/15/2018 Killer Be Killed (Mastodon, Converge, etc.) working on new album
6/29/2018 Converge release new EP, premiere video
6/28/2018 Converge set to release new EP
6/13/2018 Cave In perform with Kyle Scofield, Nate Newton on bass
4/27/2018 Cave In, Converge, more announce Caleb Scofield benefit show
3/20/2018 Neurosis, Converge tour announced
12/6/2017 Converge, Crowbar, Thou tour dates (Europe)
11/14/2017 Converge has their best sales, chart debut to date
10/16/2017 Converge, Sumac, Cult Leader tour dates
9/8/2017 Converge seeks participants for music video shoot
8/28/2017 Converge announces East Coast tour dates
8/15/2017 Converge announce new album, stream new song
7/25/2017 Converge announce new EP, premiere two songs
7/24/2017 Converge set to debut new music
6/20/2017 Sound On Sound Fest 2017 lineup announced
6/12/2017 Jacob Bannon gallery show announced
5/12/2017 Converge announces European tour dates
5/9/2017 Jacob Bannon to release new art book, companion album
4/26/2017 Converge begins recording new album
4/8/2017 Converge set to record new album
4/5/2017 Neurosis, Converge tour dates announced
2/14/2017 Sled Island 2017 lineup takes shape
1/16/2017 Converge premieres track from 'Jane Doe' live album
1/1/2017 Converge to record new album
11/15/2016 Wear Your Wounds (Converge) announce debut album
5/18/2016 Riot Fest 2016 lineups announced
5/9/2016 Hopscotch Music Fest 2016 to include Converge, Baroness
4/29/2016 Converge to release 'You Fail Me: Redux'
3/10/2016 Converge announces summer shows in Europe
12/22/2015 Converge 'Blood Moon' announces three shows in Europe
8/24/2015 Converge to release new DVD in November
7/30/2015 Converge drummer officially in Killer Be Killed
5/28/2015 Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015 lineup announced
12/18/2014 Indigo Music Fest lineup (Converge, Deafheaven)
12/17/2014 Converge, Trap Them, Harms Way tour dates (Europe)
12/9/2014 Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) set to track new LP
10/19/2014 At The Gates, Converge set for 2015 Decibel tour
5/27/2014 Mutoid Man (Cave In, etc.) signs w/ Sargent House
4/1/2014 This Is Hardcore Fest 2014 lineup announced
3/7/2014 Converge announces European tour
1/30/2014 Converge working on new music
1/21/2014 Wear Your Wounds (Converge) recording new music
12/31/2013 Converge bassist joins Cavalera Conspiracy
12/9/2013 Old Man Gloom in the studio recording
12/5/2013 Converge to release 'Live at the BBC' EP
8/1/2013 Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) debut out this fall
7/23/2013 Converge issues "Summer 2013 Update"
3/21/2013 Converge tour dates (Europe)
3/14/2013 Converge, Cave In collaboration gets a name
1/23/2013 Doomriders prepare new album
1/17/2013 Jacob Bannon mini-documentary premiering next week
1/14/2013 Hydra Head releasing Converge Caring & Killing LP
11/16/2012 Converge to headline Decibel's 100th issue event
11/6/2012 Converge, Old Man Gloom tour (Australia, Japan)
10/25/2012 Converge escapes injury after Oregon van mishap
10/9/2012 Maryland Deathfest 2013 lineup finalized
8/28/2012 Converge debuts track/video from new album
8/20/2012 Converge, Touche Amore, The Secret tour (Europe)
8/20/2012 Converge, Torche, Kvelertak tour
7/12/2012 Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 lineup
6/18/2012 FYF Fest 2012 lineup announced
5/1/2012 Old Man Gloom set to release new album
4/30/2012 Converge, Napalm Death announce split EP
4/19/2012 Wear Your Wounds (Converge), Revelator split EP
4/17/2012 Ramming Speed records new album with Kurt Ballou
3/27/2012 Converge tour dates (Europe)
3/19/2012 Old Man Gloom shows announced
2/2/2012 Converge, Loma Prieta, Git Some tour
1/23/2012 Converge begins recording new album
10/6/2011 Converge announces two end of year shows
8/7/2011 Converge re-signs with Epitaph Records
6/29/2011 All Pigs Must Die debut album due in August
6/2/2011 Converge cancels shows due to "health scare"
4/29/2011 Converge, Dropdead split EP details revealed
3/18/2011 Converge news and notes
3/7/2011 Converge tour dates (Europe)
11/2/2010 Converge begins work on next album
9/17/2010 All Pigs Must Die set to release debut
7/10/2010 Converge to release limited EP
4/8/2010 All Pigs Must Die (Converge, etc.) recording
3/15/2010 Converge announces European tour
2/12/2010 Converge tour dates finalized
2/5/2010 Converge tour announced
11/24/2009 Converge, Genghis Tron tour dates (Australia)
9/22/2009 Converge, Brutal Truth mini-tour (Japan)
8/17/2009 Exclusive: Converge album details
8/3/2009 Mastodon, Dethklok, Converge tour
7/17/2009 Deathwish Inc. signs Acid Tiger
1/23/2009 Converge tour dates
7/30/2008 Converge news and notes
2/15/2008 Converge, Integrity, Coliseum tour (Europe)
1/25/2008 Converge 'Jane Doe' 2xLP announced
1/17/2008 Converge, The Red Chord, Baroness, etc. tour
12/13/2007 Neurosis, Converge shows (WA)
12/4/2007 Jake Bannon and Dwid start new band
10/26/2007 Jacob Bannon set to record solo material
8/25/2007 Converge, 108, Internal Affairs dates
5/19/2007 Converge announces new DVD
1/24/2007 Converge, Rise And Fall, Animosity tour (Europe)
1/20/2007 Relapse to reissue ANb/Converge split
12/14/2006 Converge, PMFS, Envy tour dates (Japan)
12/5/2006 Converge tour dates (Australia)
11/26/2006 Converge show cancellations
11/10/2006 Mastodon, Converge, Priestess tour
9/23/2006 Converge, Some Girls, Modern Life Is War tour
9/2/2006 Converge, Some Girls, MLIW tour announced
8/13/2006 Converge album details
7/17/2006 Mastodon, Converge, The Bronx tour
6/29/2006 Converge titles new album
6/19/2006 Converge studio update
6/7/2006 Converge begins recording new album
5/18/2006 Converge tapped for SOTU stint
3/16/2006 Converge prepare to record new album
9/13/2005 Converge one-off shows
9/7/2005 Converge, The Red Chord, Darkest Hour dates
8/23/2005 Converge, The Red Chord, Darkest Hour tour
8/1/2005 Converge working on new album
7/29/2005 The End Of The Universe replace drummer
7/27/2005 Cave In part ways w/ drummer
5/11/2005 Converge, Terror, etc. tour (Canada)
3/2/2005 PMFS drops off Converge European tour
2/14/2005 Converge announce reissue details
12/15/2004 Converge, Planes Mistaken For Stars tour (Europe)
12/15/2004 Doomriders (Converge, etc.) join Deathwish lineup
9/20/2004 Cave In and Converge side-project
8/1/2004 Doom Riders (Converge, etc.) first show
7/5/2004 Converge, Cave In, BTBAM dates
6/30/2004 Converge, Cave In, and BTBAM tour
5/25/2004 Converge summer dates
5/10/2004 Converge completes recording of new album
4/21/2004 Converge recording new album
1/6/2004 Converge signs w/ Epitaph Records
1/1/2004 Converge mini-tour in California
12/7/2003 Converge nearly done writing new album
9/8/2003 Converge, ALOL, Breather Resist tour dates
8/26/2003 Converge cancels European mini-tour
3/31/2003 Aaron Dalbec (Bane) joins Velocity Engine
2/24/2003 Fuel Music inks The End Of The Universe
1/18/2003 Former Converge drummer forms new band
12/1/2002 Jake Bannon project releasing two albums
10/11/2002 Guitarist injured, Converge cancels shows
7/25/2002 Converge tour dates and update
6/17/2002 Converge news and notes
2/27/2002 Converge to tour Japan and Europe
2/19/2002 Many more Hatebreed & Converge tour dates
2/12/2002 First set of Hatebreed & Converge tour dates
1/29/2002 Converge & Hatebreed to tour in March & April
1/16/2002 Suicide Note to record with Kurt Ballou again
1/2/2002 Converge confirmed for Hatebreed tour
10/1/2001 Converge & American Nightmare tour
9/6/2001 Drowningman off Converge tour
8/9/2001 Converge & Drowningman to tour
5/31/2001 Converge finishes new full-length
5/3/2001 Converge updated show dates
4/27/2001 Converge frontman's new project
1/26/2001 Huge Converge updates and new information
1/9/2001 Iodine comp & Converge video
11/6/2000 Converge live DVD and VHS
11/6/2000 Upcoming Converge shows
10/14/2000 Cave In and Converge shows
8/7/2000 Converge tour dates

News Tidbits
9/4/2021 this landmark hardcore and metal album was released 20 years ago today
1/28/2021 Converge released this record 18 years ago today
1/18/2021 a bunch of people in the Philippines are angry at Converge
10/20/2019 say happy birthday to this Converge album, which was released 10 years ago today
9/21/2019 this Converge banger was released 15 years ago today
8/26/2018 Probably not a popular choice, but this is still my favorite Converge song.
10/31/2017 Converge has debuted a new song from their upcoming album.
9/27/2017 A new Converge track is now online.
4/27/2017 A new Full Of Hell song (and video) has made its online debut.
3/11/2017 Converge has uploaded video of their entire 'Jane Live' set.
3/3/2017 Converge has launched a full stream of their new Jane Doe live album.
2/7/2017 Wear Your Wounds (Converge) have debuted a new song and music video.
1/29/2017 Once upon a time, record labels used to send out band publicity photos. I have a few.
1/12/2017 Jacob Bannon (Converge) and Wear Your Wounds have premiered a new song.
12/7/2016 Kurt Ballou is now going to be selling his distortion pedal business card online (have a listen).
11/27/2016 You can use the business card of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou to build a distortion pedal.
7/22/2016 A new MSTRKRFT track featuring guest vocals from Jacob Bannon of Converge has made its online debut.
10/30/2015 Converge has finally unveiled some footage from their upcoming DVD.
10/16/2015 The new Converge DVD offering is now available for pre-order. Here's a trailer.
2/20/2015 Official footage of Converge's performance at This Is Hardcore 2014 is now online.
9/5/2014 Converge has posted the isolated drum tracks from their You Fail Me album.
6/24/2014 Kurt Ballou (Converge) has unveiled a solo track titled "I Need A Doctor."
5/2/2014 Want to hear Aborted's cover of the Converge song "Concubine"?
4/28/2014 What happened to the missing This Is Boston money?
4/16/2014 Converge has premiered their new music video for "Precipice" and "All We Love We Leave Behind."
3/16/2014 Converge has been added to Rain Fest 2014.
2/19/2014 Converge's 'Live at the BBC' EP is available for streaming.
11/27/2013 The new Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) album can now be streamed in its entirety.
11/11/2013 Converge's performance of "Locust Reign" from 'Decibel's 100th Issue Show: The Movie' is now online.
9/25/2013 Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) have debuted another new song.
8/25/2013 A new Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) song can be heard online.
6/5/2013 Pitckfork featured Converge in their latest episode of "+1".
5/23/2013 Converge has released their "Pound For Pound: The Wolverine Blues Sessions" EP.
1/22/2013 The new Jacob Bannon documentary "Rungs In A Ladder" has made its online debut.
1/15/2013 Wear Your Wounds, featuring Jacob Bannon, has posted an unreleased song.
10/17/2012 All We Love We Leave Behind, the latest Converge album, has debuted at #69 on the Billboard 200.
10/3/2012 The new Converge album can now be streamed in its entirety.
9/25/2012 Another new Converge song has made its online debut.
8/29/2012 Converge has uploaded their previously released cover of the Negative Approach song, "Whatever I Do."
8/20/2012 Converge's new album will be available on October 9th.
7/9/2012 Deathwish has uploaded an audio preview of the upcoming Converge and Napalm Death split.
5/29/2012 Old Man Gloom has premiered a song from their new album.
5/7/2012 Check out a mixed media preview of Jacob Bannon's (Converge) "The Jane Project."
3/23/2012 Check out a video tour of Kurt Ballou's recording studio, Godcity.
2/19/2012 Converge has posted a brief video clip of Jacob Bannon recording vocals for their new album.
9/30/2011 Converge has demoed roughly twelve songs thus far for their next release.
6/24/2011 Converge is streaming their new song, "Runaway," which appears on their split with Dropdead.
2/14/2011 Converge and Touche Amore have been added to this year's Chaos In Tejas.
5/10/2010 Converge will miss tonight's show (5/10) and tomorrow's show (5/11) due to problems with their touring van. Coalesce will headline instead.
11/5/2009 As of yesterday, Converge's "Axe To Fall" has scanned sales of 10,487.
10/31/2009 The new Converge release, "Axe To Fall," has debuted at #74 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of roughly 7,400.
10/13/2009 The new Converge album, "Axe To Fall," is available for streaming here.
10/7/2009 Converge has unveiled the video for the title track of their new album, "Axe To Fall."
9/16/2009 Another new Converge song is now online.
8/18/2009 Converge has unveiled a track from their new album, "Axe To Fall."
8/4/2009 Converge's next album has been titled "Axe To Fall" and will hit stores on October 20th.
6/28/2009 Converge has finished tracking their new album. Mixing will now commence.
4/28/2009 Converge will begin tracking their new album next week.
4/10/2009 Video of Converge covering Entombed's "Wolverine Blues" with John Pettibone (Himsa) on vocals can be seen <a href="http://www.metalinjection.net/tv/view/2767/converge-wolverine-blues-(entombed-
3/18/2009 Video footage of Converge rehearsing new material can be seen here.
5/28/2008 A full live set from Converge's last tour can be viewed online.
9/17/2007 This faux video for Converge's "No Heroes" is pretty amusing.
12/8/2006 Converge will tour Japan in early-2007 with Envy and Planes Mistaken For Stars.
12/5/2006 Converge's video for "No Heroes" now available online. The video was directed by Ryan Zunkley.
11/1/2006 Converge's new album has debuted at #151 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 6,000.
10/26/2006 Converge's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
10/17/2006 The title track from Converge's new album is now available online.
10/3/2006 An MP3 sample of Converge's new album is now available online.
9/12/2006 Converge are preparing to shoot a video in Los Angeles with director Ryan Zunkley.
1/2/2006 A project is in the works featuring Converge's Jacob Bannon and Integrity's Dwid. No further details have been disclosed.
6/14/2005 The vinyl-only bonus track "Wolves At My Door" from Converge's "You Fail Me" and a new Doomriders song are both available on
4/28/2005 Converge, Terror, Cursed, and Mare will be touring all of Canada this fall. Dates will be announced shortly.
11/17/2004 Converge have posted a video for the track "Eagles Become Vultures" here.
11/4/2004 Converge and Planes Mistaken For Stars will be touring Europe together in March and April of 2005.
11/2/2004 Converge and Isis will be touring Japan together in February 2005. Dates will be announced shortly.
9/9/2004 Converge have posted another track, "Eagles Become Vultures," from their upcoming album here.
8/24/2004 Converge has posted a video here for "Black Cloud," featuring Hellfest footage.
7/14/2004 Converge has posted an MP3 for the song "Black Cloud" from their upcoming Epitaph debut, You Fail Me. Check it out

11/26/2013 Mutoid Man 'Helium Head' album stream
6/12/2012 Jacob Bannon (Converge): Six Songs To Die With

3/14/2012 Scott Lee (New England Metal and Hardcore Festival)
7/1/2008 Converge interview
11/14/2005 Kurt Ballou / Converge interview
1/21/2002 Converge interview

11/25/2020 Ben Koller of Converge & More

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