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3/4/2024 Bane and Comeback Kid add 3 additional shows to upcoming European tour
2/20/2024 Bane and Comeback Kid plan five dates in Germany and Italy
2/6/2024 Comeback Kid announce Canadian tour with support from Spy
2/6/2024 Comeback Kid release new single "Disruption" from upcoming TROUBLE EP
1/25/2024 Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld to give Punk Rock Museum tours in Las Vegas this weekend
1/11/2024 Ignite release new single "Done Digging The Grave" feat Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid)
1/11/2024 Misery Signals planning something for 2024?
12/7/2023 Comeback Kid release new single "Trouble In The Winner's Circle", announce new EP
12/4/2023 Comeback Kid now working with SharpTone Records
7/26/2023 Stick To Your Guns announce Diamond U.S. tour with Comeback Kid, Orthodox, and Spirit World
7/14/2023 Comeback Kid guitarist hospitalized, contends with long wait times for Canadian healthcare
4/27/2023 Comeback Kid headed to Europe this summer
3/4/2023 Comeback Kid celebrate 20th anniversary with limited merch run
11/20/2022 Comeback Kid announce Australian tour with Drain
5/19/2022 Comeback Kid, Misery Signals, End tour dates
5/12/2022 Comeback Kid to tour Europe, UK this summer
4/22/2022 This Is Hardcore 2022 lineup takes shape
4/7/2022 Silverstein debut 'their heaviest song ever' feat. Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld
3/15/2022 Super Friendly Fest 2022 lineup announced
3/6/2022 Earth Groans premiere cover of Comeback Kid's 'Wake the Dead'
2/26/2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2022 lineup takes shape
1/21/2022 Comeback Kid premiere 'Face the Fire' video
1/10/2022 Comeback Kid cancel tour of Europe and UK
12/10/2021 Comeback Kid, Boundaries mini-tour
12/3/2021 Comeback Kid release new track feat. Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier
10/29/2021 Comeback Kid announce new album 'Heavy Steps', share title track
10/26/2021 Comeback Kid, Misery Signals, Cancer Bats tour dates (Canada)
10/14/2021 Comeback Kid announce shows with No Warning, Zulu, Scowl
10/11/2021 For The Children 2021 lineup announced
10/6/2021 Comeback Kid vocalist Andrew Neufeld robbed in hotel room after Furnace Fest
9/17/2021 Comeback Kid premiere new song and video 'No Easy Way Out'
9/15/2021 Comeback Kid, Be Well, Devil In Me to tour Europe, UK
8/11/2021 Comeback Kid set to shoot new music video
8/4/2021 Comeback Kid, Cancer Bats, A Wilhelm Scream mini-tour (Canada)
7/14/2021 Comeback Kid, Strike Anywhere, Be Well tour dates
3/1/2021 Comeback Kid recording new album
8/25/2020 Comeback Kid premiere new cover track
6/7/2019 H2O, Comeback Kid tour dates
8/4/2018 ForceFest 2018 lineup announced
8/2/2018 Comeback Kid, H2O, The Eulogy mini-tour
7/12/2018 Comeback Kid announce tour dates, premiere new video
6/7/2018 Comeback Kid, No Warning tour dates (Canada)
4/12/2018 Comeback Kid announces new two-song EP
3/14/2018 Montebello Rockfest 2018 lineup announced
10/27/2017 The Color Morale cover Thrice, Misery Signals, more on new EP
8/10/2017 Comeback Kid to tour with Burn, Jesus Piece
7/12/2017 Comeback Kid premiere new song and video
7/6/2017 KOI Music Festival 2017 lineup announced
7/5/2017 Every Time I Die, Comeback Kid announce UK, Europe tour
6/26/2017 Stray From The Path, Counterparts, Comeback Kid tour (Canada)
6/14/2017 Comeback Kid details new album
6/9/2017 Comeback Kid sign with Nuclear Blast, premiere new song
4/17/2017 Comeback Kid finishes recording new album
1/12/2017 Modified Ghost Festival 2017 lineup announced
11/14/2016 Comeback Kid, Deez Nuts, First Blood tour (Europe)
10/31/2016 For The Children Fest 2016 lineup announced
10/29/2016 Comeback Kid to release new album in 2017
7/26/2016 Comeback Kid announces headline shows
7/25/2016 Comeback Kid, Misery Signals tour (Japan)
5/29/2016 Comeback Kid, Defeater, more tour dates (Europe)
3/18/2016 Comeback Kid to tour South America
2/11/2016 Comeback Kid announces headline tour dates
1/21/2016 The Story So Far, Comeback Kid, Culture Abuse tour
7/20/2015 Stray From The Path, Comeback Kid tour
1/21/2015 Comeback Kid, No Bragging Rights, Greenery dates
12/16/2014 Comeback Kid, Bane, My Iron Lung tour (Europe)
11/23/2014 Faith & Fire Festival lineup announced
10/6/2014 Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid announce tour
7/29/2014 Comeback Kid, Rotting Out tour (Australia)
6/4/2014 Terror, Comeback Kid, STYG, etc. tour (Europe)
5/13/2014 Comeback Kid drummer quits band
4/3/2014 Comeback Kid tour dates (Europe)
2/20/2014 'New England Metal Fest Takes Over Austin' lineup
2/15/2014 Heart Fest 2014 lineup finalized
2/4/2014 Comeback Kid, Counterparts, Backtrack tour (CAN)
1/21/2014 Comeback Kid details new album; unveils teaser
1/15/2014 Heart Fest 8 lineup takes shape
1/13/2014 Comeback Kid to release new album in March
12/18/2013 Today's Mixtape Festival 2014 lineup announced
12/12/2013 Keystone Hardcore Jam 2014 lineup announced
12/10/2013 Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Xibalba tour
11/22/2013 South By So What?! 2014 announces more bands
10/25/2013 Comeback Kid tour (South Africa)
9/19/2013 Comeback Kid begins recording new album
6/26/2013 East Coast Tsunami 2013 lineup announced
3/26/2013 Comeback Kid announces U.S., Canada tour dates
2/1/2013 Comeback Kid touring with original vocalist
1/16/2013 Rain Fest 2013 takes shape
11/28/2012 Comeback Kid tour dates (Southeast Asia)
11/2/2012 Deez Nuts, Comeback Kid, FTFD tour (Australia)
10/3/2012 Madball, Terror, Comeback Kid tour (Europe)
10/2/2012 Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Expire tour (Canada)
8/9/2012 Lowtalker (Comeback Kid, ex-Misery Signals) tour
7/17/2012 Propagandhi, Comeback Kid tour dates
4/5/2012 Sound and Fury Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
4/2/2012 Comeback Kid tour dates (Europe)
3/24/2012 Comeback Kid, Rotting Out, Lions Lions tour dates
2/27/2012 Bled Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
1/21/2012 Comeback Kid guitarist leaves band
1/13/2012 Comeback Kid announces U.S. tour
1/8/2012 Comeback Kid, Close Your Eyes, Such Gold tour
7/4/2011 Underoath, Comeback Kid, This Is Hell tour
2/3/2011 Comeback Kid tour dates (Mexico)
1/20/2011 Comeback Kid, Title Fight mini-tour (Canada)
1/8/2011 Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid tour (South America)
12/9/2010 Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside tour (Europe)
11/29/2010 Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside tour (Japan)
11/21/2010 Madball, Comeback Kid tour dates
8/22/2010 Architects, Comeback Kid, This Is Hell tour (AUS)
8/11/2010 Lowtalker, The Snips tour dates
8/9/2010 Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid, etc. tour
7/22/2010 Comeback Kid album set for release
7/6/2010 Comeback Kid, Madball tour (Canada)
5/18/2010 Never Say Die! Tour (Europe) announced
2/16/2010 Set Your Goals, Comeback Kid, Wonder Years tour
10/6/2009 Comeback Kid, Dead Swans, etc. tour dates
5/8/2009 Comeback Kid, Defeater tour dates (Europe)
11/26/2008 Comeback Kid, Bane, Misery Signals tour (Europe)
10/24/2008 Comeback Kid robbed in Montreal
8/13/2008 Comeback Kid, Bane, Shai Hulud tour (Canada)
8/12/2008 Comeback Kid tour dates (South America)
4/2/2008 Comeback Kid announces world tour
3/29/2008 Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud, etc. tour (Europe)
2/29/2008 Propagandhi, Comeback Kid tour dates
1/25/2008 Comeback Kid, Crime In Stereo, Daggermouth tour
11/21/2007 Comeback Kid bassist leaving band
8/7/2007 Sights and Sounds dates (Canada)
7/5/2007 Comeback Kid, Warriors, etc. tour (Europe)
4/16/2007 Victory Records set to release limited vinyl
3/13/2007 Rise Against, Silverstein, Comeback Kid tour
2/12/2007 Comeback Kid, It Dies Today, This Is Hell tour
2/5/2007 Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid tour (Australia)
11/6/2006 Comeback Kid enters studio
8/28/2006 Sick Of It All, Madball, Terror tour (Europe)
5/23/2006 Gorilla Biscuits and Comeback Kid tour
3/14/2006 Comeback Kid announce new singer
3/12/2006 Comeback Kid singer leaves band
1/23/2006 Comeback Kid, Ignite, First Blood, etc. tour
12/24/2005 Comeback Kid and Raised Fist dates (Europe)
9/4/2005 Bane, Comeback Kid, Strung Out tour
8/16/2005 Bane and Comeback Kid tour (Europe)
6/28/2005 Comeback Kid, The Warriors dates (Canada)
6/12/2005 Rise Against, Comeback Kid, FATA, etc. tour
4/23/2005 Terror, Comeback Kid, MLIW, etc. dates
3/21/2005 Terror, Comeback Kid, etc. tour
1/16/2005 Bane, Comeback Kid, With Honor, etc. tour
10/21/2004 Victory Records signs Comeback Kid
8/27/2004 Comeback Kid to record album in October
8/26/2004 Comeback Kid and Champion European tour
8/24/2004 Comeback Kid and Figure Four mini-tour (Canada)
7/15/2004 Comeback Kid to record new album this fall
7/3/2004 Comeback Kid set to re-release debut
6/1/2004 Comeback Kid and Champion tour
2/25/2004 Comeback Kid tour schedule
12/24/2003 Comeback Kid update and tour schedule
12/7/2003 Comeback Kid searching for bassist
7/21/2003 Bane, The Promise, etc. tour dates
2/18/2003 Comeback Kid album and tour dates
11/17/2002 The Comeback Kid enters studio
8/22/2002 Facedown Records inks The Comeback Kid

News Tidbits
5/4/2018 Comeback Kid's cover of the Midnight Oil track 'Beds Are Burning' is now available.
5/1/2018 A preview of a new Comeback Kid song is available online.
9/8/2017 Comeback Kid has issued a new music video.
8/2/2017 Comeback Kid has premiered a new song and video.
12/12/2016 Polar has released a video for "Deus Ex Machina" (featuring Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid).
12/6/2016 A Loss For Words is streaming a new track featuring Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid.
1/12/2016 Shai Hulud has debuted a new song featuring Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid.
4/21/2015 Comeback Kid has debuted their cover of Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings."
3/16/2015 Comeback Kid has premiered their new music video for "Losing Sleep."
2/23/2015 Comeback Kid is streaming two previously unreleased tracks.
1/7/2015 Comeback Kid has premiered their new video for "Didn't Even Mind."
11/21/2014 Earnings and attendance for Black Sabbath, Tool, Deftones, Meshuggah, Gwar, Carcass, Comeback Kid, many more.
6/16/2014 Comeback Kid has premiered their music video for "Wasted Arrows."
2/25/2014 Listen to a brand new Comeback Kid song titled "Wasted Arrows."
2/20/2014 Comeback Kid's new video for "Should Know Better" has made its online debut.
2/4/2014 Comeback Kid has premiered the first new song from their upcoming LP.
1/31/2012 Comeback Kid has uploaded a new video for "Do Yourself A Favor."
1/31/2012 Darkest Hour, Comeback Kid, Hot Water Music and others will team up for a special SXSW showcase.
6/10/2011 Comeback Kid has unveiled their video for "The Concept Stays."
1/17/2011 Comeback Kid has made their video for "G.M. Vincent and I" available online (a Facebook "like" is required).
2/2/2010 Comeback Kid is currently writing a new album which will surface later this year.
9/18/2008 A trailer for Comeback Kid's upcoming DVD release can be viewed here.
12/10/2007 Comeback Kid has posted a new installment of their ongoing video diary.
4/19/2007 Comeback Kid's video for "Broadcasting" is now online.
2/13/2007 Comeback Kid's new album can be streamed in its entirety.
1/29/2007 A song from Comeback Kid's upcoming album is now available.
8/1/2006 Comeback Kid has been added to the Canadian tour featuring Bad Religion and Dropkick Murphys.
6/25/2006 Comeback Kid will play their final show with singer Scott Wade on July 15th at The Ramada Theatre in Winnipeg.
6/1/2005 Bane and Comeback Kid will be touring Europe together from October 31st until November 22nd.
1/4/2005 Bane, Comeback Kid, and With Honor will be touring the U.S. in March and April. Stay tuned for dates.
12/25/2004 A track from Comeback Kid's upcoming Victory Records debut can be downloaded her
7/8/2004 Champion and Comeback Kid will be touring Europe together in October, November, and December.
5/4/2004 Comeback Kid's "Die Tonight" video has been posted once again at a new location.
4/27/2004 Comeback Kid and Champion will be touring the US this summer. In related news, click here to check out a new video for Comeback Kid'

2/25/2014 Comeback Kid "Wasted Arrows" song premiere
5/8/2012 Bullet Treatment "Insomnia" song premiere (featuring Comeback Kid members)

7/18/2004 Comeback Kid interview

1/10/2024 Stu & Andrew of Comeback Kid

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