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Closed Casket Activities

3/6/2024 Full of Hell announce new album 'Coagulated Bliss' and release first single "Doors To Mental Agony"
11/23/2023 Closed Casket Activities to release House of Black 12" featuring Deadbody, God's Hate and more
7/7/2022 End and Cult Leader premiere songs from new split EP
7/6/2022 End and Cult Leader to release split EP in September
4/13/2022 Primitive Man announce 'Insurmountable' EP, debut new song
3/21/2022 No/Más announce new album, premiere video for 'Exile'
1/4/2022 Vein.fm set to release new album 'This World Is Going To Ruin You'
11/8/2021 No/Más sign with Closed Casket Activities
2/18/2021 God's Hate announce new album, premiere lead single
1/28/2021 Regional Justice Center announce new album, debut two songs
1/12/2021 Gatecreeper announce new album 'An Unexpected Reality'
12/21/2020 Jarhead Fertilizer announce debut LP, premiere new song
7/21/2020 Gulch to release new album on Friday
3/24/2020 END upload teaser video, to debut new music this week
12/20/2019 The Acacia Strain to release new album next week
11/23/2019 Downpresser announce new album, premiere lead single
10/14/2019 Closed Casket Activities sign Raw Hex
9/5/2019 Soft Kill sign with Closed Casket Activities, premiere song
7/21/2019 Petbrick (feat. Igor Cavalera) sign with CCA, premiere song
5/6/2019 Vamachara sign with Closed Casket Activities
1/26/2019 Hate Force (Harms Way, Weekend Nachos) set to release debut LP
10/17/2018 King Nine announce new album, premiere song
10/4/2018 Slipknot, Hatebreed, Fall Out Boy members donate to Harms Way
6/5/2018 Judiciary record new LP, sign with Closed Casket Activities
5/8/2018 Vein debut first single from new album
8/8/2017 Nails, ex-Bad Brains, Danzig members launch band, debut song
3/9/2017 Incendiary announces new album
1/17/2017 Xibalba announce new EP, premiere song
11/26/2016 The Midnight Sons (Nails) set to release debut
10/12/2016 Nails, Full of Hell to release split EP
11/9/2015 Closed Casket Activities to release Eternal Sleep LP
2/18/2015 Closed Casket Activities signs Suburban Scum
2/15/2015 King Nine signs with Closed Casket Activities
11/6/2014 Discourse to release new album in January
7/3/2014 Twitching Tongues to release live album
3/14/2014 Xibalba and Suburban Scum announce split LP
11/15/2013 Discourse signs with Closed Casket Activities
11/5/2013 Immortal Bird announces debut EP
10/2/2013 Cruel Hand announces EP; new music video online
4/22/2012 Closed Casket Activities signs Disgrace
1/30/2007 CCA set to release Meltdown vinyl
12/29/2006 CCA inks For The Fallen Dreams

News Tidbits
6/16/2020 Regional Justice Center issue new song

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