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6/3/2024 Carnifex line up North American tour with Cryptopsy, Mental Cruelty, Organectomy, and Heavy//Hitter
1/25/2024 Carnifex deliver new music video for "Torn In Two"
1/8/2024 Cattle Decapitation & Carnifex co-headline Chaos & Carnage Tour 2024
11/6/2023 Carnifex announce EU/UK leg of 'Necromanteum' tour with Aborted, Revocation and Vexed
10/6/2023 Carnifex reveal visualizer for "Infinite Night Terror" as album drops
8/24/2023 Carnifex debut "Death's Forgotten Children" ft Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin and Darko
7/10/2023 Carnifex announce Necormanteum U.S. tour with Signs Of The Swarm, To The Grave, and TLTSOL
7/6/2023 Carnifex announce new album, release title track single with music video
2/14/2023 Chelsea Grin and Carnifex announce co-headlining tour ft Left To Suffer and Ov Sulfur
2/4/2023 Carnifex head to studio this month to complete ninth album
9/8/2022 Ex-DevilDriver member Neil Tiemann to join Carnifex
7/11/2022 Carnifex Announce Dead In My Arms 15 Year Anniversary Tour with Spite & More
1/31/2022 Alissa White-Gluz, Randy Blythe, Dallas Taylor, more to star in new vampire movie 'Virginia Bitches'
1/31/2022 Carnifex recruit ex-Devildriver guitarist Neal Tiemann for upcoming tour with Suicide Silence
1/21/2022 Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, Bodysnatcher postpone tour of Europe, UK
1/10/2022 Suicide Silence and Carnifex to co-headline spring tour with Lorna Shore, more
12/20/2021 So What?! Music Festival 2022 lineup announced
10/6/2021 Lorna Shore cancel tour of Europe, UK
8/16/2021 Carnifex release performance video for re-recorded track
8/10/2021 Carnifex announce tour dates with Enterprise Earth and Ov Sulfur
7/23/2021 Carnifex announce new album, premiere title track
6/30/2021 Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, Lorna Shore to tour Europe, UK
6/18/2021 Carnifex premiere new track and video
6/8/2021 The Black Dahlia Murder, After The Burial, Carnifex tour
5/18/2021 Black Dahlia Murder, After The Burial, Carnifex tour rumored
5/14/2021 Carnifex release new single 'Seven Souls'
4/12/2021 Carnifex tour dates announced
4/9/2021 Carnifex premiere cover of Korn's 'Dead Bodies Everywhere'
10/18/2020 Rebel Rock Fest 2021 lineup announced
10/15/2020 Rock Fest 2021 lineup announced
8/7/2020 Rebel Rock Fest 2021 lineup takes shape
5/25/2020 Carnifex to release new single this week
4/16/2020 Carnifex lost over $250,000 from their canceled tour
3/12/2020 Carnifex, 3Teeth, The Browning tour canceled
1/24/2020 2020 Rock USA festival lineup announced
1/20/2020 Rock Fest 2020 lineup announced
1/10/2020 Carnifex part ways with lead guitarist
12/18/2019 Inkcarceration Festival 2020 announced
12/3/2019 Carnifex and 3Teeth co-headlining North American tour
6/7/2019 Carnifex announce new album, premiere lead single
5/15/2019 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2019 announced
2/28/2019 Carnifex, Oceano, Prison tour dates
12/7/2018 Carnifex releases new EP, stream available
5/3/2018 Dying Fetus announces tour of Europe, UK
1/29/2018 Carnifex, Oceano, Spite, Winds Of Plague tour
1/22/2018 Texas Independence Fest 2018 announced
1/22/2018 New England Metal And Hardcore Fest 2018 takes shape
11/2/2017 Carnifex, Oceano, Aversions Crown to tour Europe
8/28/2017 Whitechapel, Carnifex, Rings Of Saturn announce tour
3/22/2017 Warped Tour 2017 lineup announced
2/10/2017 Carnifex announces European tour
12/14/2016 Carnifex, Despised Icon, Fallujah tour announced
12/11/2016 Carnifex, Despised Icon, Fallujah to tour North America
8/18/2016 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel tour dates finalized
8/15/2016 Carnifex score their highest sales, chart debut to date
8/8/2016 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel announce more tour dates
7/18/2016 Whitechapel, Suicide Silence reveal first round of tour dates
7/11/2016 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel to co-headline North American tour
6/9/2016 Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex tour (Europe)
5/22/2016 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2016 dates announced
5/13/2016 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2016 lineup announced
5/11/2016 Carnifex announce new album, preview music
4/17/2016 Carnifex seek participants for video shoot
2/25/2016 Carnifex, Phinehas, Enterprise Earth tour dates
2/16/2016 Carnifex set to record new album
1/18/2016 Texas Independence Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
12/21/2015 Extreme Thing 2016 lineup takes shape
10/21/2015 Black Tongue denied U.S. visas, cancel tour
10/12/2015 The Last Ten Seconds of Life cancel tour of Europe
10/9/2015 The Last Ten Seconds of Life part ways with frontman
10/7/2015 Black Tongue to miss beginning of U.S. tour
7/20/2015 Carnifex announces 10th anniversary tour
7/14/2015 Carnifex, Within The Ruins, Fallujah tour (Europe)
3/16/2015 Young man dies at Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, etc show
2/26/2015 Black Tongue cancels U.S. tour
12/17/2014 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel tour dates (Germany)
12/15/2014 Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, Sworn In tour
12/1/2014 Carnifex announces tour of Russia
12/1/2014 South By So What?! 2015 adds 26 more bands
9/16/2014 Carnifex tour dates
8/26/2014 Unearth announces new album, tour dates
6/23/2014 Parkway Drive, HSB, Carnifex, more tour (Europe)
5/15/2014 Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn, etc. tour (UK)
4/2/2014 Whitechapel, Devildriver announce co-headline tour
3/28/2014 Whitechapel set to announce U.S. tour
3/12/2014 Carnifex, Obey The Brave tour dates (Russia)
2/26/2014 Whitechapel, Carnifex, WTR, Cruel Hand tour dates
2/25/2014 Whitechapel, Carnifex touring together this spring
2/12/2014 Betraying The Martyrs cancel U.S. tour
1/15/2014 Carnifex, Betraying The Martyrs, etc. tour dates
1/10/2014 NEMHF 2014 adds Acacia Strain, Carnifex, more
12/20/2013 Carnifex to tour US w/ Betraying The Martyrs, more
12/18/2013 Carnifex album set for release
9/12/2013 Carnifex finishes recording new album
7/9/2013 Carnifex signs with Nuclear Blast Records
6/10/2013 Carnifex returning from hiatus
10/9/2012 Carnifex announces hiatus
3/15/2012 August Burns Red, Carnifex tour (Latin America)
1/24/2012 All Shall Perish, Carnifex, etc. tour dates
12/29/2011 All Shall Perish, Carnifex, etc. tour
10/17/2011 Carnifex, Beneath The Massacre, etc. tour (Europe)
9/30/2011 Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, Carnifex tour
9/7/2011 Throwdown, Carnifex, First Blood, Suffokate tour
9/2/2011 Carnifex's new album set for release
2/10/2011 Carnifex, Oceano, Tony Danza Tapdance tour
11/16/2010 Dying Fetus, Carnifex, AOAA tour (Europe)
10/26/2010 Darkest Hour, Carnifex tour (Australia)
10/7/2010 Winds Of Plague, After The Burial, Carnifex tour
8/5/2010 AILD, All That Remains, Unearth, Carnifex tour
3/17/2010 Carnifex, Veil Of Maya, Suffokate tour (Europe)
2/19/2010 Carnifex, AOAA, Suffokate tour dates
1/7/2010 Atticus Metal Tour II dates announced
12/21/2009 Unearth to headline Atticus Metal Tour 2
9/21/2009 Emmure, Carnifex, etc. mini-tour (Mexico)
9/1/2009 BDM, 3 Inches Of Blood, Faceless tour (Europe)
6/25/2009 Bleeding Through, Carnifex, etc. tour dates
4/21/2009 Carnifex, Impending Doom, etc. tour
1/21/2009 Bleeding Through, Darkest Hour tour (Europe)
1/20/2009 Beneath The Massacre, Carnifex tour (Canada)
11/30/2008 Despised Icon, Carnifex, Neuraxis, etc. tour
11/17/2008 Carnifex tour dates (Mexico)
5/27/2008 Unearth, Despised Icon, etc. tour (Europe)
4/25/2008 Obituary, Unleashed, Carnifex tour
4/13/2008 Carnifex, AGATG, Embrace The End tour
3/18/2008 Killwhitneydead, Carnifex, etc. tour
1/8/2008 With Blood Comes Cleansing, Carnifex tour
11/6/2007 Carnifex signs w/ Victory Records
9/23/2007 With Blood Comes Cleansing, etc. tour
8/26/2007 The World We Knew, Carnifex tour
7/15/2007 Emmure, Carnifex, Unite And Conquer tour

News Tidbits
5/29/2020 Carnifex debut new track
10/1/2019 Carnifex premiere new video
7/5/2019 Carnifex unveil new song and video
6/4/2019 Carnifex tease new single
12/6/2018 Carnifex will debut something new tomorrow (here's a preview)
6/11/2018 Hollow Crown (ex-Carnifex, Her Demise My Rise) has premiered a new song and music video.
6/13/2017 Carnifex has released a new live video.
2/25/2017 She Must Burn is streaming a new song featuring Carnifex vocalist Scott Lewis.
6/21/2016 Carnifex has debuted another new song from their forthcoming LP.
5/25/2016 The first new song from Carnifex's forthcoming album is now online.
2/29/2016 Carnifex has uploaded a brief preview of some new music.
9/25/2015 Carnifex has unveiled a mini-documentary to celebrate their forthcoming 10th anniversary tour.
8/20/2014 Carnifex's new video for "Hatred and Slaughter" has made its online debut.
5/14/2014 Carnifex has premiered their new video for "Die Without Hope."
5/9/2014 Carnifex vs. Conducting From The Grave rap cover feud (ok, not yet).
3/12/2014 The new Carnifex album has debuted in the Billboard Top 100.
3/7/2014 Carnifex has uploaded guitar lesson for their song "Dragged Into The Grave."
2/25/2014 Carnifex's upcoming release can currently be streamed in its entirety.
2/21/2014 Another new Carnifex track is available online.
2/11/2014 Carnifex have released the third studio video blog for their next LP.
2/5/2014 Carnifex has debuted another track from their upcoming LP.
2/1/2014 Carnifex has posted the second in-studio video for their forthcoming LP.
1/24/2014 Carnifex has uploaded a studio trailer for their forthcoming album.
1/16/2014 Carnifex has debuted the first new song from their forthcoming album.
4/8/2013 Ex-members of Carnifex and Suffokate have launched a new band called Demise.
11/3/2011 The new Carnifex album, "Until I Feel Nothing," has debuted at #159 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 2,679.
10/17/2011 A new Carnifex song can be heard here (Facebook 'Like' required).
8/22/2011 Carnifex has uploaded a studio update video.
2/4/2011 Carnifex will headline a North American tour this spring with Oceano, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extrava
7/15/2010 Carnifex has premiered their video for "Sorrowspell."
2/9/2010 Carnifex has made their new album available for streaming.
1/5/2010 A track from Carnifex's next album can be heard here.

8/19/2014 Carnifex "Hatred and Slaughter" music video premiere
2/3/2014 Carnifex "Condemned To Decay" song premiere

9/15/2021 Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex

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