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Bury Your Dead

4/17/2024 Bury Your Dead announced for Furnace Fest 2024, will celebrate 20 years of 'Cover Your Tracks'
10/19/2023 Bury Your Dead and former Emmure, Crossfade, BTBAM drummer Mark Castillo loses home to fire
4/4/2023 Bury Your Dead announce final East Coast 'You Had Me At Hello' 20th anniversary shows
3/20/2023 Bury Your Dead, Bodysnatcher, Left To Suffer and more to play Aura Fest 2023
1/12/2023 Bury Your Dead to celebrate 20 years of 'You Had Me At Hello', will be rejoined by original vocalist
9/10/2022 Edict (ft current and ex-members of Bury Your Dead & Dropdead) release single
6/2/2022 Kentucky Irate Fest 2022 lineup takes shape
12/15/2021 Aaron Patrick (Bury Your Dead, Ex-All That Remains) joins D.R.U.G.S.
10/18/2021 Bury Your Dead announce California mini-tour
6/1/2021 Edict (Dropdead, ex-Bury Your Dead) premiere two songs
10/27/2019 Walls Of Jericho drummer arrested with 650 lbs of marijuana
8/13/2019 Bury Your Dead to release new EP in October
8/3/2019 Bury Your Dead announce Texas shows
7/20/2019 Bury Your Dead working on new music
7/12/2019 Bury Your Dead, Upon A Burning Body tour dates
3/22/2019 Bury Your Dead return with new song
3/9/2019 Bury Your Dead preview forthcoming single 'Collateral'
2/4/2019 Bury Your Dead to play 2005 DVD setlist at 'Still Alive' fest
5/28/2018 ex-Emmure members launch new band, preview music
3/19/2018 Bury Your Dead announces Northeast shows
10/13/2017 Bury Your Dead, Great American Ghost tour dates
10/10/2017 AURA Fest 2018 lineup announced
5/11/2017 BoneSplitter (Bury Your Dead, Cannae) launched, premiere video
4/18/2017 Ex-Devildriver, God Forbid, etc. members launch Bad Wolves
1/11/2017 Bury Your Dead announces shows
7/6/2016 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2016 announced
4/22/2016 Dirt Fest 2016 lineup announced
4/20/2016 Bury Your Dead tour dates
3/23/2016 Amnesia Rockfest 2016 lineup announced
1/26/2016 New England Metal Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
1/20/2016 Bury Your Dead, On Broken Wings mini-tour
1/18/2016 Texas Independence Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
1/11/2016 Bury Your Dead to announce shows
10/3/2015 Kublai Khan announce new album, premiere song
9/24/2015 All That Remains bassist quits band
7/23/2013 Eric Ellis (ex-BYD) to release album from prison
12/18/2012 Ex-Bury Your Dead member gets 20 years in prison
3/31/2012 ex-Bury Your Dead guitarist on trial for crimes
1/8/2012 Emmure recruits ex-BTBAM, BYD drummer
6/29/2011 Bury Your Dead's new album set for release
6/16/2011 Bury Your Dead recruiting fans for video shoot
5/28/2011 Bury Your Dead, Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour
5/21/2011 Bury Your Dead, Betrayal tour (Europe)
1/17/2011 Bury Your Dead frontman quits band
3/22/2010 Legend recruits ex-Bury Your Dead member
1/8/2010 Bury Your Dead, TTEOTD, Destrophy, Otep tour
1/6/2010 For The Fallen Dreams guitarist joins BYD
9/28/2009 Throwdown, Bury Your Dead, For Today tour
6/5/2009 Pedal To The Metal Tour announced
2/13/2009 Suicide Silence, BYD added to Disturbed tour
2/8/2009 Bury Your Dead tour (Australia)
1/23/2009 Bury Your Dead set to record new album
9/24/2008 Bury Your Dead members injured in van mishap
8/30/2008 Bury Your Dead replaces guitarist
8/12/2008 Bury Your Dead, It Dies Today, etc. tour
8/11/2008 Five Finger Death Punch, Bury Your Dead tour
8/11/2008 Bury Your Dead, Emmure, etc. tour (Europe)
2/18/2008 Bury Your Dead comments on attack
2/17/2008 Bury Your Dead member robbed at gunpoint
2/12/2008 Unearth, Bury Your Dead, The Destro tour dates
2/2/2008 Bury Your Dead, The Warriors, Emmure tour
1/9/2008 Hellyeah, Machine Head, Bury Your Dead tour
12/30/2007 Bury Your Dead announces new singer
12/10/2007 Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence tour (Europe)
11/30/2007 Bury Your Dead recording new full-length
8/23/2007 Bury Your Dead, Ion Dissonance, etc. tour
5/10/2007 Bury Your Dead singer leaves band
3/28/2007 Bury Your Dead finds new singer
3/10/2007 Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence, STYG tour
2/19/2007 Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence, etc. tour
1/26/2007 Bury Your Dead seeks new singer
1/1/2007 Bury Your Dead frontman quits band
7/31/2006 Bury Your Dead shoots new video
6/9/2006 Bury Your Dead set to release new album
4/15/2006 Bury Your Dead, Remembering Never, etc. dates
3/28/2006 Bury Your Dead news and notes
3/10/2006 Bury Your Dead, Remembering Never, etc. tour
9/19/2005 Bury Your Dead, Terror, SOT, etc. tour
8/23/2005 Bury Your Dead deny Ozzfest/Maiden rumors
5/3/2005 Bury Your Dead preparing live album
3/15/2005 Ozzfest 2005 details announced
2/9/2005 The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead, ALOL tour
10/2/2004 Bury Your Dead, SOT, A Perfect Murder tour
7/7/2004 Bury Your Dead drummer available for hire
6/24/2004 Bury Your Dead set to enter studio
4/29/2004 Bury Your Deads signs w/ Victory Records
10/13/2003 Bury Your Dead, Nodes Of Ranvier tour
9/26/2003 Bury Your Dead mapping out tours
6/1/2003 Misery Signals and Bury Your Dead tour
4/30/2003 Bone Splitter (What Feeds The Fire, ex-BHBS, BYD)
3/19/2003 Bury Your Dead set to return
1/7/2003 Bury Your Dead calls it quits
12/26/2002 Misery Signals, Bury Your Dead booking tour
10/6/2002 Bury Your Dead replaces two members
8/4/2002 Bury Your Dead and It Dies Today tour
6/25/2002 Bury Your Dead set for July tour

News Tidbits
8/2/2021 a certain New England metalcore band released their final (for now) album 10 years ago today
6/7/2013 IVA (featuring ex-members of Bury Your Dead, Too Pure To Die, FTFD), have uploaded a new song.
11/3/2011 Bury Your Dead has premiered their new video for "The Sirens of Ti
8/10/2011 Bury Your Dead's latest album, "Mosh 'n' Roll," has debuted at #123 on the Billboard 200, with first-week sales of 3,695.
8/1/2011 The new Bury Your Dead album can be streamed here.
7/29/2011 Bury Your Dead has unveiled their new video for "Slaughterhouse Five."
7/22/2011 Bury Your Dead has unveiled another new song.
5/24/2011 Bury Your Dead has uploaded a track from their upcoming full-length (Facebook 'Like' required).
2/8/2011 Mediaskare has uploaded a Bury Your Dead studio video titled "'Mosh & Roll' Session 1."
12/23/2010 Is Eric Ellis (ex-Bury Your Dead) in jail? We have no idea, but this interesting link was sent our way today.
11/17/2010 Bury Your Dead has begun recording their next album.
9/21/2009 Bury Your Dead has uploaded two new songs recorded during a recent show in Oklahoma City.
5/19/2009 Bury Your Dead has unveiled another track from their new album.
4/30/2009 Bury Your Dead has debuted a track from their next album.
9/29/2008 Photos of Bury Your Dead's van wreck can be seen here.
9/24/2008 Bury Your Dead has apparently flipped their van in Canada.
3/11/2008 Bury Your Dead's new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/25/2008 Bury Your Dead has posted another track from their upcoming album.
2/22/2008 Bury Your Dead's Eric Ellis spoke to the Boston Herald about last
2/15/2008 A new Bury Your Dead track is now available online.
1/22/2008 Bury Your Dead and Emmure will tour the East Coast and Midwest together in March. Dates are pending.
7/19/2006 The new All That Remains debuted at #75 (13,000 sold) on the Billboard 200 while Bury Your Dead came in at #129 (7,000 sold).
6/30/2006 An ecard for Bury Your Dead's new album is available.
6/14/2006 Bury Your Dead have posted a track from their upcoming Victory release.
12/21/2005 Bury Your Dead's new video<
8/26/2005 MTV News has posted a story regarding Bury Your Dead and the Ozzfest/Iron Maiden incid
7/25/2005 Bury Your Dead and Will Smith together?
4/21/2005 The Red Chord and Bury Your Dead will be touring Europe together from October 20th until November 20th.
1/21/2005 The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead, A Life Once Lost and If Hope Dies will be touring together from April until the beginning of June.
1/18/2005 The video for the Bury Your Dead track "The Color Of Money" has been posted <a href="http://www.victoryrecords.com/Videos.asp?VidLink=BYD_colorofmoney.flv&StreamType=HI&VidTitle=The%20Color%20O
8/29/2004 Listen to a clip from the upcoming Bury Your Dead album here.

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