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Bullet Tooth

9/4/2021 Bullet Tooth signs Portland, Oregon hardcore band Hostilities
3/22/2021 Mindfield to release debut LP in June
11/6/2019 Bullet Tooth signs Mindfield
10/26/2018 Death Ray Vision (Killswitch Engage, Overcast) debuts new song
9/2/2015 Bullet Tooth signs Knockout Kid
8/25/2015 Bullet Tooth signs Ritual
3/4/2015 Earth Crisis announces new EP
10/9/2014 Bullet Tooth to release 3xCD Overcast discography
8/13/2014 Affiance announces new album, tour dates
1/14/2014 Bullet Tooth signs Gamma Pulse
6/26/2013 Bullet Tooth signs Save The Clock Tower
2/5/2013 Bullet Tooth signs The Smoking Hearts
10/3/2012 Death Ray Vision (KsE) signs with Bullet Tooth
2/14/2012 Bullet Tooth signs I, Omega
9/6/2011 Exclusive: Bullet Tooth signs Dead Icons
3/31/2011 Bullet Tooth signs Serianna
2/23/2011 Bullet Tooth signs NightShade
1/24/2011 Bullet Tooth to release Orphan Killer soundtrack
12/1/2010 Most Precious Blood album set for release
10/20/2010 Bullet Tooth signs deal with Static Age Records
9/17/2010 First Blood set to release new album
7/7/2010 Bullet Tooth signs Affiance

News Tidbits
6/25/2021 Mindfield's debut album is out today. Here's your chance to win some vinyl.
5/26/2020 here's our new video interview with Trustkill Records founder Josh Grabelle
6/13/2014 Deception Of A Ghost has debuted a new single and music video.

12/7/2011 Dead Icons exclusive song premiere

6/23/2010 Josh Grabelle / Bullet Tooth interview
10/30/2002 Trustkill Records interview

5/25/2020 Josh Grabelle of Trustkill & Bullet Tooth Records
11/26/2019 Nick & Rob of Mindfield

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