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Brian McTernan

3/11/2022 Be Well (Bane, Darkest Hour, Fairweather) announce new EP, premiere opening track
12/1/2021 Kill Your Idols return with first new song in 15 years
8/22/2019 Bane, Darkest Hour, Battery members launch new band Be Well
10/13/2014 Turnstile announces new album
4/4/2014 Angel Du$t to release debut LP in June
9/12/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Silver Snakes
12/13/2012 Hrvrd set to release new album
6/30/2011 Polar Bear Club album set for release
3/14/2011 Polar Bear Club set to record new album
1/31/2011 Set Your Goals completes new album
10/11/2010 Set Your Goals recording new album
6/16/2009 Strike Anywhere completes new album
5/21/2009 Bridge Nine Records signs Strike Anywhere
4/14/2009 Darkest Hour completes new album
3/10/2009 Darkest Hour enters studio
11/18/2008 Equal Vision signs This Time Next Year
11/7/2008 Darkest Hour update
9/15/2008 Darkest Hour replaces guitarist
4/15/2008 From Autumn To Ashes to release live album
3/11/2008 Equal Vision Records signs Sky Eats Airplane
12/30/2007 Sky Eats Airplane set to enter studio
11/30/2007 Dead To Fall in the studio
10/29/2007 Ferret Music signs Gwen Stacy
7/23/2007 The Bled album details, tour dates
6/6/2007 The Bled completes new album
3/20/2007 The Bled recording new album
1/10/2007 The Bled to reissue debut
12/11/2006 Circa Survive prepares to record new album
9/25/2006 From Autumn To Ashes enters studio
2/28/2006 Equal Vision Records signs YouInSeries
10/17/2005 Roses Are Red select producer
5/2/2005 With Honor prepare to record new album
1/31/2005 Bane complete new album
12/28/2004 Bane set to enter studio
11/12/2004 Equal Vision signs Circa Survive
8/30/2004 Jade Tree signs The Loved Ones
12/1/2002 Beloved recording dates pushed back again
10/26/2002 Fairweather to record next LP w/ Brian McTernan
10/23/2002 Beloved changes studio/producer plans
9/2/2002 Beloved to record LP w/ Brian McTernan
3/2/2002 Snapcase enters studio to demo new tracks
2/20/2002 Ex-Inkling band to record w/ Brian McTernan
2/18/2002 Cave In home from tour, to enter rehearsal
2/15/2002 Count Me Out finishes LP, set for Panic tour
1/29/2002 Jesuseater set to release full-length
1/21/2002 Reach The Sky set to release new EP
12/18/2001 Cave In records more demos

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