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3/26/2022 Yatra announce new album 'Born Into Chaos', share lead single and video
1/29/2022 Without Waves announce new album 'Comedian', share lead single
1/13/2022 Konvent announce new album 'Call Down The Sun', share first single
7/16/2021 LLNN to release new album in September
6/9/2021 Wormwitch announce new album, debut lead single
4/28/2021 Creator-Destructor Records signs Mental Cavity
3/18/2021 Wristmeetrazor announce new album, debut new song
1/24/2021 Pupil Slicer announce new album, premiere video
10/15/2020 Yautja sign with Relapse Records, complete new album
9/30/2020 Azarath (Behemoth) announce new album
8/2/2020 Infera Bruo announce new album, stream first single
7/9/2020 Reserving Dirtnaps to release new EP in August
3/12/2020 ACxDC sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new track
11/23/2019 Downpresser announce new album, premiere lead single
9/4/2019 Process Black (ex-Deadguy, Himsa, Lumbar) announce debut EP
8/31/2019 Pissed Regardless to release debut LP in October
8/7/2019 Gatecreeper announce new album, stream first single
7/16/2019 Woundvac set to release new EP
7/1/2019 Hesitation Wounds to release new album in August
6/17/2019 Shock Narcotic announce new album, premiere song
3/5/2019 Ringworm to release new album this spring, first single online
1/18/2019 Noisem announce new album, premiere new track
11/13/2018 Ether (Remembering Never) signs with Century Media
9/2/2018 Tragedy releases new record
7/18/2018 Prosthetic Records signs Infera Bruo
6/12/2018 The Secret announces new EP
6/1/2018 Jesus Piece announce new album, premiere song
5/29/2018 Mutilation Rites announce new album, premiere song
5/6/2018 Secret Cutter to release new album in July
4/27/2018 Author & Punisher recording new album
4/26/2018 Skeletonwitch announce new album, premiere song
3/14/2018 Black Tusk sign with Season Of Mist, recording new album
1/4/2018 Extinction A.D. debut song, detail new album
11/1/2017 Centuries announce new album, premiere song
5/31/2017 INTRCPTR (Pelican, 5ive) set to release debut
5/26/2017 Less Art (Thrice, CUAD) announce debut, premiere song
4/4/2017 WAR Records to release new Shadow Of Doubt EP
3/23/2017 Pulling Teeth announce reunion show, album reissue
3/20/2017 Vallenfyre announces new album
3/10/2017 Haemorrhage completes new album
3/2/2017 Integrity completes new album
1/17/2017 Xibalba announce new EP, premiere song
1/16/2017 Converge premieres track from 'Jane Doe' live album
11/16/2016 The Drip announce new album, premiere song
11/11/2016 Axis, Seraph The Light set to release EP
10/17/2016 Innerstrength Records to release Sunlight's Bane debut
8/30/2016 Homewrecker signs with Good Fight Music
8/28/2016 Southern Lord signs Lifesick
8/23/2016 Hierophant announce new album, stream title track
6/1/2016 Ringworm announce new album, premiere video
5/18/2016 Above This Fire announce album, premiere new song
5/6/2016 Frameworks announce new album, premiere song
4/28/2016 Poison Headache sign with Metal Blade, premiere new song
4/15/2016 Sarabante to release new album in June
4/13/2016 Southern Lord to release new Hissing EP
3/6/2016 Nomads album set for release, new song online
12/8/2015 Magrudergrind announce new album, premiere song
10/7/2015 Graves At Sea complete new full-length
7/1/2015 AXIS sign with Good Fight Music, premiere new song
5/21/2015 Locrian announces new album
3/19/2015 Chokehold to release complete discography
3/18/2015 Miles Away to release new album in May
3/15/2015 Noisem announces new album
3/11/2015 Hooded Menace set to record new album
3/3/2015 A389 Recordings signs Genocide Pact
2/25/2015 ILSA to release new album in May
1/25/2015 Forgotten Tomb finishing up new album
1/25/2015 In Cold Blood announces new 7"
12/17/2014 Rwake announces release of first ever demo
12/10/2014 Make Do And Mend announces new album
12/4/2014 Poison Idea completes new album
11/6/2014 Discourse to release new album in January
9/24/2014 Usnea announce new album, debut new song
9/21/2014 Downfall of Gaia announce new album, debut song
5/19/2014 Yob announces new album; preview online
5/13/2014 Lord Dying recording new album
4/16/2014 ACxDC completes new album; due out in June
4/13/2014 Call Of The Void add guitarist, recording new LP
3/29/2014 Graves At Sea, Sourvein announce split LP
3/3/2014 Relapse Records signs The Drip
12/19/2013 6131 Records signs Blistered
11/5/2013 Immortal Bird announces debut EP
9/23/2013 Enabler announces new EP
8/19/2013 Blind To Faith set to release new EP
8/13/2013 Everything Went Black set to release new EP
7/15/2013 Modern Life Is War album set for release
7/14/2013 A Storm Of Light album set for release
7/2/2013 Toxic Holocaust completes new album
6/23/2013 Seventh Rule Recordings signs Ephemeros
6/7/2013 Dead In The Dirt set to release debut full-length
5/28/2013 All Pigs Must Die album due out this summer
3/12/2013 Southern Lord signs Hessian
2/20/2013 Prosthetic Records signs Ramming Speed
1/29/2013 Enabler set to release new EP
6/22/2012 From Ashes Rise to release new EP in July
6/4/2012 High On Fire to reissue debut
1/31/2012 From Ashes Rise records new EP
1/25/2012 Seas Will Rise (ex-Landmine Marathon) finish debut
12/29/2011 From Ashes Rise frontman launches label

News Tidbits
4/19/2017 A new Jesus Piece song is now online.
2/20/2015 Official footage of Converge's performance at This Is Hardcore 2014 is now online.

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