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Bleeding Through

3/25/2024 Unearth present details for 'The Oncoming Storm' 20th anniversary show
2/8/2024 Bleeding Through announce pair of Northwest 'This Is Love, This Is Murderous' shows
2/6/2024 Bleeding Through, Within the Ruins, and Upon A Burning Body added to Big Texas Metal Fest 2024
1/30/2024 Bleeding Through share quick preview of new material
1/15/2024 Nails, Bleeding Through, Russian Circles, and more announced for UK's Damnation Festival
1/1/2024 Bleeding Through confirm new full-length coming in 2024
11/23/2023 Bleeding Through release new version of "On Wings Of Lead" from 'This Is Love, This Is Murderous'
9/19/2023 Bleeding Through add Orange County 'This Is Love, This Is Murderous' 20th anniversary show
8/16/2023 Bleeding Through offer new re-recorded version of "Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire"
7/29/2023 Bleeding Through add more 'This Is Love, This Is Murderous' 20th-anniversary show dates
6/27/2023 Hatebreed and Integrity to headline Born Dead Fest on Labor Day weekend
5/26/2023 Bleeding Through to play album anniversary show w/ Dead To Fall, Walls Of Jericho, and more
4/26/2023 Unearth & Bleeding Through announce Texas dates
4/21/2023 Bleeding Through unleash new single
12/19/2022 Bleeding Through share first preview of new material
12/15/2022 Bleeding Through announce West Coast dates with Ov Sulfur
12/10/2022 Bleeding Through begin working on new material
11/2/2022 God Forbid and Bleeding Through announce a pair of Northeast dates for early 2023
7/1/2022 Bleeding Through surprise release new three-song EP
6/9/2022 The Red Chord, Bleeding Through, more added to Tattoo The Earth festival
5/20/2022 Bleeding Through debut new song 'Rage'
5/17/2022 Bleeding Through to debut new track on Friday
2/5/2022 Bleeding Through finishing up new album
1/26/2022 Furnace Fest 2022 initial lineup announced
12/20/2021 So What?! Music Festival 2022 lineup announced
11/14/2020 Bleeding Through in the studio for new record
11/7/2019 Bleeding Through working on new music
12/10/2018 Musink 2019 to feature Hatebreed, Limp Bizkit, Fear, more
8/9/2018 Texas Revolution Fest 2018 announced
8/7/2018 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2018 lineup takes shape
5/11/2018 Bleeding Through premieres new song and video
4/6/2018 Bleeding Through detail new album, premiere music video
4/5/2018 Bleeding Through debuts new song
3/27/2018 Bleeding Through expected to release new album this spring
1/22/2018 Bleeding Through set to return?
12/18/2015 Friends Fest to benefit The Ghost Inside
12/13/2015 Bleeding Through pours cold water on reunion talk
12/10/2015 Bleeding Through tease 2016 return
11/5/2015 Bleeding Through frontman Brandan Schieppati launches new band
5/9/2014 Bleeding Through, Winds of Plague, Lionheart tour
12/19/2013 Devil You Know complete debut, reveal new members
11/26/2013 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest initial lineup
11/24/2013 Bleeding Through planning final West Coast tour
11/23/2013 Oceano to miss last few dates of tour
11/23/2013 Bleeding Through totals trailer in accident
11/20/2013 Sworn In drops off Bleeding Through tour
9/15/2013 Wisconsin Metalfest lineup announced
9/5/2013 Bleeding Through, Winds Of Plague, Oceano tour
8/30/2013 Bleeding Through to tour U.S. in November
6/27/2013 Bleeding Through guitarist announces solo debut
6/3/2013 Mick Morris (18 Visions, Bleeding Through) dies
4/27/2013 Bleeding Through announces final tour of Australia
2/1/2013 Bleeding Through announces farewell European tour
1/3/2013 Bleeding Through breaking up?
7/30/2012 Bleeding Through drops off tour; singer recovering
6/5/2012 I Am War (Bleeding Through) debut set for release
4/26/2012 Demon Hunter, Bleeding Through, Cancer Bats tour
2/10/2012 Suffer Well (Bleeding Through, etc.) disbands
1/6/2012 Bleeding Through, Upon A Burning Body mini-tour
1/2/2012 Machine Head, Bleeding Through members get engaged
12/15/2011 Bleeding Through album set for release
12/5/2011 I Am War (Atreyu, etc.) signs with Razor & Tie
11/14/2011 Bleeding Through recording new album
6/27/2011 Bleeding Through prepares new album
3/1/2011 Parkway Drive, Bleeding Through tour (Australia)
1/19/2011 Century Media inks Suffer Well (Bleeding Through)
7/6/2010 Bleeding Through, After the Burial, etc. tour
6/10/2010 Bleeding Through, Terror, etc. mini-tour
5/18/2010 Never Say Die! Tour (Europe) announced
4/7/2010 The Faceless tour (Europe)
3/13/2010 Bleeding Through drummer to miss tour dates
2/5/2010 Bleeding Through, Born Of Osiris, etc. tour
1/12/2010 Machine Head, Hatebreed, etc. dates (Japan, AUS)
10/9/2009 Bleeding Through drops off Satyricon tour
8/31/2009 Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through (Europe)
7/30/2009 Satyricon, Bleeding Through, etc. tour
7/10/2009 Bleeding Through signs with Rise Records
6/25/2009 Bleeding Through, Carnifex, etc. tour dates
5/29/2009 Bleeding Through replaces guitarist
1/21/2009 Bleeding Through, Darkest Hour tour (Europe)
11/26/2008 Bleeding Through, Acacia Strain, etc. tour
10/30/2008 Bleeding Through, BTBAM, ABRB tour (Australia)
8/21/2008 Bleeding Through set to shoot video
8/18/2008 Bleeding Through, Trustkill Recs mend fences
7/28/2008 Bleeding Through signs Euro deal w/ Nuclear Blast
7/24/2008 Bleeding Through tour dates (Russia)
7/15/2008 BFMV, Lacuna Coil, Bleeding Through tour (Europe)
6/6/2008 Bleeding Through calls out Trustkill Records
5/27/2008 Bullet For My Valentine, Bleeding Through tour
3/29/2008 Bleeding Through recording new album
10/16/2007 Bleeding Through, Bad Religion members form band
9/4/2007 Bleeding Through, H.I.M. tour
6/7/2007 Bleeding Through, War Of Ages dates
5/7/2007 Slayer, Marilyn Manson tour
4/9/2007 Bleeding Through replaces guitarist
2/19/2007 Bleeding Through shoots new video
1/10/2007 Bleeding Through, Caliban, etc. tour (Europe)
9/28/2006 Bleeding Through, Saosin, Senses Fail tour
8/31/2006 Avenged Sevenfold and Bleeding Through tour (UK)
8/15/2006 Sanctity Of Brothers tour (Unearth, etc.)
7/26/2006 Unearth, Bleeding Through, Animosity tour
7/25/2006 BFMV, Bleeding Through, As I Lay Dying tour (UK)
6/21/2006 Bleeding Through film new video
3/27/2006 Bleeding Through dates (Australia)
3/9/2006 Ozzfest 2006 line-up announced
11/30/2005 Every Time I Die, Bleeding Through, etc. tour
11/30/2005 Bleeding Through album details, MP3
11/25/2005 Bleeding Through tour (UK)
10/24/2005 Bleeding Through album track listing
10/24/2005 Bleeding Through and Day Of Contempt dates
8/17/2005 Bleeding Through prepare DVD
4/28/2005 Bleeding Through enter studio
4/4/2005 Stress Tour (Bleeding Through, etc.) dates
12/11/2004 Bleeding Through and Cult Of Luna tour (Europe)
8/25/2004 Bleeding Through European dates
5/13/2004 Bleeding Through set to shoot video
12/13/2003 Bleeding Through drops off tour following accident
4/1/2003 The Red Chord, Bleeding Through, etc. tour
1/15/2003 Bleeding Through signs with Trustkill
12/15/2002 Bleeding Through finds permanent bassist
9/2/2002 Unearth, Bleeding Through, Underoath tour
7/4/2002 Eighteen Visions line-up change
7/1/2002 Bleeding Through update
6/30/2002 Bleeding Through drops off ETID tour
5/7/2002 Every Time I Die and Bleeding Through dates
4/24/2002 Bleeding Through recruits 18 Visions bassist
4/16/2002 Bleeding Through & Every Time I Die to tour U.S.
3/11/2002 Bleeding Through looking for new bassist
3/7/2002 Bleeding Through finishes recording record
2/5/2002 Bleeding Through almost done recording
12/11/2001 Throwdown & Bleeding Through tour schedule
11/26/2001 Bleeding Through news & notes
11/1/2001 Throwdown & Bleeding Through tour
8/30/2001 Bleeding Through loses guitarist
6/14/2001 18 Visions & Bleeding Through tour
5/6/2001 Bleeding Through news & notes
4/8/2001 Bleeding Through signs to Indecision
2/27/2001 Bleeding Through news & notes
2/5/2001 Bleeding Through CD release
1/24/2001 Bleeding Through news and notes
1/2/2001 Bleeding Through lineup news

News Tidbits
1/31/2022 Bleeding Through released this album 10 years ago today
4/13/2020 once one of metalcore's bigger bands, this group released their self-titled album 10 years ago today
1/7/2020 ex-Machine Head duo unveil new track ft. Bleeding Through and Megadeth members
2/5/2019 Bleeding Through frontman Brandan Schieppati crushes the '10-Year Challenge'
7/2/2018 Bleeding Through has issued a new video.
5/25/2018 Bleeding Through is streaming their new album.
3/30/2018 Bleeding Through has shared a brief preview of some new music.
10/20/2015 Here's the debut single from "super heavy" We Came As Romans side-project Crucible.
10/29/2013 Bleeding Through frontman Brandan Schieppati confronts haters: "F*CK YOU!"
10/13/2013 New Orange County, CA hardcore band The Ocean Apart (Bleeding Through) has debuted three new songs.
2/8/2012 Bleeding Through's new album, The Great Fire, sold roughly 3,000 copies in its first week.
1/30/2012 Bleeding Through has posted yet another song from their new album.
1/20/2012 Bleeding Through has uploaded another new song.
12/20/2011 Bleeding Through has unveiled a track from next album.
10/4/2011 Dave Nassie of Bleeding Through recently sat down with Kyle Gass of Tenacious D to talk about guitar and <a href=
5/25/2010 Bleeding Through's new video for "Anti-Hero" is available online.
4/21/2010 Bleeding Through's new self-titled album sold 3,700 copies in its first week, debuting at #143 on the Billboard 200.
4/9/2010 Stream the new Bleeding Through album here.
3/2/2010 Another new Bleeding Through song is now online.
2/5/2010 Bleeding Through has unveiled a track from their forthcoming Rise Records debut.
12/15/2009 Another "in the studio" video from Bleeding Through is now online.
12/11/2009 Bleeding Through is documenting the recording of their new album. The first video is
5/19/2009 Bleeding Through's video for "Germany" can be seen here.
11/18/2008 Bleeding Through will headline a tour in February with The Acacia Strain, As Blood Runs Black and Impending Doom. Dates forthcoming.
10/27/2008 Bleeding Through's video for "Death Anxiety" is available online.
10/8/2008 Bleeding Through's new album, "Declaration," had debuted at #101 on the Billboard 200 with nearly 6,000 copies sold.
9/25/2008 The new Bleeding Through release, "Declaration," can be streamed here.
8/14/2008 Clips from Bleeding Through's upcoming release can be heard here.
7/22/2008 Another new Bleeding Through track is now online.
6/12/2008 Bleeding Through has debuted a song from their upcoming album.
4/13/2007 Tracks from Bane and Bleeding Through for the upcoming Sick Of It All tribute are now online.
7/4/2006 Bleeding Through's new video for "Love In Slow Motion" is now online.
1/18/2006 Bleeding Through's new album has debuted at #48 on the Billboard 200 chart with 17,500 units sold in its first week.
1/13/2006 Bleeding Through's video for "Kill To Believe" is has been posted online.
10/25/2005 The trailer for Bleeding Through's upcoming DVD, "Wolves Among Sheep," is now online.
7/20/2005 Bleeding Through's new album, "The Truth," has been pushed back to a Feb. 2006 release.
9/13/2004 Bleeding Through have postponed their November European tour until spring 2005 as a result of the Headbangers Ball tour.
9/11/2004 A third Headbangers Ball tour will kick off in November featuring Himsa, Bleeding Through, Arch Enemy, and Cradle Of Filth.
7/13/2004 Bleeding Through's new video for "Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire" has been posted here.

8/14/2012 Jona Weinhofen (Bring Me The Horizon): Six Songs To Die With

9/3/2009 Bleeding Through interview
5/3/2001 Bleeding Through interview

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