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Betraying The Martyrs

11/14/2021 Betraying The Martyrs finish recording new EP
10/14/2021 Betraying The Martyrs unveil new vocalist and new single 'Black Hole'
4/11/2021 ex-Betraying The Martyrs vocalist launches new band ten56
4/2/2021 Betraying The Martyrs vocalist Aaron Matts quits band
7/12/2019 Betraying The Martyrs cancel tour after gear destroyed
6/27/2019 Betraying The Martyrs announce new album, premiere song
5/2/2019 Betraying The Martyrs, Entheos, Within Destruction tour
3/2/2019 Armstrong Metal Fest 2019 lineup announced
12/21/2018 The Browning, Betraying The Martyrs, Extortionist tour
9/18/2018 Betraying The Martyrs replace guitarist
5/10/2018 Betraying The Martyrs working on new album
5/30/2017 Rings Of Saturn, Lorna Shore teased for Summer Slaughter 2017
5/10/2017 Born Of Osiris, Volumes, Betraying The Martyrs tour
11/30/2016 Betraying The Martyrs announce new album, premiere song
11/13/2016 Betraying The Martyrs remember terror attacks with new song
7/27/2016 Betraying The Martyrs premiere new song, replace drummer
4/11/2016 Betraying The Martyrs done recording new album
2/26/2016 Betraying The Martyrs recording new album
1/26/2015 Texas In July drops off European tour
11/16/2014 Betraying The Martyrs, Reflections tour cancelled
11/12/2014 Betraying The Martyrs denied entry into Canada
9/29/2014 Betraying The Martyrs, Texas In July tour (Europe)
9/24/2014 Betraying The Martyrs, Reflections tour dates
8/11/2014 Born Of Osiris, Thy Art Is Murder, Erra, more tour
7/1/2014 Betraying The Martyrs, Adestria, Sylar tour dates
5/23/2014 Betraying The Martyrs album set for release
5/14/2014 The All Stars Tour 2014 tour dates
5/13/2014 The All Stars Tour 2014 lineup announced
2/17/2014 Born Of Osiris, After The Burial tour (Europe)
2/12/2014 Betraying The Martyrs cancel U.S. tour
1/15/2014 Carnifex, Betraying The Martyrs, etc. tour dates
12/20/2013 Carnifex to tour US w/ Betraying The Martyrs, more
5/14/2013 Never Say Die! Tour 2013 (UK) announced
3/7/2013 Sumerian Records announces SXSW showcase
1/22/2013 Chelsea Grin, Attila, Betraying The Martyrs tour
9/5/2012 Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White tour (UK)
6/4/2012 Betraying the Martyrs announce new drummer
5/11/2012 All Stars Tour 2012 dates announced
3/21/2012 All Stars Tour 2012 lineup
2/28/2012 Upon A Burning Body, I The Breather tour dates
2/21/2012 Upon The Burning Body, I The Breather tour
2/11/2012 Veil of Maya, Vildhjarta, Volumes tour (Europe)
10/17/2011 Carnifex, Beneath The Massacre, etc. tour (Europe)
9/30/2011 Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, Carnifex tour
9/20/2011 Born Of Osiris to headline U.S. tour
7/20/2011 Sumerian Records signs Betraying The Martyrs

News Tidbits
5/8/2020 Betraying The Martyrs unveil new music video
9/1/2019 Betraying The Martyrs unveil new song
3/7/2019 Betraying The Martyrs share new song and video
7/9/2017 Betraying The Martyrs have released a new live video.
7/14/2014 Betraying The Martyrs have premiered their cover of the Disney hit "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen.
6/17/2014 A new track from Betraying The Martyrs has made its online debut.
5/28/2014 Betraying The Martyrs have unveiled the first new song from their forthcoming album.

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