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11/1/2017 Bermuda cancels tour
9/19/2017 Bermuda, Denihilist tour dates
5/13/2017 Bermuda, A Wake In Providence tour
3/1/2017 Bermuda announce new label, preview new song
5/16/2016 The Browning, Bermuda tour dates
4/25/2016 Bermuda postpones European tour due to 'medical emergency'
2/19/2016 Bermuda, Despite Exile, Red Enemy tour (Europe)
1/9/2016 Bermuda, Demolisher, Invoker, Animals tour
12/10/2015 Bermuda to release new album on Christmas Day
11/5/2015 Bermuda, Obliterate, Weston tour (Canada)
10/7/2015 Enfold Darkness cancels tour
8/27/2015 Arkaik, Bermuda, Enfold Darkness tour
6/7/2015 Bermuda announces headline summer tour
6/20/2014 Glass Cloud enlists Bermuda drummer for tour
3/17/2014 Bermuda adds new bassist
3/11/2014 Bermuda announces new guitarist
2/19/2014 Bermuda guitarist leaves band
2/17/2014 Bermuda, Seeker, Set To Reflect tour
2/17/2014 Bermuda, Aechoes, Aenimus tour dates
11/13/2013 Bermuda bassist quits band
6/4/2013 Bermuda, Beyond The Shore, Barrier tour dates
6/4/2013 Bermuda drummer quits band
5/4/2013 Bermuda, Legion, Seeker tour dates
4/9/2013 Becoming The Archetype, Bermuda, Burial tour dates
3/12/2013 Bermuda drops off tour
2/14/2013 Thick As Blood, Bermuda, Hardside tour dates
1/21/2013 Bermuda, Fit For An Autopsy mini-tour
11/18/2012 Bermuda, A Past Unknown, Deserters tour
7/24/2012 Dr. Acula drops off tour due to illness
7/1/2012 As Hell Retreats drummer to join Bermuda
6/20/2012 King Conquer, Bermuda, The Devastated tour
5/1/2012 Legend, Dr. Acula, Delusions, Bermuda tour
4/14/2012 Bermuda announces new bass player
3/27/2012 Dr. Acula, Bermuda tour (Canada)
3/16/2012 Bermuda, Creations, Float Face Down, Adaliah tour
6/8/2011 Bermuda seeks touring drummer
4/5/2011 Murder Death Kill, King Conquer, Bermuda tour
11/25/2010 Mediaskare Records signs Bermuda
11/20/2010 It Prevails, Betrayal, Volumes tour dates

News Tidbits
9/21/2017 Bermuda has issued a new video.
3/26/2017 A new Bermuda song is available online.
11/12/2016 Revisionist (ex-The Gentleman Homicide, Bermuda) has premiered a new track.
5/10/2016 Video: metal drummer lashes out at phone company by drumming with cell phone.
12/21/2015 The new Bermuda album can now be streamed in its entirety.
9/16/2015 Bermuda has debuted a second track from their upcoming album.
8/27/2015 Bermuda has premiered the first new song from their upcoming LP.
5/12/2015 Bermuda has uploaded a preview of a song from their next album.
8/6/2013 Bermuda's new video for "Process of Drowning" can be viewed online.
5/12/2012 Bermuda has debuted a track from their next Mediaskare Records release.

2/6/2013 Seeker "Alone" song premiere

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