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Bent Life

7/9/2020 Bent Life break up over allegations from 2018
9/22/2019 LDB Fest 2020 lineup announced
11/27/2018 Bent Life set to record new album
12/18/2017 The Rumble 2018 announced
9/1/2017 Terror, Bent Life, Blind Justice tour dates
1/18/2017 Bent Life announces European tour
1/17/2017 United Blood Fest 2017 announced
12/10/2016 Expire announces final tour
9/16/2016 Bent Life, Bracewar mini-tour
5/27/2016 Bent Life announces new album
2/22/2016 Bent Life finishes recording new album
1/16/2016 Rain Fest ending, final lineup announced
11/3/2015 Purgatory tour dates
10/3/2015 Midwest Blood Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
9/9/2015 Bent Life, The Beautiful Ones tour dates
5/8/2015 Bent Life announces tour of Japan
3/19/2015 Bent Life signs with Bridge Nine Records
1/6/2015 Expire, Rotting Out, Suburban Scum, Bent Life tour
9/19/2014 Bent Life, Cross Me, Vulgar Display tour dates
1/9/2014 Mission Quest To Metal Fest 2014 tour announced
9/26/2013 Expire, Take Offense, Fire & Ice, Bent Life tour
4/16/2013 Bitter End tour dates
2/8/2013 Alpha & Omega, Bent Life, Beautiful Ones tour
8/24/2012 Expire, Bent Life tour
5/21/2012 Naysayer, FocusedxMinds mini-tour
12/17/2011 Venia, Bent Life tour

News Tidbits
7/7/2016 Bent Life is streaming a new track from their debut album.
2/3/2015 A new Bent Life song is now online.
7/10/2013 Bent Life has premiered a track from their forthcoming EP.

7/7/2016 Bent Life 'Thanks For Nothing' song premiere
7/10/2013 Bent Life "Ill Intent / Cut the Rope" song premiere

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