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10/20/2019 Backtrack announce final two shows ever
7/19/2019 Backtrack announce final tour of Europe, UK
5/15/2019 Backtrack breaking up, announce farewell tour
9/5/2018 FYA 6 lineup announced
8/9/2018 Terror, Harm's Way, Backtrack, Year Of The Knife tour
3/21/2018 Backtrack, Mizery, Regulate, Hangman tour
1/26/2018 United Blood Fest 2018 lineup announced
1/10/2018 Backtrack, Risk It, Stone to tour Europe
9/14/2017 Backtrack announces new album
7/11/2017 No Warning, Backtrack, Twitching Tongues tour announced
5/30/2017 Backtrack recording new album
12/14/2016 So What?! Music Festival adds 16 bands
10/31/2016 For The Children Fest 2016 lineup announced
10/15/2016 Backtrack prepares new album
2/25/2016 Silent Majority announces reunion show
9/12/2015 Sound and Fury Festival to return in 2016?
8/6/2015 Bane announces 'final' European tour
8/4/2015 Malfunction added to The Life & Death Tour
8/2/2015 Heavy Chains kicked off The Life & Death Tour
7/13/2015 Terror frontman still healing; band cancels tour
6/9/2015 Terror, Bane, Turnstile, Backtrack tour
5/20/2015 The Life & Death Tour 2015 announced
4/6/2015 Terror, Bane, Turnstile, Backtrack tour rumored
1/22/2015 Bane, Backtrack, Malfunction announce U.S. tour
12/17/2014 Madball, Strife, Backtrack tour dates (Europe)
9/9/2014 Every Time I Die, Ghost Inside, Architects tour
9/6/2014 Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside, Hundredth tour
8/25/2014 Oneonta Punk 2014 lineup takes shape
6/16/2014 Backtrack tour (Europe)
4/17/2014 Backtrack, Harms Way, Expire, etc. tour announced
3/25/2014 Backtrack, Ivy League, Discourse mini-tour
2/20/2014 'New England Metal Fest Takes Over Austin' lineup
2/4/2014 Comeback Kid, Counterparts, Backtrack tour (CAN)
1/16/2014 Rain Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
1/15/2014 Heart Fest 8 lineup takes shape
12/12/2013 Keystone Hardcore Jam 2014 lineup announced
12/10/2013 Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Xibalba tour
11/22/2013 South By So What?! 2014 announces more bands
11/7/2013 Backtrack album set for release; new song online
9/25/2013 Backtrack completes new album
8/29/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Backtrack
8/25/2013 Rocktoberfest III lineup announced
8/19/2013 Stray From The Path, Backtrack, Gideon tour dates
7/26/2013 Stray From The Path, Backtrack, Gideon tour
7/13/2013 Backtrack, Soul Search mini-tour
1/11/2013 Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack tour (UK)
12/21/2012 Tough Love Fest II lineup announced
12/20/2012 Terror, H2O, Backtrack, Code Orange Kids tour
10/2/2012 Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Expire tour (Canada)
9/6/2012 Backtrack, Xibalba, Harness tour
8/3/2012 Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack, Naysayer tour dates
7/4/2012 Stray From The Path, Obey The Brave tour (Canada)
2/20/2012 Cold World, Backtrack, Expire, Dead End Path tour
2/4/2012 Backtrack tour (Asia)
1/8/2012 Alpha & Omega, Backtrack mini-tour
11/7/2011 Backtrack tour (Australia)
9/19/2011 Trapped Under Ice, Hundredth, Betrayal tour
7/30/2011 Trapped Under Ice, Hundredth, Betrayal, etc. tour
11/9/2010 Terror, First Blood, Lionheart tour (Europe)
9/7/2010 Cruel Hand, Backtrack tour
7/26/2010 Sound And Fury shut down following brawl
6/9/2010 Backtrack, Fire & Ice, Dead End Path dates
3/2/2010 Rotting Out, Backtrack, Foundation tour
12/15/2009 Swamp Thing, Backtrack, Downpresser tour dates
5/12/2009 Soul Control, Rotting Out tour dates

News Tidbits
11/14/2017 The new Backtrack album can now be streamed in its entirety.
9/19/2017 Backtrack has unveiled a new song and video.
8/23/2017 Backtrack has debuted a new song.
1/6/2014 Backtrack's upcoming album can now be streamed in its entirety.
12/4/2013 Another new Backtrack song can now be heard online.

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