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2/29/2024 Attila release new single "Timebomb"
2/29/2024 Born of Osiris release new single "A Mind Short Circuiting" along with visualizer
2/15/2024 Attila's 'About That Life' about to see its first vinyl pressing
12/4/2023 Born Of Osiris and Attila announce US tour, Traitors, Extortionist, and Not Enough Space to support
11/17/2023 Born of Osiris and Attila to co-headline Europe on the "Angles & Villains" tour
9/27/2023 Attila release new single "FU4EVR"
9/4/2023 Attila frontman Chris Fronzak announces candidacy for President as Libertarian Party representative
7/7/2023 Attila and Ekoh collaborate on new single, "Mia Goth"
5/8/2023 Attila announce 10 year anniversary tour for 'About That Life' hitting Europe, UK, and USA
4/26/2023 Attila release new track "Bite Your Tongue"
4/17/2023 Queens of the Stone Age drop from Welcome To Rockville, Attila and more to replace
2/24/2023 Attila debut new single as European tour kicks off
12/27/2022 Attila, Lorna Shore, Left To Suffer & more join forces for 'The Big Six'
7/28/2022 We Came As Romans call out Fronz
6/16/2022 Attila, Twiztid mini-tour
4/2/2022 Sunn O)))'s Greg Anderson to release debut album as 'The Lord'
3/9/2022 Down, Terror, Shadows Fall, Acacia Strain, more added to 2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival
1/12/2022 Attila, He Is Legend, Islander tour announced
10/1/2021 Dead Crown drop off Attila tour following 'countless death threats'
7/2/2021 Attila debut new song and video 'Day Drinking'
6/7/2021 Attila, Jynx, Dead Crown tour announced
6/5/2021 Attila announce summer shows
4/30/2021 Attila drop new track and video 'Metalcore Manson'
4/20/2021 Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival 2021 announced
3/19/2021 Attila premiere new song and video
2/19/2021 Attila sued by security guards for altercation during 2018 show
12/14/2020 ex-Issues singer Tyler Carter forms new band with Attila guitarist
10/18/2020 Rebel Rock Fest 2021 lineup announced
10/2/2020 Warped Tour revival must wait at least 3 years
8/7/2020 Rebel Rock Fest 2021 lineup takes shape
7/20/2020 Attila complete new album
6/26/2020 Attila bassist refutes sexual misconduct allegation
6/25/2020 Attila fire drummer over alleged sexual assault and abuse
6/19/2020 Attila frontman accused of sexual misconduct
6/11/2020 Senses Fail vocalist slams Attila frontman over porn career
6/1/2020 Attila recording new album
5/29/2020 Attila release new single 'Cancelled'
3/14/2020 Attila, Xavier Wulf, Volumes tour postponed
1/28/2020 Attila to co-headline U.S. tour with Xavier Wulf
1/24/2020 2020 Rock USA festival lineup announced
12/18/2019 Inkcarceration Festival 2020 announced
10/5/2019 Attila recording new album
6/19/2019 Attila tour dates
6/4/2019 Attila, Crown The Empire to co-headline 'Rage Fest' tour
4/24/2019 Volumes surprise release new EP
4/3/2019 Attila, Veil Of Maya announce tour of Europe, UK
2/22/2019 Attila premiere video for title track of new album
1/22/2019 Attila, All That Remains co-headlining spring tour
12/21/2018 Attila to release new album in February
10/1/2018 Attila recording new album
8/24/2018 Police: Attila vocalist could face battery charge
8/23/2018 Attila frontman punches security guard, cancels show
7/27/2018 Attila frontman launches new project Bone Crew
6/25/2018 Attila, Gwar to play Gathering Of The Juggalos 2018
4/10/2018 Attila, Suicide Silence, Volumes, Spite tour
4/2/2018 Attila premieres new song and music video
3/5/2018 Impact Music Festival 2018 announced
2/16/2018 Attila vocalist and Emmure frontman go at it on Twitter
1/30/2018 Rock Fest 2018 announced
1/28/2018 Attila recording new album
1/24/2018 Rock USA 2018 announced
1/5/2018 Attila announces tour with Insane Clown Posse
10/31/2017 Attila premieres new single 'Three 6'
10/13/2017 Attila, Fire From The Gods, Currents mini-tour
7/7/2017 Knotfest Mexico 2017 lineup announced
3/22/2017 Warped Tour 2017 lineup announced
2/17/2017 Attila show ends in brawl with security
1/1/2017 Attila parts ways with drummer
12/13/2016 Attila announces headline U.S. tour
12/12/2016 Northern Invasion 2017 lineup announced
12/7/2016 So What?! Music Festival adds 12 bands
12/5/2016 Welcome To Rockville 2017 lineup announced
11/15/2016 Attila album 'Chaos' debuts in Top 30
11/7/2016 War From A Harlots Mouth accuse Attila of stealing song
9/19/2016 Attila invites fans to appear in new video
8/15/2016 Emmure, Chelsea Grin to tour U.S. with Attila
8/1/2016 Attila announces headline U.S. tour
6/24/2016 SharpTone Records launches, signs Attila, Miss May I, more
6/23/2016 Attila, Miss May I, WCAR rumored to have signed with new label
5/24/2016 Emmure, Attila added to Gathering of the Juggalos 2016
4/22/2016 Dirt Fest 2016 lineup announced
2/3/2016 Heavy Montreal 2016 lineup announced
12/22/2015 Attila frontman selling phone number to fans for $50 a month
12/4/2015 Attila frontman exits tour for birth of child
9/14/2015 Falling In Reverse, Attila, Metro Station tour
8/3/2015 Attila singer hides from police following injuries
7/20/2015 Attila, Senses Fail feud reignites on Warped Tour
5/21/2015 Attila singer announces rap album; song premiered
5/3/2015 Attila singer signs It Lives It Breathes to label
4/18/2015 Attila singer "assaulted" on stage on Perth; video
3/25/2015 Warped Tour 2015 announces seven new bands
1/2/2015 South By So What?! 2015 lineup finalized
12/23/2014 Attila frontman launches record label
12/19/2014 Petition launched to bar Attila from Skate & Surf
12/18/2014 Skate And Surf Festival 2015 lineup announced
12/4/2014 Never Say Never Fest 2015 lineup announced
12/1/2014 South By So What?! 2015 adds 26 more bands
10/23/2014 Attila singer and Senses Fail trade jabs over slur
10/22/2014 Attila guitarist leaves band
10/6/2014 Attila announces new album
9/8/2014 Attila schedules UK tour
8/18/2014 Attila, Crown The Empire, Sworn In tour
4/25/2014 Attila set to record new album
4/1/2014 Attila frontman debuts first rap single
1/30/2014 Never Say Never Fest 2014 lineup announced
12/22/2013 Attila announces second leg of U.S. tour
12/18/2013 A Day To Remember announces Self Help Fest
12/13/2013 Attila, I See Stars, Capture The Crown tour
12/12/2013 Warped Tour 2014 adds Attila, four others
11/19/2013 South By So What?! 2014 lineup takes shape
8/6/2013 Attila, Upon A Burning Body, The Plot In You dates
8/2/2013 Attila, Upon A Burning Body, The Plot In You tour
6/5/2013 Attila, Hellions tour (Australia)
4/20/2013 Attila sets album release date, debuts new song
3/2/2013 Artery Foundation announces SXSW Showdown 2013
1/30/2013 Attila set to record new album
1/22/2013 Chelsea Grin, Attila, Betraying The Martyrs tour
1/4/2013 Warped Tour 2013 to include The Chariot, Attila
12/3/2012 Emmure, Chelsea Grin, Attila tour (Europe)
9/13/2012 Attila, Make Me Famous, Ice Nine Kills tour dates
9/12/2012 Monster Energy Outbreak Tour 2012 dates announced
9/8/2012 Attila adds For The Fallen Dreams member to lineup
8/31/2012 Monster Energy Outbreak Tour 2012 announced
6/30/2012 Attila, Crown the Empire, In Dying Arms mini-tour
5/11/2012 All Stars Tour 2012 dates announced
4/3/2012 Chelsea Grin members involved in Greensboro fight
3/21/2012 All Stars Tour 2012 lineup
1/13/2012 Chelsea Grin, Attila, For The Fallen Dreams tour
12/22/2011 Chelsea Grin announces headline tour, new EP
11/9/2011 We Came As Romans, Emmure, Attila mini-tour
10/29/2011 Caliban, All Shall Perish, Attila tour (Europe)
9/28/2011 We Came As Romans, Attila, etc. tour dates
8/1/2011 Attila barred from Canada, to miss shows
7/14/2011 Attila album set for release
5/3/2011 All Stars Tour (Emmure, For Today) takes shape
4/19/2011 Attila, In The Midst Of Lions, Legend tour
1/26/2011 Attila, Vanna, Arsonists Get All The Girls tour
9/28/2010 Oceano, Chelsea Grin, Attila tour
8/19/2010 Stick To Your Guns, ABRB, Attila, etc. tour
8/5/2010 Chelsea Grin, Blind Witness, Attila dates (CAN)
5/12/2010 Drop Dead Gorgeous, From First To Last tour
3/9/2010 Attila, Dr. Acula, Blind Witness tour
2/9/2010 Artery Recordings signs Attila
2/9/2010 Drop Dead Gorgeous, Sky Eats Airplane tour
12/12/2009 Within The Ruins, Attila, We Are The End dates
10/19/2009 Salt The Wound, Chelsea Grin dates cancelled
8/8/2009 American Me, Dr. Acula tour

News Tidbits
9/5/2019 video: Attila vocalist angers female fan during show
7/1/2019 Attila release new video
3/23/2019 If our first podcast episode was too long for you, we just added timestamps to the video so you can check out key portions (like the Fronz and Frankie Palmeri beef).
3/20/2019 Alright, here is the very first episode of the Lambgoat podcast. We'll have a new one every two weeks, so please subscribe.
2/26/2019 Attila release new music video
7/12/2018 Attila has debuted a music video for their new song about pizza.
5/11/2018 Attila is streaming a new song.
4/1/2018 Ev0lution and Frankie Palmeri (Emmure) have responded to Attila with "Callout 3."
2/15/2018 Attila has released a new song in which they call out Tim Lambesis, Emmure, Tom Brady, and many others.
1/21/2017 BackWordz has unveiled a new song featuring Chris Fronzak (Attila).
11/8/2016 So really, Into The Moat inspired War From A Harlots Mouth, who were ripped off by Attila?
10/18/2016 Attila has debuted a new song and animated video.
10/7/2016 Attila has premiered a new song and music video.
9/23/2016 Attila has premiered a new song called "Ignite."
9/16/2016 Attila has unveiled the first new song from their forthcoming album.
8/15/2016 Video: couple would rather have sex in public than watch Attila perform.
2/6/2016 Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has launched an Instagram account for his car collection.
1/5/2016 Yes, it's true, you can win a tattoo of Attila singer Fronz's face.
5/15/2015 Watch members of Attila almost get into a fight at an Atlanta restaurant.
5/15/2015 Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has officially launched his new cologne, RAGE.
4/20/2015 Attila has released their new video for "Rebel."
1/26/2015 Watch Attila act out as rogue policemen in their new video for "Hate Me."
1/23/2015 Jared Dines came up with new names for some metal genres that may amuse (or anger) fans of Attila, For Today, more.
1/9/2015 Lambgoat has posted an interview with Attila frontman Chris Fonzak.
12/10/2014 I'm not sure how the singer of Attila is making this much money.
12/7/2014 Watch Attila play a backyard show in 2008.
12/3/2014 Attila has earned their biggest sales week ever with new album, Guilty Pleasure.
11/25/2014 Attila has released their new music video for "Proving Grounds."
11/18/2014 The new Attila tour bus is going to offend soccer moms.
11/17/2014 Attila has debuted another new track from their forthcoming album.
11/8/2014 Attila has premiered a second song from their forthcoming LP.
10/20/2014 Attila has unveiled the first new song from their forthcoming album.
10/7/2014 Attila has posted a handful of audio clips from their forthcoming album.
4/30/2014 Move over Emmure, Attila has a really classy shirt too.
2/6/2014 Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak has released a brief preview of his forthcoming rap album.
11/21/2013 Watch some rappers check out an Attila video to see if they're really "About That Life"
11/12/2013 Attila has premiered their new video for "Shots For The Boys."
9/19/2013 Five older women get together to watch an Attila music video; confusion ensues.
8/27/2013 Attila has unveiled a new live music video for "Middle Fingers Up."
8/21/2013 Iwrestledabearonce has been added to Attila's fall tour.
7/3/2013 Attila's new album, About That Life, debuted at #22 on the Billboard 200.
6/26/2013 The Westboro Baptist Church claims that they will protest an Attila show next month. Attila singer Chris Fronzak wants them to "touch [his] pussy."
6/24/2013 Attila has premiered their new (explicit) video for "Break Shit."
6/20/2013 The new Attila album can now be streamed in its entirety.
6/7/2013 Attila has posted a preview of their new album.
5/24/2013 Attila has unveiled the title track of their new album.
10/30/2012 Attila has premiered a new song via lyric video.
3/25/2012 Stray From The Path, For The Fallen Dreams, Attila and Winds of Plague have officially been added to the All Stars Tour 2012; Unearth is now strongly rumored.
8/25/2011 The new Attila album, "Outlawed," has debuted at #87 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of roughly 4,700.

10/7/2013 Chris Fronzak (Attila): Six Songs To Die With

1/6/2015 Attila frontman Chris Fronzak

3/20/2019 Chris Fronzak of Attila

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