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Alan Douches

10/31/2022 Infall share single from upcoming record
9/8/2020 Subzero announce first new release since 2006
5/27/2020 Necrot announce new album, premiere first single
5/18/2020 Inexorum announce new album, premiere opening track
3/21/2020 Binary Code announce new album
11/27/2019 Ether Coven announce new album, premiere lead single
9/18/2019 Unfathomable Ruination to release new album in November
12/23/2018 Brick By Brick announce new album, preview music
4/1/2018 Mongoloids, Suburban Scum members launch World Demise
10/11/2017 SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, etc.) announces new album
8/10/2017 ex-Nile frontman set to release new Narcotic Wasteland LP
6/16/2017 All Out War announces new album
1/20/2017 Condemned announce new album, premiere song
11/6/2016 Spinefarm Records signs Wars
8/31/2016 Destrage detail new album, premiere song
8/23/2016 Unique Leader Records to release new Cognitive LP
6/28/2016 Earth Crisis, Cursed, Fall Out Boy members launch new band
5/4/2016 Meek Is Murder finishes recording new album
5/1/2016 Binary Code detail new album, premiere song
4/29/2016 Converge to release 'You Fail Me: Redux'
3/23/2016 Prosthetic Records signs Family
1/21/2016 Boys Night Out announce new EP, preview song
9/25/2015 Culture Killer announce new album, premiere song
8/24/2015 Converge to release new DVD in November
3/4/2015 Six Feet Under detail new album, premiere song
11/4/2014 Prosthetic Records signs Muck
10/20/2014 Baring Teeth set to release new LP; debut song
8/12/2014 White Arms Of Athena record new album
3/20/2014 Death: Leprosy to see deluxe remastered reissue
3/10/2014 Goatwhore completes new album
1/14/2014 Goodtime Boys announce new album Rain
12/30/2013 Tombs complete new album, Savage Gold
9/26/2013 This Will Destroy You announces live album
9/5/2013 Meek Is Murder completes new album
5/28/2013 Ephel Duath set to finish recording new album
5/25/2013 Cryogen (Allegaeon) launches Kickstarter for album
4/29/2013 Leng Tch'e begins recording new album
4/9/2013 Black Dahlia Murder unveils LP release date, song
2/26/2013 Whitechapel set to re-issue debut album
1/21/2013 Deepsend Records signs Hybrid
1/9/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Hierophant
10/9/2012 Meek Is Murder announces new EP
6/5/2012 Vision of Disorder completes new album
5/17/2012 Gaza album set for July release
1/7/2012 Black Breath completes new album
11/29/2011 Southern Lord Recs signs Burning Love
11/28/2011 Ephel Duath signs with Agonia Records
11/10/2011 Psycroptic completes new album
10/25/2011 Racebannon set to release new album
8/31/2011 Death 'Individual Thought Patterns' re-issue info
6/13/2011 Harvest to release new EP
5/8/2011 Death re-issue set for release
3/25/2011 Deathwish Inc. signs Oathbreaker
2/7/2011 Flourishing recording debut full-length
1/27/2011 Prosthetic Records signs Wolves Like Us
1/12/2011 Shelob prepares new album
12/22/2010 Agnostic Front completes new album
11/19/2010 Electro Quarterstaff completes new album
2/22/2010 Aeon completes new album
2/8/2010 Metal Blade signs Arma Gathas
1/20/2010 Landmine Marathon set to release new album
12/9/2009 Fuck The Facts news and notes
10/3/2009 Landmine Marathon completes new album
4/22/2009 Goatwhore set to release new album
2/15/2009 Despised Icon set to record new album
12/11/2008 The End Records signs Hull
9/5/2008 Into The Moat finishes recording new album
6/5/2008 Wetnurse album details revealed
4/17/2008 Seventh Rule Recordings signs Wetnurse
4/4/2008 Ferret Music signs Knights Of The Abyss
2/19/2008 Neuraxis recording new album
1/26/2008 Transistor Transistor completes new album
12/15/2007 Pluto Records signs Broadcast Sea
12/12/2007 Aborted to record new album in March
10/20/2007 Arsis completes new album
6/29/2007 A Life Once Lost finishes new album
5/3/2007 Debello to release new S.W.W.A.A.T.S. album
3/27/2007 Byzantine studio update
1/18/2007 Byzantine reveals album details
1/16/2007 Through The Eyes Of The Dead update
12/9/2006 Beneath The Massacre album details
12/1/2006 Kruger signs with Listenable Records
7/21/2006 Lion Of Judah finishes new album
5/30/2006 Prosthetic Records signs Beneath The Massacre
5/15/2006 My Bitter End set to record new album
3/10/2006 Lambgoat starts label, signs Lye By Mistake
1/4/2006 Emerald Moon Records signs Make Your Stand
8/21/2005 Man Is Mostly Water prepare to record demo
6/17/2005 Back When finish new album
5/2/2005 Parallax recording new album
4/23/2005 Back When join Shock Value Records roster
3/22/2005 A Suburban Blood Drive prepare to enter studio
2/21/2005 Soilent Green complete new album
2/20/2005 The Hostage Heart book studio time
2/14/2005 Converge announce reissue details
2/8/2005 Starkweather finishing up new release
1/28/2005 The Red Chord complete new album
1/11/2005 Despised Icon sign w/ Century Media
11/22/2004 Pluto Records signs Imperial
11/1/2004 Lifeforce Records signs Hand To Hand
8/25/2004 LOSA records new album
6/4/2004 Cipher set to release new album
6/3/2004 The Minor Times finish new album
6/3/2004 Prosthetic Records signs The Acacia Strain
3/18/2004 The Acacia Strain records album, shoots video
10/1/2003 The Vice records new EP
8/20/2003 Preacher Gone To Texas records new CDep
7/11/2003 Silence The Epilogue signs w/ Framework
3/12/2003 Brand New Disaster finishes new album
5/16/2002 Update on Cataract and new album
4/19/2002 Baltimore's Samadhi signs with Tribunal
1/2/2002 Between The Buried And Me in the studio

News Tidbits
12/19/2013 Meek Is Murder has released a free holiday EP.

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