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3/28/2024 Hour Of Penance release second single "Birthright Abolished" from upcoming album 'Devotion'
3/27/2024 Pathology release first single "Cult of the Black Triangle" from upcoming album 'Unholy Descent'
3/7/2024 Hour Of Penance announce new album 'Devotion' and release first single "Devotion for Tyranny"
11/30/2023 Pathology sign with Agonia Records for 12th album release
10/23/2022 Demonical unleash 'Wrathspawn' video from latest record
5/4/2022 Agonia Records signs Antropofagus
4/28/2022 Hanging Garden sign with Agonia Records
4/11/2022 Entropia sign with Agonia Records
4/6/2022 Origin announce new album 'Chaosmos', stream lead single
1/24/2022 Analepsy detail new album 'Quiescence'
1/22/2022 Sadist (Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) detail new album 'Firescorched'
12/2/2021 Demonical reveal details of new album 'Mass Destroyer'
11/9/2021 Agonia Records signs Aenaon
11/4/2021 Centinex detail new EP 'The Pestilence'
10/7/2021 Sadist sign with Agonia Records
6/14/2021 Agonia Records signs Denouncement Pyre
4/19/2021 Pestilence debut first single from new album
10/29/2020 Psycroptic announce new EP, premiere track and video
9/30/2020 Azarath (Behemoth) announce new album
9/3/2020 Demonical detail new album
4/12/2020 Acherontas postpone album release, debut new track
3/18/2020 Centinex announce new album
3/6/2020 Agonia Records signs Rebaelliun
1/23/2020 Deranged detail new album
9/8/2019 Ragnarok detail new album
8/1/2019 Pestilence sign with Agonia Records
7/30/2019 Hour Of Penance detail new album
6/28/2019 In Mourning detail new album
2/23/2019 Origin detail new anniversary album
1/10/2019 Agonia Records signs Zemial
12/5/2018 The Moth Gatherer details new album
11/27/2018 Hour Of Penance signs with Agonia Records
10/17/2018 Visceral Disgorge signs with Agonia Records
9/7/2018 Arsis announce new album, premiere lead single
6/27/2018 Agonia Records signs Lucifer's Child
6/21/2018 Fire For Effect signs with Agonia Records
6/12/2018 Beheaded signs with Agonia Records
5/24/2018 Cast The Stone (Misery Index, Scour) announces new EP
3/14/2018 The Konsortium (Mayhem, Orcustus) set to release new album
2/28/2018 Arsis signs deal with Agonia Records
2/21/2018 Atheist prepare new album, sign with Agonia Records
2/1/2018 Demonical detail new album, premiere song
1/26/2018 Cast The Stone signs with Agonia Records
1/23/2018 Varathron details new album
1/17/2018 Voidhanger album set for release, new song online
1/9/2018 Usurpress detail new album, premiere song
9/28/2017 Agonia Records to release new Thaw album
8/10/2017 Antarktis detail debut album, stream new song
6/29/2017 Susperia signs with Agonia Records
6/27/2017 Agonia Records signs Acherontas
5/11/2017 Origin announces new album
2/3/2017 Agonia Records signs Azarath
1/30/2017 The Moth Gatherer set to release new EP
1/11/2017 Antarktis (In Mourning) signs with Agonia Records
11/17/2016 Code announces new EP
9/7/2016 Deranged album set for release
8/30/2016 Ragnarok re-sign with Agonia Records
6/23/2016 Decrepit Birth signs European deal with Agonia Records
5/10/2016 Centinex announce new album, premiere song
4/6/2016 Agonia Records signs Deranged
3/9/2016 Glorior Belli detail new album, premiere song
2/10/2016 October Tide album set for release
12/9/2015 Threat Signal signs record deal, working on new LP
11/25/2015 Agonia Records signs In Mourning
9/8/2015 Aosoth set to release new EP
7/20/2015 VI (Aosoth, Antaeus) announce album, premiere song
6/17/2015 Agonia Records signs October Tide
3/30/2015 Agonia Records signs Blaze Of Perdition
12/8/2014 Agonia Records signs Demonical
12/3/2014 Agonia Records signs Hypothermia
8/4/2014 Stench to release new album in October
4/15/2014 Origin announces signs deal w/ Agonia for Europe
3/18/2014 Aborym re-signs with Agonia Records
2/19/2014 Enthroned to release new album in April
9/13/2013 Ephel Duath album set for release; trailer online
6/17/2013 Agonia Records signs Code
5/15/2013 Glorior Belli signs with Agonia Records
3/2/2013 Agonia Records signs Pest
11/21/2012 Kongh album set for release
10/21/2012 Acrimonious album set for release
8/3/2012 Decline of the I to release debut w/ Agonia Recs
6/12/2012 Agonia Records signs Kongh
5/22/2012 Agonia Records signs Ragnarok
5/15/2012 Acherontas, Nightbringer split announced
5/13/2012 Agonia Records set to release Necrovation album
4/23/2012 Ephel Duath to release new EP in August
3/4/2012 Vorkreist set to release new album
12/14/2011 Agonia Records signs Enthroned
12/7/2011 Ephel Duath announces all-star line-up for new EP
11/28/2011 Ephel Duath signs with Agonia Records

News Tidbits
1/30/2016 The title track of Ragnarok's forthcoming album has made its online debut.

5/29/2012 Ephel Duath "Black Prism" song premiere

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