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3/27/2017 New England Metal Fest 2017 adds four bands
3/25/2017 Affiance announces farewell tour
1/13/2017 Affiance goes on indefinite hiatus
2/12/2016 Affiance, XXI, It Lives It Breathes tour dates
10/30/2015 Affiance to crowdfund new EP, seek $10,000
12/10/2014 Affiance, Phinehas, Kingdom Of Giants tour
9/19/2014 Miss May I, Affiance tour dates
8/13/2014 Affiance announces new album, tour dates
6/2/2014 Affiance drops off tour
4/6/2014 Black Tide, Threat Signal, Affiance, Hatchet tour
3/6/2014 I The Breather, Affiance, My Ticket Home tour
1/28/2014 Affiance, Close Your Eyes, My Enemies & I tour
9/26/2013 Affiance crowdfunding new touring van, trailer
8/26/2013 Protest The Hero, Architects, Affiance tour
5/16/2013 As I Lay Dying cancels KsE tour; two bands added
4/10/2013 Killswitch Enage, As I Lay Dying, Miss May I tour
3/4/2013 Dance Gavin Dance, Affiance tour (Europe)
1/22/2013 Affiance, Glamour of the Kill tour dates
10/15/2012 Affiance, Faylene Sky, Sirens & Sailors mini-tour
10/4/2012 Everyone Dies In Utah, Affiance, etc. tour dates
3/11/2012 Affiance, Fit For A King tour
12/7/2011 Affiance, Serianna, Us From Outside tour
9/9/2011 Close Your Eyes, Like Moths To Flames, etc. dates
8/18/2011 Blind Witness, Stray From The Path, Vanna dates
8/10/2011 Blind Witness, Stray From The Path, Vanna tour
5/9/2011 This Or The Apocalypse, Affiance tour dates
3/28/2011 It Prevails, Life On Repeat, Affiance tour
9/30/2010 Memphis May Fire, Amarna Reign, Affiance tour
7/7/2010 Bullet Tooth signs Affiance
1/19/2010 No Bragging Rights, Across The Sun, Affiance tour

News Tidbits
9/30/2016 Affiance has uploaded a cover of the Iron Maiden track "Aces High."
8/20/2016 Affiance is streaming their cover of the Toto song "Africa."
9/11/2014 Affiance has unveiled their new music video for "FIRE!"
6/29/2014 Affiance has premiered a song from their forthcoming album.
12/7/2012 Affiance's new music video for "The Cynic" is available online.
11/8/2012 Affiance's new music video for "Kings of Deceit" has made its online debut.
10/11/2012 Affiance has uploaded a new track from their upcoming release.

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