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Releases reviewed by Lambgoat
Failure Tactics
Millions - Failure Tactics
Batillus - Furnace
Eyes Like Knives
The Swan King - Eyes Like Knives
High As the Sun
Diesto - High As the Sun
Shadows of the Shapeless
Kongh - Shadows of the Shapeless
Spawning the Nephilim
Lord Mantis - Spawning the Nephilim
Gather Scatter
Millions - Gather Scatter
Light Yourself On Fire - Intimacy
Slights and Abuse/The Sycophant
Indian - Slights and Abuse/The Sycophant
The Scar Is Our Watermark
Thoughts of Ionesco - The Scar Is Our Watermark
Breathe Fire
Raise the Red Lantern - Breathe Fire
The Unquiet Sky
Indian - The Unquiet Sky
City Of The Stars
Akimbo - City Of The Stars
Sweet Cobra - Praise
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