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Live look at Webmaster checking on the message board:

pastaman 166 days ago

skinsuit 166 days ago

VodkaVeins 166 days ago
Webby doesnt give a shit what the dozen of us do...

he'll delete a thread real quick if you post a magic numerical and word code.

VodkaVeins 166 days ago
"I dont care what you post unless it is about me" Those are Nirvana lyrics, right?

the numbers range somewhere between 311 and 316 i think its basically because webmaster hates cool stuff. he's a good ole blob tho, love it when he drips down the set of stairs.

skinsuit 166 days ago

he doesn't read anything you report to him, lol. you have threatened to kill and have harassed members of this sites staff before; he'll probably tell me to watch my ass or something but he doesn't read anything you send him lol