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So when I and Xander finally tie our balloon knots

skinsuit 202 days ago
who'll be my bridesmaids? Wade? Stephan? Or are they gonna be HIS bridesmaids?

no one likes you and you'll die alone never having done anything

skinsuit 202 days ago
That's no way to speak to your future husband, darling.

no one likes you on this site, and it seems like no one likes you in real life.

skinsuit 202 days ago
Seems like I don't give a shit.

_d0thack_ 202 days ago
You have almost 200 posts today Trind. Get a life.

yes you do lmao you've been having yet another mental breakdown all morning. you had one yesterday, and the day before that.

skinsuit 202 days ago
You would know, huh?

no. no, i don't know what having your level of mental unwellness is and that's saying a lot. i can see it with my own two eyes. just like the posts that were screenshotted and sent to your boss 16 years ago.

dayman 202 days ago
kill yourself you sad little turd

whenever you want to be "edgy" or "dark" or try and be funny, just remember... YOU ARE f*ckING TRAUMATIZED FROM WORDS ON A SCREEN

skinsuit 202 days ago
Give it to me, xander, all of it.

no one is ever, in your natural life, give you anything. you're a gross piece of shit, dude. this isn't some comical back and forth. this is reality.

pastaman 202 days ago
"I and Xander" *proceeds to correct grammar in other posts*

skinsuit 202 days ago
pastaman 28 seconds ago "I and Xander" *proceeds to correct grammar in other posts* Nuthin' wrong with that.