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Out of 400 unit

_steelpanda_ 167 days ago
Holy shit that was a f*cking trip, Got 1% left on phone, heading to car, will update later tonight.

simon_belmont 167 days ago
Ever listen to Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit? That Live In Alabama record is tight. Hope you're doing better

BULLHEAD 167 days ago
out of 400 units mine is the tiniest

_d0thack_ 167 days ago
Hey man. Glad to see your alright. Take it easy.

simon_belmont 167 days ago
I hope he drank some hand sanitizer. There's been a real lack of psych ward sanitizer consumption stories here since shat died.

BULLHEAD 167 days ago
remember when shat crew went insane and just posted absolute gibberish form about 72 hours straight?

simon_belmont 167 days ago
Yeah that was like twice a year

Godfreyjones 167 days ago
Simons right, we need more glass eating and sanitizer drinking stories here

evil_hero 167 days ago
panda how you feelin bud??

jimbo 167 days ago
thought this thread was going to be apartment real estate talk. glad you're out and feeling better bro dude.

_steelpanda_ 167 days ago
Man thanks y'all. I had severe psychosis break, i gots to go to long term inpatient. I've had so much f*cking medicine in the last few days I have seen some shit that I've never thought I see and probably will never forget. f*cking was in a legit loony bin, couldn't leave even though I checked myself in due to the fact I said was going to hurt self etc. that added a whole new set of trauma for me. Anyways it was an experience it helped and was exactly where I needed to be. By Monday afternoon I guess I just accepted the fact I needed to be there. I've learned a lot about me and I am pretty f*cked up individual but I'm going to get help, for real this time and handle all my shit for the first time ever. I don't want to die, I want to be a good father and I want to be there, I have so much shame and guilt for pretty much everything I have done since I was born at some point. It sounds dramatic I know but it's the truth. I have a whole new outlook for the mental health world and maybe one day if I get my shit straight might be something I go into, but that's a long way for me right now. I got to meet a bunch of people that are going to help me get a scholarship bed today and assessments. Going to shower for the first time since Saturday, it's weird how much I miss towel fibers, everything there was can't kill your proof, f*cking special paper, like million paper cuts or some shit. Later today I will update with some stories because holy f*cking shit. I've seen everything from fighting cops and staff to 2 people trying to escape, tons of B52 shots that make you droll and pass out before you hit the ground. Yes hand sanitizer happened, not me lol. 2 dudes had a direct line to god and all that shit, f*cking wild. Again thanks for all the well wishes. I don't know y'all at all, and it sounds corny but y'all have helped, I know I need to not be alone etc and I'm not, but I'll probably be hoping off and on here throughout today. Y'all have always made me laugh and I f*cking need that shit bad.

Portslob 167 days ago
Jesus Christ you're a dad?

dog_boner 167 days ago
You can barely handle your completely normal life, slob. You don't have much room to talk

simon_belmont 167 days ago
Imagine if portslob had a kid and he had to take that kid out to play in the snow

AnalButt 167 days ago
I know this is going to sound like I'm an asshole but I'm really not trying to be. But.... Is there a chance that the path to sobriety you took and stuck to for 11 years also played a role in wanting to kill yourself simply because you drank one time in over a decade?